Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The Essentiants

The Essentiants – Full series

Healing Hell – Book 1

A soul is a terrible thing to waste.

Ion Toso is an Essentiant—a creature who steals souls. A world-renowned model who also poses as a live mannequin, Ion is weary of loneliness and dreams of finding someone to accept the part of him that steps off the runway or from the window, the part no one dares look at twice. 
Breaking Heaven – Book 2

A soul for your thoughts...

Dresdan Mati thrives on stealing souls and he possesses the strength to heal. He can conquer the pain of a thousand deaths but he can’t overcome his desire to bed a virgin tethered to God. To have the one woman who eases his torment he must show his true self—a minion of pure evil responsible for stealing the last breath of the living.

Excerpt from Breaking Heaven:
Rosalind would not have chosen Dresdan, but fate had thrown them together. She had dreamed about it long enough, and her body willed her to act on the feelings. She tightened her fingers around his shaft through the material, wanting to feel it touch the skin of her hand. She lifted her head and was dizzy with need when she murmured, “I want to feel it.”
“Ah, Ros.” He moved his hand from the small of her back, eased it between their two bodies, and unfastened his slacks.
When he pulled his hardness out, she sucked in a draught of air. “Dresdan?”
“Shhh, touch it.” This time he eased two fingers inside of her. “Tell me you want my dick. Say it.”
“I, ohhh!” Cream slid from Rosalind, causing her knees to bow.
“I got you.” Removing his fingers, he lifted and carried her to the bed. He sat with Ros cradled in his lap, pulling her sandals off and removing her jeans. “Fucking beautiful,” he whispered as he feathered fingers over her belly. “Deep, golden honey.” He shoved a hand under her shirt and lifted it over her head. Returning his attention to her body, Dres pinched a painfully taut nipple. “Say it.”
“I… It’s…” She floundered. The word had never crossed her lips, but she wanted more than anything to say it for Dresdan. “I want your…your dick.”
He smiled at her, and it lit his eyes once more. “God, you are precious.” He touched her lips with his fingertips. “You’ve never used that word.”
She shook her head.
“I’m going to eat your pussy.” He laid her on the covers, knelt on the floor, and spread her legs.
When his tongue touched her, Rosalind cried out. “Dresdan!” She hoped the sound of the engines drowned out the cry. What would she say to Sandy? What would Ion think of her? Suddenly, she didn’t care. All she thought about was the man whose lips pressed tight to her…to her…pussy. Saying the word in her head, visualizing what it would feel like to have his shaft inside her sent Rosalind spiraling out of control. “Don’t stop, don’t stop.” Totally out of control, she arched her body in a desperate effort to get more.
“Yeah, give me that sweet cunt,” he mumbled.
She rose using her elbows and watched his head bob up and down. Grasping a handful of black hair, she drew him tighter against her nether lips. “More. Please, please, more.”
He lifted his head and gazed at her. “You want my cock?”
“Yes, yes.” Rosalind fell back, and when she felt his weight hit the bed, she regained some sense. “I need to tell you something.” He pushed her thighs wide and used his fingers again. A knot formed in the pit of her stomach, and she envisioned unraveling it, letting go of what she’d held precious. Stop him! She had to stop him. Rosalind wanted him, oh, God, did she want Dresdan. Yet it was moving too fast. Something in her mind screamed wait, make it special and make it last. Knowing what he was didn’t sway her. Something made her believe he wasn’t as evil as she’d initially thought. The same something told her if Dresdan knew, he wouldn’t want her. “Wait.”
“Talk to me, Rosalind.”
“I’m… I’ve never done this.” How had she let it get so far? His fingers continued to work inside her. They went much deeper this time, and a slight pain made her wince.
Dresdan stilled as he stared at her. His gray eyes darkened. “No.” His head shook. “No. No.”
“I tried to tell you.”
“Goddamn it to hell, Rosalind. You’re a virgin?”
His head went back and his bellow of rage filled the cabin and felt as though it rocked the bed. Standing, he zipped his pants, reached for her clothes on the floor, and placed them on the bed. “I’m so fucking sorry.” He turned and left the room, closing the door quietly behind him.
Dresdan didn’t hear her plead, “Don’t leave me like this.”
* * * * *
“What the hell, man?”
Striding through the cabin, Dres had never felt so confused and angry in all the centuries he’d roamed the earth. He ignored Ion’s question and glanced at Sandy. “She might need you.”
Sandy ran to the back of the plane and vanished through the door.
Ion glared at him. “What the fuck did you do, Dres?”
He stopped at the cockpit door and turned to his best friend. “She’s a virgin.”
“Christ, I thought someone died in there.”
Dres struggled to contain the blazing white fire within him that was threatening to dance through the cabin and burn everything in its path. “Ion, she’s…she’s, shit, she’s too good for me.” He yanked the door open and disappeared into the cockpit.
His copilot looked warily in his direction. “You okay?”
He probably had the same idea Ion did. “Yeah, why don’t you go have a bite to eat. I’ll take it from here.”
The door opened and closed behind the copilot. After checking the instrument panel, Dresdan looked at his fingers locked on the control wheel, the fingers he used to touch Rosalind, feel her heat, and give her pleasure. Dres stared out into the blue sky and remembered the last line of John Gillespie Magee Jr.’s poem, “High Flight.” He whispered the words in his cockpit. “Put out my hand and touched the face of God.” He glanced at his hand. It trembled.
How in hell did anyone not a nun reach her age and still be a virgin? Dresdan was many things but he couldn’t imagine taking from her something so wondrous and beautiful, something that should only be given in love. His fist slammed the steering control. “Unfuckingbelievable.” He brought the hand to his face, stroked the stubble of growth there, and smelled her scent. Touching his lips, he tasted her, and it made him rail against God. “Why? Why put her in my path now?” Rosalind’s God had found a way to keep her pure and safe for the man who would have and hold her heart forever.
Agitation brewed in his mind even more when a glance at his watch as he touched down at Van Nuys Airport showed him seven minutes behind schedule. He had made this trip too many times and had never taken more than three hours and twenty-five minutes.
Control of his life had already begun to slip.
“Shit,” he exclaimed, taxiing to his private hanger. After situating the plane, he rested his head against the seat, allowing an audible sigh to fill the cabin. Ion had a limo standing by, and he would see to the women disembarking and getting safely to Malibu. Dres would make the ride home alone. As he listened to the luggage being removed from the belly of the jet, he rolled his stiff shoulders. His soul swirled with need, one he wouldn’t deny himself. The importance he placed on control meant he must regain a semblance of balance before he reached home. Otherwise, he’d only brood as he strolled on the beach remembering. Remembering the sweet taste of Rosalind.

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out. - J. Hali Steele

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