Friday, September 21, 2018

Fall is Falling

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I dislike Fall as much as I do Winter. That being said—I’ll feel better by helping you feel better as Fall arrives! CLUB EVOLVE ebook is on sale for .99ȼ. Seven great stories for an awesome price. Sale ends 9/30/18 when it will return to its original price of $5.99. So, grab your copy now.

At club Evolve there are no closed doors. These guys want their men soft, consenting, and ready when they are. So, come in—feel the heat!

Did you meet Zedidiah Mandrake from Fix Me?

One night more was one too many.

Zedidiah Mandrake lived for one-night stands. Screw them and leave them is his motto and it worked until he took Kerr Carmichael home. Handsome as hell and vulnerable, Kerr wore his heart on his sleeve. Zed knew in a matter of time, he’d hurt him and he made it very clear he was not relationship material. Kerr played it cool; however, Zed went after him with vengeance each time he yearned to touch him, have Kerr in a way Zed wanted no one else to enjoy. Those times grew closer and closer together.

Still, Zed warned Kerr—you can’t fix me.

Kerr didn’t want to deal with crap today and if Danton Perry caused any, this time he’d finish it. He’d worked the Drake account for a year now, and the bastard was a real pain in the ass who deserved to have a fist jammed down his throat. Thank God Kerr wasn’t as hotheaded as Drake’s assistant marketing manager, Sanders Cain, who would have performed the feat last Friday if Kerr hadn’t pulled him out of the conference room. “Should have left him have a go at the prick.”
Monday, Carmichael and Carmichael had received a call from Nat Jansen, Drake’s COO, apologizing and he requested Kerr come back in on Wednesday. Kerr arrived early and sat in the lobby staring into the street.
He’d been unable to wipe Friday night and Zedidiah from his mind.
Kerr had not realized he grunted aloud remembering Zed’s comment about being able to walk to his car until a young woman standing by his seat said, “Excuse me?”
“Nothing, sorry.”
“They’re ready for you, sir.”
Drake Corp gobbled up dying business, leveled the buildings, and sold resultant parcels off in pieces at a very high price. Public relations was important to keep surrounding communities from complaining about strip malls popping up overnight. Kerr had to admit Drake did better than most by developing green spaces for parks and trails helping to separate neighborhoods from the malls.
Entering the conference room, he nodded in Danton’s direction, and then spoke to Nat and Sanders. “Gentlemen.” Wasn’t yet sure about Danton until he saw how things progressed.
Danton seemed in a hurry. “Let’s get this over with.”
Nat cleared his throat. “We’re waiting for one more.”
Kerr opened his portfolio and browsed papers oblivious to Danton’s distress. He froze when he heard the voice.
“Mr. Carmichael, a pleasure to meet you. I’m Zedidiah Mandrake, you already know Danton who, as you’ve discovered, is an inappropriate son of a bitch that I have to deal with daily.”
“Zed, I handle marketing.”
“Not anymore.”
“Why, damn it?”
Kerr looked around and noticed Sanders biting back a smile while Nat squeezed his eyes shut and shook his head.
“Because it’s my company. You’re here as a favor to mother, nothing more.”
“Say it, Danton. In fact, I’ll help you. Let me see, maybe cock sucking bitch.” Zed rounded the table. “Or faggot.”
Nat stood. “Zed, don’t.”
“I hear those words come out your mouth once more; you’ll need a full set of dentures.” He grinned maliciously at his brother. “Just like your daddy. Now get the fuck out.” Danton slammed the door so hard pictures shook on the wall. “Nat, Sanders, give me a minute alone with Mr. Carmichael.”
Mandrake—Drake. The door had barely shut before Kerr asked, “Why didn’t you tell me?”
“You left too quickly and, shit, Kerr…”
“I know. A one-night stand.”
“That’s not it.”
Zedidiah Mandrake was worth billions, most likely more. Much more. “I thought Danton Perry owned Drake Corporation.”
“I was seven when my father died. He had a very successful contracting business and left a tidy sum to put me through school and take care of my mom very well. A few years later, my mother remarried. Danton’s, my half-brother.”
“Did you need to be that harsh?”
“My inheritance helped to start Drake Corporation, but I built it from the ground up. It’s mine. The way I see it—I wasn’t hard enough.” Kerr watched a storm gather in Zed’s eyes. “Danton becomes more like his father every fucking day.” He shrugged and walked to stand in front of Kerr. “I wish you hadn’t witnessed this bullshit and I hope you forget it.”
Kerr had witnessed a dark side of Zedidiah. What happened between him and his stepfather to make him tremendously bitter toward the man?
Standing toe-to-toe with Zed, he felt a rush of heat to his crotch. Glancing down, he realized Zed experienced a similar predicament. Kerr wanted to touch him, give some sort of comfort. Jesus, why? He brushed the front of Zed’s slacks before leaning to kiss him; a kiss he thought would be short and sweet. Turned out to be the hottest, soul-searching lip lock Kerr had ever experienced. Their tongues tangled, fought, and surrendered as they dipped into corners seeking something more.
Zed grabbed him around the waist and shoved him against the table. “Damn, I could take you right here.”
“Not a good idea.”
“Why?” Zed stepped back and watched him.
“One night.”
“I didn’t count on seeing you again.”
“Does it make a difference?” What did Kerr want to hear?
“No.” He backed away and ran a hand through his hair. “Understand something, Kerr, I’m not good for you.” He pierced Kerr with a steely look. “I’m not good for anyone.”
Kerr had seen him run his hand nervously through his hair on another occasion. At Evolve, when he wasn’t sure Kerr would go home with him. “Shouldn’t that be my choice?”
Zed turned and strode to the end of the room. He touched a phone button and Kerr heard, “Tell Nat and Sanders the meeting is canceled, and I don’t want to be disturbed.” He moved to sit at the head of the table. “Come here.”
Don’t go, don’t go to him. Words Kerr should probably heed but his feet disobeyed as they carried him across the floor.

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out. - J. Hali Steele

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