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Disciple's Descendants 2

Death is overrated as punishment.

      John Thunder will kill anyone who stands in his way to keep Layla Clark safe. That includes Gage, the disciple’s leader, who stopped him before and kept him from being with the only woman in the world he desires. Layla is his, she knows it, he knows it, and he will have her at any cost.
       Layla’s mind is lost, dead to everything except the memory of John Thunder. She recalls his touch, how he held and comforted her when nothing else could. But will she be able to love the man she belongs to—the man who destroyed her husband?


Pinching razor-sharp creases in his pants, Leviat glanced at Thunder and shook his head. “Fearless leader didn’t send me.” Eyes danced between electric blue and yellow, a sure sign the man was angry or excited. Either meant trouble. “I’ve been here a while. What in hell took your old ass so long?” Leviat’s face grew more beautiful when he smiled.

“Not so old I can’t kick yours.” Unsure of Leviat’s purpose, Thunder pondered dropping him into the ever-widening crater he created beneath the spiked rock formation surrounding the piece of shit who had held Layla captive. “Matthew, why are you here? Aren’t you afraid of wrinkling those pretty pants?”

“I’ll just create a new pair.” Smile disappeared. “You only call me Matt or Matthew when you’re unsure of yourself.” Eyes settled on remaining blue for now. “We were the first, the beginning of what Gage envisioned for helping mankind though I still don’t understand where I fit into that picture.” Shrugging broad shoulders, he twisted to peer at the unconscious culprit. “The last time he stopped you was for your own good. She would have never been able to love you if Pet’s father’s blood stained your hands.” Blue light arced from his eyes. “Gage paid dearly for that, John.”

“Three people call me by that name. You know better.” Studying Leviat, he snapped, “How did he pay?” Thunder really didn’t give a damn. Gage had held him back from taking the life of the man who used Layla harshly to benefit himself. Since Wes Clark was Pet’s father, and Layla had loved him once upon a time, Leviat was probably right. “Gage knew this fucker would eventually surface.” Glancing across the lake at the home where Layla slept, he spoke softly. “He shouldn’t have hidden her away from me with some decrepit disciple possessing nothing more than a weak cloaking ability.”

“You would have done what differently?”

“God damn it. He could have left Zeb who would have electrocuted this bitch. Anyone with more power. Even that motherfucker, Scariot. Shit, he could have carried us all back in time and changed it.”

“It doesn’t work that way, Thunder, and you know this. We all have a greater purpose.”

“Why initially select us to fix this if he refused to sanction our ending it? Hell, if he had allowed me to remove Wes from her life I could have…”

“Could have what? Loved her enough to make her whole again? Contrary to popular belief, love doesn’t heal everything. It was for the best.”

Thunder turned to see the one person he considered a friend watching him with as much pain in his eyes as he himself felt. Aside from Gage, Leviat was the only living creature who knew he loved Layla. “At least I could have kept her out of this bastard’s hands.”

“Gage… Gage thought she’d be safe with the disciple who died trying to protect her.” Leviat’s eyes glowed yellow with anger this time. “Unlike you, I, and a few others who are unhuman, most descendants don’t live forever. Some can be killed.”

“Ain’t that a bitch? All these wonderful powers yet some can still die at the hands of ordinary men.” His chest deflated beneath a deep sigh. Thunder had made note of Leviat’s hesitation. “You know as well as I Gage always has another plan. I regret the disciple’s death but it must have been his time to depart. By the way, we have a new brother among us. Our illustrious leader believes he can help Layla.”

“Jesus, he must be one hell of a mind bender.”

“He’s got a rough road ahead.” Thunder grunted. “Name’s Ander and Pet loves him.”

“Rough road my ass, Gage is going to crucify that poor bastard if he so much as says he doesn’t like Pet’s cooking.” A dark brow quirked up. “Does he know about…?”

“My inability to move through the atmosphere? Yes.” Waves slapped against the stone cage jostling it sideways. “He spent but seconds in my fucked-up head.”

“Shit, that’s impressive. Can he heal Layla?”

A moan filled the air and Thunder was glad for the distraction as Leviat’s question had plagued him since meeting with Gage. Both men swiveled to see Dean scramble to his feet. “Let me out of here.”

Leviat spoke first. “Why? You calling the cops or something? Sit down and shut the fuck up before I eat your sorry ass.” Humans did not often see a dragon’s true face. This one did. Claws sprung from Leviat’s hands and scrapped noisily across the rocky surface. A reptilian mouth opened wide shooting a burst of flame toward the man whose scream sent a gaggle of geese skyward. Leviat’s visage changed back quickly and he jerked around. “Go, I’ll look after this one.”
He felt a grimace contort his face as he growled, “Thank God you did not touch her.” Clapping his hands, Thunder sent a ripple across the ground splitting the crevice beneath the formation another few inches tossing the man to the ground. “The devil will roast your balls for dinner if you’re lucky.”

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out. - J. Hali Steele

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