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Disciple's Descendant 7

Alchemy and chemistry make for a deadly mixture.

Sleeping with an accomplice’s estranged daughter is not where Zeb James expects to find himself particularly when that colleague happens to be one of the more sinister human descendants of a disciple. Brenda’s wisecracking mouth and constant queries about her ancestry infuriate Zeb at every turn. The fact she has more curves than a Formula One race track, and is just as dangerous to him, does little to stem his growing attraction.

Brenda Nathaniels suspects getting involved with the wacko owner of her newest hangout will spell trouble especially considering he seems close to her father. However, arcs of desire lead to wickedly hot sex which Brenda intends using to elicit information about the man who abandoned her and left her wary of all men. Her machinations threaten to expose her when she realizes being in Zeb’s arms leaves her wanting more.

Their coming together may well set the world on fire.

M/F Interracial ReligErotica


Brenda had spun into the room as if she were a tornado. “That’s what I’d like to know.” From looks on their faces, she caught both men off guard. She refused to allow bizarre thoughts to sidetrack her and unable to stop herself, she launched into a tirade. “Why did you leave my mother and abandon me?”
“How’d you get in here?”
“The door was open?”
“Damn Gage, no doubt.” Zeb stood.
“Excuse me?” Her anger meter reset to the boiling point.
“Nothing. Can I get you something?” Zeb moved to stand behind the bar.
“No.” Bart Nathaniels hadn’t budged or spoke but he didn’t take his eyes from her. “Say something.” Felt as if flames encompassed the room suffusing it with heat but Brenda talked on. “Answer me. Don’t you have anything to say?”
“Son of a bitch! Uhh, it would seem, Bart, she’s acquired a modicum of your powers and if she doesn’t stop, Arrogant Bastards will soon be a pile of ash.”
Words Zeb spewed made no sense to Brenda who jumped when his friend named Ander, wearing only a pair of cotton pajama pants, popped into the room in a crackle of light.
Zeb pointed at the intruder and fiery blue sparks showered down on him.
“Do that again, Zeb, I will touch your ass.”
“Lord have mercy! Where…” Brenda shook.
“Can’t burst in here without some kind of warning, Ander.”
“Next time I’ll knock—on your fucking head!” Ander peered around and spotted Brenda. “You guys couldn’t have handled this tomorrow?”
“What… What’s wrong with me?”
“Baby…” Her father flinched backward.
Sensing heat rising inside, Brenda had no control whatsoever over what transpired. “Don’t you touch me.” She stumbled backward and Ander rushed to catch her. Touching her temple with his free hand, he sent Brenda into a catatonic state. Please, please, God, help me!
“She can see and hear you; however, her inability to move will only last until sunrise.” He jerked toward Bart. “We don’t know each other like the others but understand this, you tell her or I’ll show her ‘cause damn if I like Gage yanking me from my bed in wee hours of morning.” He lifted Brenda and carried her to Zeb. “I suggest you take her home until Bartholomew decides how he’s going to deal with this.”
“It’s Bart and she’s my responsibility. You show her a single…” Her father clutched his head.
“You guys with the name thing. Christ I’ll just call you all motherfuckers. How’s that?” Ander fizzled out of sight.
Show me what? I’m here, I’m right here!
“Jesus, that hurt.”
“Forgot to warn you about Ander’s skill. Where does Brenda live?”
“With my sister. Big farm a mile or so past Gage’s place.”
She felt Zeb shake. “That close and we meet for the first time today?”
“You know Gage. A time for everything. A time to be born, a time to die and, most importantly a time to kill.”
Kill who?
“Fuck’s sake, I didn’t ask for a Bible lesson, Bart. Your daughter is no little thing by the way.” Zeb repositioned Brenda in his arms. “He set this shit up. I’m not ready for a… Jesus, I’m tired of that son of a…”
Air buzzed with arcs of light and one zoomed toward her in Zeb’s arms. Her father jumped up, reached out, and grabbed the bolt turning it to stone. “Hit my baby girl, Gage, I’ll find you.”
Oh my God! What’s happening… What’s wrong with me? Brenda’s scream remained locked in her throat.
Keep in mind she sees and hears you. Gage’s voice sounded ghostly. I’ll be absent awhile but I’m sure you guys can handle this.
Zeb faced her dad who declared softly. “Harm her in anyway and I’ll kill you without magic. It. Will. Hurt.”
Without magic!
Brenda wished she could close her eyes and cover her ears, but not a muscle moved. As soon as her faculties returned—
These monsters are going to die!

Death is overrated as punishment.J. Hali Steele (from The Disciple’s Descendants)

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