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We all meet death sooner or later—it’s not pretty.

Addison Blakemour lost something precious that’s not coming back. Merely a diversion from pain, he dispenses punishment and anyone he deems worthy, they meet death. Lately, he takes little pleasure in revenge. Each day he anticipates nightfall to stalk one more criminal. Minutes, days, months, he waits for deliverance until he encounters a man wearing—lipstick and panties!

Jeremy Hadley’s incident with a lethal man he comes upon fighting in an alley should send him running; Addison Blakemour should repulse him. He doesn’t. Jere tells himself he hangs on and even comes out the closet to prevent the thug from harming others, to hinder Addison’s self-destruction. Lies. He holds on because the terrible man excites him, makes Jeremy feel alive.

Can two desperate people find happiness?

Warning: On-page violence and near-rape experience. Addison Blakemour kills without remorse.

Contains: #angst; #comingout; #drama; #lingerie; #gay; #maydecember; #romance; #shortstory

Addison intended to go home until he smelled his fingers, caught the delicious scent Jeremy wore mingled alongside sex’s aroma. Don’t need a hassle but, shit… I need him. One time. Suspected if he showed up at the man’s door, he’d let him in. Jeremy, professing fear, displayed a physical reaction at the bar that was unrestrained, wanton. Jesusfuckingchrist. Addison often used strangers to satisfy himself following Jan’s demise. Hadn’t taken anyone in months making due with his hand. This guy might be trouble. Not only had he seen Addison belt the hell out of someone, sexy motherfucker, as if a beautiful butterfly, flitted through his mind for days on end. An exotic butterfly. Addison became intimately aware he exhibited something no other man who had ever accompanied him practiced. His chest blissfully hairless, body-hugging pants encased narrow hips showing off a perfect round ass. Panties. He wore goddamn silk panties. And lipstick.
Jeremy Hadley wasn’t only pretty, he embraced being beautiful.
Passed the man his phone intending to leave but Jeremy invited him in. He stared into blue eyes outlined in emerald and sapphire liner, watched his tongue stroke lips painted a pale shade of red. “You didn’t look like this last time.”
“I don’t always…why are you here?”
“What was different tonight?”
“Are you coming in or not?”
“I’d like a cold beer.”
A protective maneuver, Jeremy tightened the sash of his plain black robe and left Addison standing in the middle of a nondescript room. Small but clean, no family pictures graced walls, nothing to tell him about this youngster. One thing became blatantly clear. He was young. Had not even developed taste in furnishing. Or he lived on a sparse budget. Sofa and matching armchair could have come from any furniture warehouse. Tiny metal desk in one corner held a computer and printer. The chair at least looked expensive. One of those ergonomic designs used by people who spent lots of time in the seat. His blog. Many now made decent money blogging and he recollected Jeremy had a rather large following. Checking out the tiny hallway the man vanished into, Addison glanced at the print he posed in front of for his selfie.
Appearing unsure of himself, Jeremy returned carrying beers and one glass which he handed to Addison. “I’m sorry. You can sit anywhere.” He blushed. “I prefer drinking from the bottle.”
Taking the chair, Addison said, “You like Edward Hopper.”
Jeremy sat on the sofa and curled feet beneath him. “A statement, not a question.”
“You posed in front of it for the picture on your blog.”
“You visited my site?”
“I prefer the bottle myself.” Addison set the glass on a wooden coffee table in front of him and took a long pull of beer. “Jeremy, did it occur to you to lock your phone? Anyone could have discovered your whereabouts.”
“Actually, didn’t imagine I’d be robbed by a probation officer thrashing a client.”
Tell the truth or let it ride? “Awful things happen to people who shouldn’t be in dark alleyways.” Let it ride.
“How do you know Hopper?”
“A favorite of mine. Stark realism; his portrayal of…loneliness.” Finished his beer and set the bottle down, Addison added, “At least that’s how he makes me feel.”
“I get that.” Jeremy glanced into the hall. “Even though three people sit in that diner, they look lonely as hell. Have you seen his couple in the office painting?”
“I’ve caught a few exhibitions. Is that really what you want to talk about?”
“I don’t want to talk about Fortnite’s.”
“Neither do I.” Addison stood, took two steps to stand in front of Jeremy. “Why’d you invite me in?”
“I’m not sure I know why.”
“Yes, you do.” Addison pulled him from the sofa. “You wanted someone. I’m available.”
“I can’t form any kind of relationship.”
“I’m not looking for one.”
“No strings?”
“I tie lousy knots so they wouldn’t hold.” He kissed red lips. Soft, inviting. Trouble. “Name’s Addison.” Untying the sash at Jeremy’s waist, he reached in, grasped buttocks forcefully, and hiked him tight against his raging hard-on. Disappointment flooded Addison. “No panties?”
“I undressed to shower.”
Breathing cologne, no, it was perfume, Addison murmured, “I’m not going anywhere.”
“Take your shower, I’ll be right here.”
“Now? But…”
“I gather you relish a little roughness.”
“Why do you think that?”
“Fortnite has a reputation.” Large hands grabbed Jeremy’s small fingers, entwined them in a firm grip. “I won’t do anything you don’t like and judging by the size of your apartment, neighbors would hear you scream and call for help. Am I right?”
“Give me what I want. I swear I won’t hurt you.”
“I’m not sure what you’re asking for.”
“Put something pretty on, something lacy I can remove slowly or rip off if I choose to before I fuck you.” Stole his mouth once more, shoved his tongue past lips that didn’t try to keep him out. Small hands pressed to Addison’s chest. Tongues warred, searched deliciously. “Christ, you smell wonderful.” Addison licked down his neck to a smooth chest where his tongue encountered a stiff nipple. He sucked the tiny bud until it peaked even more. “No hair. Fuck, that turns me on. You want this to happen.”
A groan filled the room as his slight frame nudged into Addison. “God, yes.” Tiny hitches of air brushed his cheek. “You…you won’t leave?”
“I got all night, Jeremy.”
Cock stiff and poking through the robe, he backed away. “Kitchen’s to the left before the end of the hall. There’s more beer.”
Removing his tie and jacket, he draped both over the chair. “Hurry.” Addison gave it a minute before striding to the kitchen. Door at extreme end of the hall remained cracked and he heard keys jangle. Shamelessly, he viewed the man unlock a door and slip inside. He stepped out carrying underwear. What the fuck? No signs of a roommate; who’d he hide belongings from? Why do I care? Addison desired nothing more than fucking the beautiful bastard which, considering their chance meeting in a dark alley where Addison fully intended to murder a man… Shit, a bad idea.
He waited to hear the shower before withdrawing. Hand on knob, prepared to leave, Addison stopped. Turn the knob. That’s all it would take. Open the door. Escape. “Goddamn you Jeremy Hadley.”
For the first time since his death, Addison couldn’t conjure Janson’s face.

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out. - J. Hali Steele

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