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See Me in the Dark

Bonus Book
A Club Evolve M/M Romance

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Scars so deep—will they destroy his soul?

Preston Woodley hid his scars from the world. It’s been nearly a decade since a lover has seen or felt them. He only comes alive in the dark, on his back. Pres never allows anyone to touch him there. He longs to find someone who sees him for the man he is and not a monster shaped by a horrible accident in his past.

Robert ‘War’ Warren, recruited into the biker lifestyle early, has not only committed crimes, he’s been stabbed and shot. War has seen and done it all and he doled out enough payback to earn a brief stint in jail. Scrambling to have more, he’s reached a pinnacle of success and now seeks peace. What he used to be, what he could easily become again, may ruin his life forever.

Now, here he stood inside a men’s club scared to death to take another step.
Suddenly, jostled from behind, he fell sideways and mumbled, “Jesus.” Seeing hands come toward him, Preston plastered himself against the wall and blurted, “I’m okay.” When he looked up, it was into cold, steely blue eyes that swiped up and down his body leaving him breathless. It’s been too long!
“My fault. Wasn’t watching where I was going.” At least three inches taller than Pres’ five-foot-ten frame, he took two strides forward and looked over a broad shoulder before continuing on his path. An almost black ponytail hung between shoulder blades covered by a leather jacket. Narrow hips encased in leather pants swaggered away as he navigated tables filling quickly with patrons.
“So much for a dress code.” Preston weaved through aisles until he reached an empty booth near the back. One where he could have a cold beer and watch people come and go while he listened to recorded music softly filling the air. From the corner of his eye, Pres saw a man come in through a door leading from the back. He motioned to a tall, blond bartender who reached the stranger and leaned over to kiss him. After a bit of talking, they both peered right at Preston.
Shit. What?
* * * * *
“Name’s Lodge. Would you be able to move to another booth or table? This one should have held a reserved sign.”
Standing, Preston said, “Sure. My beer hasn’t…”
“It’s good, LD. I don’t mind if he stays.” Robert Warren allowed his eyes to take the man in for the second time tonight. Something about him. “Didn’t mean to damn near knock you over earlier.”
“I probably shouldn’t have blocked the entrance. My names Preston.”
“Call me War.”
“Jesus, man, you don’t introduce yourself to someone you barreled over running late and then tell him to call you War.”
“Why not?”
“You don’t know him like that.”
War let his eyes rake the stranger’s face and body once more. “I want to know him like that.”
“We’re not going to get this settled tonight, are we?”
“LD, I’m already working for you. If you require it on paper, we can hash out particulars another time.” He watched his friend eyeball Preston. “Okay?”
“Tomorrow. My shop. That order can’t wait.”
“For one of those rubs you cater to?”
“Rich urban bikers are loaded with cash.”
“And will help pay for that two-million-dollar monstrosity you had built. I get it. Tomorrow I’ll drop by Custom Deviations. Now, Blondie’s cutting eyes this way because you’re lingering. I’m not responsible for the fall out.”
“Christ, War, do you have to always be a bastard?”
“As I remember, in Philadelphia, you weren’t that much better.”
“Tomorrow. Ten AM sharp.”
“Make that noon and we got a deal.”
LD walked away finally giving War a chance to really meet Preston. Seeing as his drink hadn’t arrived, War flagged down a waiter. “Can you put a rush on…” He turned to Preston. “Have a seat. You said beer?” War told the server, “Bring two of those east coast lagers and that’ll be all for now.”
“Thanks, I haven’t waited long.”
You shouldn’t wait at all.” Their beers arrived and War smiled when Preston waved away the glass and tilted the bottle up. “Damn. I like that.”
“Your mouth.”
“Excuse me?”
“You didn’t come here for beer because unless you order the right brand, it all tastes like piss.” When Preston pushed his bottle away and stood, War leaned closer. “I won’t ask you to stay but I sure as hell would like you to. One thing you should know is I don’t play games.”
“I have no intention of starting anything.”
“You sure about that?” Leaning back, he studied the man. Brown hair neatly trimmed curled above his collar and eyes the color of cognac continued to observe War. The navy suit was cut to fit nobody’s ass but his and fingernails were recently manicured. War liked a man who took care of himself. He also appreciated that his build was just shy of athletic and not bound in muscle. “Is this your first time at Evolve?”
“I moved here from Detroit a month ago.”
“Let me guess? You didn’t live within five miles of that city on any side. I’d say Bloomfield Hills, maybe Birmingham.”
“You know the area?”
“Went to Kettering.” Preston’s forehead scrunched and eyes reflected doubt before changing to surprise and for some reason, it pissed War off. He knew Preston’s type. Superior. Better than. “On second thought, you can run along now.”
“I wanted a beer not a rude dissection by a biker.”
“When I dissect your ass, you’ll know it.” War rose and stepped close enough for his boot toes to touch shiny oxfords. “Maybe next time I’ll show you what I mean.” He walked away leaving Preston stand there and hoped like hell the jackass took another swallow of beer and choked on it.

Growl and roar-it’s okay to let the beast out. - J. Hali Steele

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