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A Club Evolve Interracial M/M Erotica Brief

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Touched softly, unbreakable will shatter!

Anthony Calhoun designed and tailored men’s’ clothing but in no way is his prim and proper white ass a pushover. Ant transplanted to Los Angeles from Philadelphia and damn if he didn’t bring some South Philly with him! He wants a lover not a partner so unless the gorgeous black, and very debonair, Gunner Bonds can handle business, he better step off.
**Interracial Male/Male Erotica Brief**

Anthony traded memories about Philadelphia with Lodge long enough to allow Gun to grow impatient the way he liked them. By keeping young men off guard, every one he’d chosen to associate with for an evening greatly misjudged him.

They mistook his quiet, unassuming manner for soft and yielding.

None broke him.

Loosening his tie, he entered the room he acquired to find Gun pacing. “Why are you undressed?”

“Son of a bitch.” Gun fisted his lapel and snatched him close enough for noses to touch. “Do not play with me.”

“So sad, because that’s exactly what I wish to do.” He reached behind Gun’s neck and pulled him into a hard kiss. At first he didn’t reciprocate but it didn’t take long before he opened his mouth, permitted Anthony entrance into an abyss of deliciousness. A long time later, after tongues dueled and savored, he nudged him away. “You like bourbon.” The flavor in Gun’s mouth was strong, enticing, and though Anthony preferred his cocktails on the sweet side, he did enjoy an occasional whiskey. Licking Gun’s lips, he murmured, “I like how you taste.” Stepping away, Anthony walked to a counter along one wall and fingered an array of toys. One in particular caught his eye. An enormous dildo he wanted to watch Gun suck. Picking it up he moved back to where Gunner remained standing. “Show me how you’ll suck my cock.”

“Didn’t think you knew how to say that word.”

“During sex, penis sounds mundane.”

Gunner fondled his shaft which matched the dildo in size. “Maybe I want my dick sucked.”

“There is still time for you to find someone to do that for you.”

“This isn’t a game you’ll win.”

“Fine.” Anthony shrugged his jacket off and neatly folded it over the back of a nearby chair. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt. “Show me how you desire to have your cock sucked.” When Gunner flicked the cap with his tongue before wrapping his lips around the extremely fat head of the fake penis, Anthony inwardly groaned imagining those full lips encompassing his shaft. “Wonderful.” Between glances at Gun, he continued to undress carefully folding each piece of clothing and adding it to the pile. When Gun chuckled, he twisted to stare at him. “What?”

“Did you fold your shorts?”

He strolled to within an inch of Gun and smacked his ass hard. “By tomorrow morning, you won’t know where you left yours.”

“Oww! Fucker.”


Gun put the artificial cock back in his mouth and practically swallowed every inch. “Mmm, show me exactly what you want.” In fact, Anthony couldn’t wait for Gunner to take his thickness down his throat but first, show him who controlled their encounter. Continuing to mouth the tan dildo, Anthony reached for Gun’s dick and began to masturbate him. Didn’t take long before rivulets of precum covered his fingers. “You like to be jerked off?”

“Uh-mmm,” he mumbled with his mouth full. God, his lips stretched far down the dildo almost touching the sac built onto the length. Continuing to work Gun’s hardness, he pushed a button that started a motor in the big penis.

Watching him take more and more into his mouth, Anthony felt a tiny spurt of liquid dribble from his dick. “Come with me.” Using Gunner’s cock as a handle, he tugged him toward a wall with handcuffs embedded in stone. “Give it to me and place your hands on the wall.”

Gun handed over the dildo. “This isn’t going to happen like you think.”

“Let me make you feel good.” Using the latex covered monster, motor still purring, he pressed his crotch against Gunner’s firm buttocks. He ran the dildo over Gunner’s broad shoulders and down his spine causing the man to shudder. “Goddamn, you’re fucking beautiful.” Caught off guard by Anthony’s mouthful of swear words, Gunner twisted to peer over his shoulder giving Anthony just enough time to drop the cock and quickly latch one cuff around Gunner’s wrist. Before he could move with Anthony’s weight wedged against him, he snatched the other hand and locked the second cuff in place. “It’s going to happen exactly the way I knew it would.”

Discipline and control were Anthony’s masters.

“Take them off.” Cuffs were placed in four positions on the wall giving anyone wearing them room enough to bend or squat a little. “Now.”

“Are you sure you want that?” Anthony retrieved the dildo and grabbed an aloe moistened wipe from a container on the cabinet beside him. He watched Gun struggle while he cleaned the device. Finished, he traced it through Gunner’s crack causing him to buck against the wall. Running it between his legs forced the man onto his toes and groans circled throughout the space. “You have two choices right now. Kick me away, or simply say stop.” He eased the mechanical penis into Gunner’s crease. “Oh, there is a third choice—relax and enjoy what I’m going to do to you.” Anthony inserted the whirring prick into his mouth and wet the tip while Gun stared wild-eyed. Legs didn’t flail as though Gun wanted to kick Anthony away when he placed the latex cock against the tiny pucker nestled between his butt cheeks. Anthony leaned close to his ear and whispered, “What’s your pleasure?”

Growl and roar-it’s okay to let the beast out. - J. Hali Steele

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