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A Club Evolve M/M Romance

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How do you give back what you asked for?

Pierce James asked a friend to introduce him to Sanders Cain, but he didn’t ask to be belittled by the prissy bastard. Nor was he interested in having his old college roommate’s leftovers, and if it meant curtailing his visits to club Evolve—so be it. Somewhere in Los Angeles is another place he can seek what he desires. Pierce only had to find it, and then hope the face and voice of Sanders didn’t go there with him.

One weekend, one lousy freaking weekend off and Evolve’s entertaining the Pope.
“Oh, for crying out loud, Sanders, he was a priest, not the goddamn Pope.”
Zedidiah Mandrake owned Evolve and happened to be Sanders Cain’s boss both here and at Drake Corp. “It isn’t right to allow a man of the church to have access to Evolve’s private rooms.”
“Are you espousing discrimination?” Zed pivoted to order a drink before adding, “I should have never divulged Pierce’s business.”
“A priest, Zed. Furthermore, I understand your jean and tee shirt wearing thug has become a regular fixture here a few times a month.”
“He’s not my anything, and thug is a bit over the top even for you. Pierce could damn near buy Drake Corp if he wanted.” Zed ran a hand through his hair just as Kerr walked up. “Kerr, talk some sense into him.”
“I’d be careful what this Pierce person does for a living.”
“Sanders, he went to university with Zed, and they’re in the same business.” Kerr laughed. “I do agree, however, Evolve’s dress code should be taken seriously.”
“I’m done with this, let’s go.” Sanders watched as Zed downed his drink and prepared to leave.
“Aren’t we going to wait for Pierce?” Kerr rested a hand on Zed’s arm. “You should introduce him to Sanders before we leave.”
“What! Oh God, I’m not interested in meeting anyone who dresses so shabbily.”
“You’re right. Pierce isn’t someone you should meet.”
“Lord knows, he’s probably out there right now planning his next heist.”
“I’m sure.” Zed’s lips curled into a smile. “Of course, Pierce’s day job is just a front for all kinds of foul play.”
“Did I hear my name?” Sanders spun to look into serious blue eyes. “Shabby? Really?”
He twisted to glower at his boss. “You knew he was behind me?”
“I couldn’t resist.” Zed reached to shake Pierce’s hand. “Pierce James, meet Sanders Cain.” Sanders wanted to sink through the floor when Zed told Pierce, “You missed the part where he called you a thug.”
“That I can live with because, hell, might still be true.” Pierce’s eyes blazed. “But shabby.” Hands motioned up and down his body, “What I’m wearing would cost you a month’s wages, you snotty prick.”
That got Sander’s ire up. “You arrogant SOB, you don’t know what I make?”
“I know how stingy Zedidiah can be.”
“Both of you kiss my ass. Kerr, let’s go.”
“Zed, you are not going to leave this… This criminal…”
Criminal?” Pierce grabbed Sanders by the arms and pulled him against his body. “You feel my cock?” He kissed Sanders so hard; he drew blood when their mouths smashed together. He forced his tongue through lips Sanders failed to keep closed. Deep, long, a kiss that spit fire into his lungs as it robbed him of air. When he thrust Sanders backward, cold, blue eyes assessed him. “If it somehow finds its way up your ass, I’d cut it the fuck off.”
* * * * *
Pierce walked with Zed and Kerr to the door. “What the fuck were you thinking, Zed?”
“Hey, you wanted to meet the elusive Sanders.”
“Yeah, well, big mistake. Highly unlikely I’ll continue to come here if there’s the slightest chance of running into his ass again.”
“Bullshit.” Zed winked. “You’ll spend the rest of the night trying to get into that pretty boy’s pants.” He took two steps toward the door and stopped. “Nice suit by the way.”
“Screw you, Zed.” His friend left him standing inside Evolve’s door, mouth agape. “Goddamn it.” Pierce whipped angrily around and headed to get a drink. To think he dressed up to meet the fussy jackass. Sanders stood at one end of the bar talking with Jim, the regular weekend bartender. Pierce strolled to the opposite end of the bar. “Wish this damn thing was longer,” he mumbled under his breath. He scowled toward Sanders and observed his dark head bent to listen to something Jim said. Light behind the bar revealed a curl of almost black hair fall forward and Pierce watched him sweep a hand he knew would be soft across his forehead to nudge the tendril away from his handsome face.
Not in this lifetime would I fuck his prissy ass. But oh, the pretty motherfucker had Pierce’s cock on the rise.
Another bartender approached and slid one of Evolve’s coveted key cards across the bar. “Zed ordered champagne for you.”
“Bastard.” Pierce could stand here and simmer or he could go to the private room and collect himself. He couldn’t remember the last time he was this angry. Shit, he’d worn one of his best suits to meet Sanders, and Zed assured him the elusive manager looked forward to getting to know him. “Lying piece of shit.” Taking a deep breath, Pierce walked around the bar toward the entrance of Evolve’s private rooms. He had to pass Sanders on the way but he damn sure wasn’t going to give him satisfaction of making eye contact.
Pierce slid the card through the slot, grunted at the guard, and made his way to the room Zed had given him for the night. If he had paid for it, he’d definitely seek a refund. Damn it to hell, Pierce liked Evolve, but if the saucy prick said anything else offensive, he’d deck his ass and face the consequences.
“Christ.” Pierce flopped into a sumptuous wing backed chair beside the table holding the champagne bucket. Reaching for the bottle, he opened it and poured a flute full of golden liquid. Zed only served the best in his club so Pierce knew he wouldn’t be disappointed yet after taking a few sips, he found himself wanting something stronger. Pierce pressed a red button located on the phone and leaned back to wait for a server. He rested his eyes until he heard a light knock. “Come in.” Opening them, Pierce saw Sanders waiting just inside. “Shit, don’t tell me I have to deal with your…”
“Call me a snotty prick again I’ll smack you from here to hell.”
“What the fuck did you say?”
“You heard me. Our regular server became ill and left. What can I get for you?”
Pierce stood and covered the distance in a few strides to where Sanders waited. “You can get the hell out.”
“Okay by me, but if you need anything, I’ll be bringing it.”
“Can you find me a real man?”
“Ooh…ooh… You motherfucker.” Sanders balled his right hand into a fist and swung.
Pierce stopped it midair. “Try something that stupid one more time and I’ll…” What? What the fuck was he going to do? Zed wouldn’t allow him to walk through the door ever again if he hit anyone in Evolve who wasn’t paying to be spanked. He’d certainly kick Pierce’s ass if he harmed a hair on Sanders’ head.
“Let me go you…you...” Blue eyes sparked with anger as Pierce held his fist trapped.
“Thug?” He remembered Zed’s stories about Sanders who was years younger, how he had protected him growing up because other boys bullied him. Pierce grew up in a tough neighborhood, and yeah, he was rowdy most of his life, but thug? Those days were long gone. His company damn near carried as much influence as Drake Corp did in the area of real estate, and he didn’t need to be a bully anymore. Pierce studied the man. So fucking sweet. Had Zed lied when he said he had never made a play for Sanders? “Did you ever fuck Zed?” Pierce released Sanders hand fairly sure he wouldn’t try that approach again.
“Excuse me?”
“Zed, did you and Zed ever fuck?” If they had, Pierce wouldn’t touch the man. One thing he had vowed never to do—have Zedidiah Mandrake’s leftovers. Pierce’s self-imposed rule left the playing field slim when they attended university together. Zed attracted men like a magnet. Every size, shape and color. Unfortunately, Pierce and he had the same taste and Sanders fit that bill perfectly. Why the hell was he considering touching Sanders?
“That is none of your business.”
Prissy bitch may have well added sir. “I’m making it my business.” No. No. No.
“You can go screw yourself, Mr. James.”
“But I’d rather screw you.” Aww, shit! Eyes filled with mortification, his slight frame shook with indignity at Pierce’s affront as hands clenched and unclenched at his side. Christ, his cheeks turning pink served to make Sanders even more attractive to the part of Pierce he considered a thug. He was right—enough of the old Pierce still existed to take what he wanted. “I’ll fuck you much better than he did.”
“If you lay a finger on me, I’ll tell Zed.”
“Will you tell him how well my dick filled your ass?” Pierce stepped closer and touched his cheek. “So fucking pretty.” Reaching behind Sanders’ neck, Pierce pulled him into another violent kiss just as hard as the one they experienced earlier. Somehow, this one carried more heat; it satisfied Pierce much more causing him to groan when Sanders’ permitted him access to his mouth and tangled his tongue with Pierce’s in a fierce fight for supremacy.
What happened next shocked the shit out of Pierce.
The last glimpse he’d had of Sanders’ hands, they were clenched at his side so when Pierce felt one grip his nuts hard, he damn near dropped to one knee. “Ow-oww, goddamn you!”
“You won’t have to cut it off if I tear it off for you.”

Growl and roar-it’s okay to let the beast out. - J. Hali Steele

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