Friday, April 21, 2017

Blood and Lust


Layne Indigo threw a racist prick out the window of a high rise office building in White Blood. See what he's up to in the second Triumvirate story, I Won’t Stop

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Ancient blood runs deep and it’s much colder!

Layne Indigo’s existence abounds with extremes—men, women, his own bloodlust, and death. Especially death. He’s a supreme stalker of not only humans but his kind, vampires, some of which are so audacious he relishes ending their lives. Adding to his troubles, he becomes enamored with a cunning woman who hates vamps more than anything and Layne can’t let Emerald “Esme” Franklin out of sight.

Carnage amongst both species has Layne uncertain of his ability to continue as a member of The Triumvirate that rules over vampires. One thing he is sure of after Emerald surrenders her virginity—Layne wants more. Until Esme belongs to him, Layne won’t stop.

A Multicultural/Interracial M/M/F Vampire Romance

Emerald barely finished saying she wanted Layne to be happy before someone snatched her into thin air. When her feet touched the floor, she quickly twisted to see Layne holding a dark haired beauty.
“Julius. You stalk death, my friend.”
“Thought you wanted us here.”
“Eventually, but not…”
“Not me.” Unable to latch on to anger earlier, Emerald garnered more than enough to last a lifetime. She blabbed, “Does she know you slept with me just hours ago?” Layne’s eyes never changed color as he gazed at her. A sure sign he felt no real antagonism toward Julius and he exhibited no remorse over Emerald’s witnessing a lover’s embrace. Why didn’t she feel this way seeing him with Brakius?
“Not yet is how I would have finished had you not interrupted.”
“Bullshit.” Emerald glared at the woman. Honey colored skin glistened as ample breasts rose up and down each time she drew breath. Tall, trim waist and narrow hips, she wore silky black hair in a braid that reached her knees. Loosened, there would be enough to weave at least three heads with shoulder length waves. “Did you hear what I said?” Midnight blue eyes sparkled with amusement. Jealousy blossomed in Emerald’s chest. It burned a bitter path to her throat. “You can have him.” There goes infatuation out the window. Why couldn’t she refrain behaving as if she cared?
The beauty’s head tilted. “I always will young one.”
“Young? Do you know how old that son of a bitch you’re screwing is?”
“To the second. Do you possess this information?”
Had it not been for a sun-bronzed brute popping out of nowhere to stand between her and Layne’s ladylove, Emerald would have scratched the hussy’s eyes out. The newcomer stood nearly as tall as Layne and strawberry blond hair curled just above a back broad enough to block the couple from view.
Air grew chilled as he spoke. “My lady, I thought to give you time with Lord Indigo but your discomfort bid I join you.” Bowing in Layne’s direction, he added, “My liege.”
“I have asked you not use such terms when addressing me. They come from a disfavored time and place.” Icy drafts buffeted Emerald. “My father was but an African warrior who stumbled into India following some jackass lost from the second Crusade. No matter. I’ve no right to his Lord’s allegiances, feudal or otherwise, nor do I want them.” Prevented from viewing Layne, Emerald gathered displeasure shone in his eyes taking into account his gruffness. “I will not remind you of this again.”
“Apologies, my lor… Layne.”
“Enough.” The giant stood rooted to his spot as Layne’s woman emitted forced laughter that floated around the being she now recognized as vampire. Before his arrival, warmth had filled her and Layne’s suite. “Sit down, Loch.”
No more than three strides carried him to a barstool where he perched and scrutinized Emerald through bottle green eyes. Able to observe Layne after Loch moved, Emerald noticed red briefly swirl in his eyes. His female friend must be human and she didn’t give the impression of being a day over thirty. Certainly not old enough to call her young. “Evidently your lover takes pleasure in youthful brown skinned human women.” Resentment laced Emerald’s words.
“I’m well aware of his predilection but he found one he treasures.”
“Good luck with that.” Their banter seemed to fascinate Layne who barely took his eyes from Emerald. “I’m sure it’s not me you should be looking at.” She hoped her words cut deep. “Like all vampires, you’re a whore.” Searching out Julius who remained unusually quiet, she noticed he wore a perplexed look. They were all creepy, cold jackasses. She demanded, “Take me home.”
“You are not leaving.” Layne did not intend to let her go. “You reside with me.”
She crossed to where he stood. “If you think for one second I plan to…
“Reside with me and my mother? Yes. I do.”
“God Almighty,” Julius whispered. “The third Triumvirate.”
Layne smiled in his friend’s direction. “Juls, meet Piara Kaur Indigo and her guard, Loch Christian. He tugged Emerald forward, possessively manipulating her so her back rested against his chest. His arm wrapped around her. “Close your mouth, honey, you might catch a fly.”

Growl and roar-it’s okay to let the beast out.-J. Hali Steele