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UNREDEEMABLE, Immortal Redeemers, Book 2 - Coming January 24th

UNREDEEMABLE, Immortal Redeemers, Book 2, COMING January 24th
UNFORGIVABLE AVAILABLE NOW at Changeling Press, enjoy!
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Hell is freezing over, and there will be no redemption.

Everyday loneliness and darkness threatened to consume Brooke. Scenting a male with the ability to control her beast was a godsend. After discovering he released his mantle to another and sought peace in death, Brooke vowed it would be a cold day in hell before he touched her again.

Chance’s last good act was to sacrifice immortality by bestowing his mantle of trust on a Redeemer capable of saving immortals from their own demise. Carrying a secret that could change things forever, he seeks his own destruction while leaving pain and death in his wake until he finds Brooke, an Immortal Redeemer who despises him for giving up hope in humankind. Chance won’t rest until he captures Brooke, and steals her heart.

The drunkard dared Chance to kill him and if the jackass wanted to play this game, he was up for it. Nothing else to do. “I won’t mind killing you.” Chance eyed the bastard in front of him. “Question is, how would you feel about it?” Had he not taken a circuitous route to the apartment used when visiting the city, distraught whimpers would have gone unnoticed.
“You ain’t killing nobody here.” The stench of alcohol punctuated every word. “Crazy bitch won’t listen, but she’s mine.”
“What’s her name?”
“Shit, I call her lazy ass.”
The fool never saw Chance’s arm move, but eyes bulged from their sockets when claw-like fingers gripped his throat. “Give me her name.” The stranger’s mouth worked, lips opened, closed. Chance loosened his grip. “Her name.”
“Shasta,” the piece of shit croaked.
Releasing the man’s neck, he shoved him down into a pile of garbage beside an industrial trash container where his head bumped the brick wall. “Don’t move.” He lifted the puppy and removed the heavy choker. Christ. The animal had markings of a Doberman and she’d grow to be a beautiful dog. No more than two or three months old, she weighed all of twenty pounds and the bastard had kicked her around the alley as though she were a two hundred pound fighter. Settling the animal back on the pavement, Chance backed up a couple steps and told her, “Sit.” The puppy sat immediately. “Come, Shasta.” She stood and rushed over to him where she rubbed against his leg. After lifting the small creature, he buffed her head with his knuckles. He eyed the loser huddled in the trash pile. “Seems to listen fine, what’s your problem?”
“She won’t piss and I’m tired of waiting.”
“Kicking and choking her with this damn chain is unacceptable.” He hurled the heavy stainless steel links and popped the cretin over his eye, opening a quarter inch gash. Chance nuzzled the puppy before placing it back on the pavement. He waited patiently, and in a few minutes she scampered over, squatted by the dumpster, and peed. “Caring for young, whether human or animal, takes time and patience. You are void of either.”
He was tired of this bullshit, and nothing ever changed. Always some asshole in the world thought they had a right to harm another living creature. He needed to escape the dank alleyway. Chance turned, scooped up the puppy, and walked toward the main street. Must be at least one no-kill shelter in the area he lavished with donations or fully funded to give him control of the organization.
“Hey, bitch, give me my dog!”
This motherfucker had a death wish and he pushed Chance to grant it. He sat the pup down, patted its head. “Stay.” He flexed his hands as he made way to the dumpster. The man stood, feet spread wide, holding a broken bottle. Before reaching him, Chance came to a dead halt and sniffed. Wings whirred not far above.
The shrill call as it climbed back into the sky beckoned his creature to reveal itself, and, damn, he wanted to.
The hawk retreating overhead was female -- and an Immortal Redeemer.
“I’m gonna cut you.” The man came at a dead run.
Training his attention on the situation at hand, Chance sidestepped in a flash and the guy slammed headfirst into a trash can, dropping his makeshift weapon. Chance kicked the bottle away and gave him an opportunity to gather his senses before snatching him up and punching the bastard in the face. “I will come back here and kill your stupid ass if you ever attempt to have another living thing in your care.” He shook the jerk until his head lolled. “Do. You. Understand?”
“Please, mister, yes, I won’t.”
“Won’t what?”
“No more dogs.”
“You don’t get it yet.” He slammed a fist into the culprit’s stomach. “Nothing living, not even issue from your loins. Monsters like you can’t be trusted with a child.” He reached between the man’s legs and gave a hard twist to his nuts. “You understand me now?”
“I hear you. God, please let me go.”
“You sick son-of-a-bitches always call God when you’re in trouble.” Picking the man up, he carried him down the alley and threw him into the dumpster. Closing the lid, he latched it. Chance heard mumbling and sent a hard kick to the metal container’s side. “God’s busy, he sent me.”

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Growl and roar-it’s okay to let the beast out.-J. Hali Steele