Kitty Vignettes

Shade and Tricks having fun outside -
Jewel is still the queen of hunting -

Tricks is becoming quite the character -

It's a new year, Tricksy found the toilet paper! She's still a treasure though Night Shade would disagree. She terrorizes him daily! She's learned not to mess with the girls. They put her in her place in the household hierarchy quickly!
Today, I lost one of my best friends! The old guard is gone - Wolfdancer had cancer and I let go knowing he'd join HIS best friend, Lord Greystoke, on the other side. My heart is missing another piece -
Tricksy is settling in. I can't move without her underfoot, she watches what I write, she cuddles in Grey's old spot beside me every night, and she's damn cute to boot!

My tribute to the bestest cat ever, Lord Greystoke. His kidneys were shutting down and I had to let him go today. With him went a big piece of my heart. I HURT!

Wow! Haven't been here for a while! My two old men move so slow anymore... But they're here and happy. Rain off and on for the last two weeks put a dent in their outside activity so they spent lots of time in my lap. Ever try typing with 10 or 15 pounds on your thighs!

We're all older but still healthy!

New pics of my crew
Lord Greystoke rules the roost.

Jewel on the left has one beautiful eye. The other was removed years ago and she's still the best hunter.

Wolfdancer is winking at you. :)

Wolf's pretty green eyes don't show well in this pic but love his imperfect face.

Nightshade, my big black cat, refused to look at the camera. His yellow eyes are gorgeous. He is the brother Killa Kitty left behind. Took him a long time to get over her. I still haven't.

Little Squirrel  refuses to leave. Amber eyes just like her mother who I called Mommy. Pic of her below. Looks exactly like her mommy except she doesn't have as much fur!

Love 'em all and they all Growl and Roar!


Such a pretty black cat - Nightshade is becoming quite manageable and he is really a sweet devil when he wants to be! He doesn't have his sister, Shadow's, hunting prowess but then none of my male cats have ever hunted as well as the females of the house. :)


Killa Kitty, my beautiful Shadow, was laid to rest beneath a wild iris. She was an extraordinary huntress but she tangled with the wrong beast -- one named Mack (truck)! I didn't have the pleasure of her company for long because she was feral as shit and came and went as she pleased. Damn, I miss her jumping in the window behind my furbabies!! :(

Shadow was loved much anyway and I gave her two wonderful years!


Mommy who was at least ten finally went to a bigger cat house in the sky. She left me with a little kitty I call Squirrel because she managed to find a way in and out of the house! Needless to say, Squirrel was with kitten by the time I got my hands on her and both were stillborn. She's staying close to home and next week she goes in for spaying. I couldn't stand watching her go back and forth up and down basement steps to look in on the little creatures who had a better place to go and I know they'll make friends with others who preceded them. No telling why she left them after birth. She's a year old at least but she chose not to feed them for whatever reason. They looked okay and it was a sad event to say the least. She's beginning to go out again so a vet visit is imperative! RIP Mommy, I'll take care of your girl.

Fall Has Fell

It's getting cold but these dang furfriends still want an open door or window! Not going to happen again until next year, March maybe.

Update: MommieCakes still lives with me but she comes and goes as she pleases. I have been able to brush her and, gosh, she's pretty with those short legs of hers. *smile*

And I've been able to get all of the tangles cut away from Shadow Maker who gets a brushing practically everyday now that she sits in my lap.

All the kitties are enthralled with watching the deer visit the yard each morning to nibble at apples littering the ground beneath the Golden Delicious tree. Damn picky creatures -- they don't seem to like McIntosh apples at all!

Mommie's Story

First, let me say I've paid to spay and neuter at least six of her kittens and/or found them homes. I own a have a heart trap that she got caught half-in-half-out a few years back (her reaction time is the quickest I've ever seen as no other cat has come close to making it out before the trap closed.) She wouldn't go near the cage until two weeks ago when I had her but the Chesco SPCA wouldn't come get and/or spay her because my borough doesn't have a contract with them and I'm tapped out, damn it.

Ummm, Chester County SPCA, I've supported you by attending events over the years and I've donated hundreds of dollars to you that you will never, ever, ever, EVER see again!!!!!

But I digress.
Mommy (who really needs a name now)
She is Killa's mother and I call her Mommy. She has moved in. She's feral as feral can be but for the last two years she's allowed me to pet her - that's all. Can't pick her up or anything else. She snarls when I attempt anything else. She had Killa (Shadow) and her brother (Nightshade) last year and I paid to have them spayed/neutered the end of last year. There was a third kitten - she died on the table. In March of this year Mommy had one gray kitty. This little boy kept her hopping since there was no litter mate. He started coming to me, I've handled him a little each day, and will eventually pay to neuter him. Three weeks ago, Mommy, pregnant again, miscarried and came to my house a bloody mess. Unable to handle her, I kept an eye on her to make sure she was healing. She is well and feels safe here.

Since this 'happening' - she won't leave my house. No, I'm not putting her back out there!

This is a kitten that appeared out of nowhere about four
Mommy about 10 lbs standing by 20 lb Killa
years ago and was terribly shy and frightened of people yet she knew at my house she could get a good meal once a day. She's weathered four brutal winters and would not come inside no matter what. She cried outside for food and would disappear to God knows where. She's never had a childhood as within six months of first seeing her, she had her first litter. Mind you, I trapped over twelve cats in my neighborhood in the last eight years because we have no animal control. There's a new tom cat in the town who I've pleaded with the youngster who owns him to ask his parents to have him neutered to no avail. He terrorizes my brood regularly and is brutal with Mommy. Somehow she knows not to go out, stray far, or stay too long.

Mommy has began nursing the six month old kitten again and the two of them run around the house as if they were children.

What this story is really about is to see her have the childhood she should have had years ago makes me happy. Watching her throw a toy mouse into the air or chase a ball across the floor brings such joy.

This little woman with the most beautiful amber eyes and long, gray silky hair has a home and I hope one day she'll let me hold her...

Or she'll bite the shit out of me!

8/21/15 - So, summer is coming to an end and I think my furfriends are ready for cool weather, but not me - NOOOO! But for them, I'll suffer through I guess.

7/29/15 - Woo HOOO! I've managed to get quite a few tangles off and thank goodness. I love the fact Killa is a hairy beast and would hate to have to take her in for a hair cut. First reason being it would be traumatic as all hell for her as I'm the only human she's had contact with. She hightails it in the house if another person gets within twenty feet. I just love her lion's mane.

Now, to keep her still enough to get a few nice pics!

She growls and roars.

7/16/15 - Killa needs to be shaved! She still has such feral tendencies, I fear anyone attempting to do it will need to put her in 4 pt restraints or sedate her.

7/9/15 - Ohhh, the knots I've cut from Killa! And there are so many more. Bought a pet "shaver" but she is not standing for it at all. In fact, she reminded me with a glare in her eyes, "They call me feral for a reason, bitch."

She has very long fangs too!

She growls and roars.

7/2/15 - Killa and her kitty! Good Lord, they run all night long. Yes, the kitty has moved in--she vanishes when I open the door to boot her out at night. Sooo, last night she took up residence, damn it. Anyone want a cute little mousy gray kitten with amber eyes?

Please, please save me!!

She growls and roars.

6/23/15 - Killa is spayed but she has gone and found herself a baby!

New kitty in town ventures in and Killa chases her until she disappears into a space under the counter that's too small for her big butt to squeeze through anymore. She used to hide from me there when she was a few months old. Killa patiently waits until Mommy come's along and hisses her away so her baby can come out.

Uhh, anyone want a pretty little silver gray kitten? Come on, you know you do! :)

She growls and roars.

6/17/15 - I picked cherries today from a tree my dad planted, oh gosh, twenty years ago. I'm not sure! Anyway, I've lived in this house for fourteen years and this is the first time the birds haven't cleaned the tree out. Why now? Killa has set up camp under that tree! It provides plenty of shade and cool grass for her to hide out in. I've gotten a few "flying" gifties. (see way down below) 

Oh, yes, the cherries are sweet. They look like grape tomatoes.

Birds beware - leave my cherries alone!! :)

She growls and roars.

6/11/15 - My knee hurts, so I don't get to sit out with my furbabies and of course, they're in and out, which means I miss them. :(

Animals are damn smart and I could probably tell time by them--these cats come in around 2 every day and lay where it's cool! Killa spends a lot of time in the basement where it's very cool, poor baby is so damn furry and I just love her lions mane!

Anyhoo, that's it for the day. I'm going to prop my knee up.

She growls and roars.
6/5/15 11:05am - Everyone is sleep AGAIN! I just took a pill, so if you see jibberish show up on the computer, it's in my lap and, God knows, I'm not responsible for what my furbabies type, or my subconcious mind! Killa is snuggled by me, so all critters in the neighborhood are safe.

She growls and roars.
6/4/15 - I am not a photographer, in fact I hate taking pics! But sitting out having my coffee snapped a few of Killa and her mom.


6/3/15 6:30pm - Rain has kept the cats in, plus, it's been so cold I wouldn't have left window open for them anyway.

Killa is antsy watching birds flutter by.

She lovingly posted up on my lap and it gave me time to cut some tangles from her hair, which fortified my belief she wouldn't be a candidate for trimming. Unless she was put to sleep!

She growls and roars.

6/1/15 8am-ish AND I 've been up since 5!

I have a long standing issue with Killa's mother. Last year I attempted to trap her and damn trap closed on her and she wriggled free. Now, I've since set this trap off and on to catch her for spaying and all I get is one of my cats rattling the cage. So, needless to say, she's got a new kitten (I've only spied one) and when my furbabies go near, Mother gets awfully nasty. The only one she doesn't bother is Killa! Go figure, like mother, like daughter.

I managed to adopt out the litter before Killa and her brother, Nightshade. After having those two spayed and neutered, my local SPCA clipped their left ear and required I return them to where I trapped them. Behind my house! Hence, they've become family and I'm very attached, especially to Killa Kitty.

I digress.

The trap was set early this morning when I know Mommy skulks about and who's in it? Killa. She ate the food and then meowed to get out.

I need to trap the mother cat and get her in to be spayed. I'm open to suggestions? She is wily as heck. Mommy walks around the cage, eyes it, lays by it, but she hasn't tried to enter again - even for tuna!

I know, I know, I have to put my cats on lockdown so they stay out of it, but, alas, my children roam free and I'm loathe to do that when they enjoy being out so much.

I'll ponder this situation more and see what I can come up with.

She growls and roars.

5pm 5/30/15 - Haven't seen Killa for two hours, I no she's skulking around out there somewhere. The birds have all quieted so they're seeking relief from the afternoon sun.

Every year birds ravage my cherry tree - this year I might have a natural repellant and may get to pick some cherries!

Killa Kitty loves to relax in the grass under that tree.

She growls and roars.
They were all hot today and just lazed about. Especially Killa - she's so damn furry! Ahh, but she's a blessing in the winter when she cuddles. Does she shed? Sure, but she made me aware of that before I allowed her to adopt me. She is also very tolerant of my shedding. So we're okay.

I checked out a sight on cat haircuts and Catster had some interesting pics: 

I don't think a visit to the kitty salon is in the future. Heck she fought me when I cut a few tangles from her legs which means it would be a pretty traumatic thing for her.

No, Killa wouldn't like anything other than her original do!

She waits - and life goes on.

She growls and roars.

Dang, I believe I have aptly tagged Shadow with the correct nickname.

Killa Kitty is walking the floor searching for the bird I snatched from her and returned to the wild.

Allowing her to roam free, this kind of thing could occur - but everyday? Sheesh!

I should add, the bird flew away. :)

She waits--and life goes on.

She growls and roars.

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