Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Dogs Are Loose!

Shepherd’s Watch: Controlled

Harm Germaine is an alpha in training who embraces his ability to be man or dog. Meeting his mate, who happens to be human, gives him second thoughts about what he is and finding a way to tell her causes the always-in-control alpha to lose control.

Elle Naylor’s caught his scent and can’t get it or Harm out of her mind. Strong and stubborn, Elle knows she’s found the one man who can make her life complete.

A stray shepherd, a series of accidental mishaps, and Harm becomes sure of one thing: Elle loves dogs! But will she love him when she finds out that’s exactly what he is?

Hell wouldn’t have seemed like a bad proposition to the asshole lying in the stagnant, garbage-strewn water had he known he was dealing with monsters.
“Oh, God, please!” Boots scraped asphalt in the alley as the jerk tried to scoot away.
“Aww, hell no.” Looming over six feet tall, Court grabbed the miscreant’s shirt collar and shoved his face into the slimy puddle beside the dumpster. Straddling the bloodied man, he asked, “You did not just take the Lord’s name in vain?”
“Let him go, man.” Not only was Harm late checking in with a very important client, he was tired, hungry and cold. Changing, covering his body in fur, would solve the latter, but it was too late. Why did they have to run into this son-of-a-bitch manhandling his girlfriend? The woman silently huddled in the dimly lit corner of their apartment building. A few minutes earlier, a few later, this sordid situation would have gone unnoticed. “He’s a coward. I don’t think he’ll come back around here.” Harm strode over, took hold of the man and snatched him to his feet. “Am I right?”
“You can have the bitch, please, just let me go.”
“Jackass, you said one word too many.” Harm drew back and cold-cocked the bastard. Lifting him high, he told Court, “Open the dumpster. He can go out with tomorrow’s trash.” The unconscious body bumped loudly on the bottom where he’d be found in the morning by sanitation workers.
“Hey, stop, don’t put him in there!”
Turning in unison, the brothers gaped. Court spoke up. “Lady, your boyfriend was getting ready to seriously kick your ass.”
Belongings from her purse lay scattered on the pavement. Watching her stoop down to collect them, Harm’s head tilted quizzically. “Are you kidding?” She couldn’t possibly be upset at how they handled the creep.
“First off, he’s not my boyfriend. The dirty rotten sucker stole my wallet with my credit cards and money. It’s in his back pocket.” Straightening, she glared angrily in the direction of the trash container. “You arrived in time to prevent anything else.”
“Glad we could help.” Harm twisted toward Court. “Get the wallet.”
“You think I’m climbing into that stink hole?” Court’s hands dusted his still immaculate jacket, brushed at his pants and pinched the razor-sharp crease. “Brother, you’ve lost your goddamn mind.”
“Jesus Christ, get the wallet.”
“I’m not getting in there, Harm. No way.”
“Oh hell, both of you shut the fuck up.” Short legs ate up the distance from the wall to the dumpster. “And you’re both blasphemous idiots. Talk about taking the Lord’s name in vain. I’ll get it myself.”
Before Harm could move, she’d grabbed the container’s lip and hiked a luscious, petite body over the edge. His jaw dropped and he glared at Court. “She just jumped in the trash.”
“Good, because I wasn’t going in there.”
They spun toward the dumpster when they heard a loud smack. “Take my fucking wallet.” Another crack. “Teach your sorry ass some manners.”
Court chuckled. “Damn, she’s vicious. He’s lucky we came along.”
Harm stood rooted to the spot in disbelief. He liked this spitfire. His shepherd was on the prowl, pawing and panting. He liked her too! Sniffing loudly, he picked her scent from the stench wafting through the air. Sweet.
Thinking about getting to know her better caused his cock to swell and jerk in his pants. Slender fingers appeared on the edge and Harm took hold to help hoist the woman over the side. Feet had barely touched the ground before she pulled one hand free and pushed a wave of dark hair back. Lifting Harm’s other hand to her nose, she sniffed loudly. Fuck. Something a dog would do and the action yanked his cock to attention.
“His balls will hurt for a week.” Hearty male laughter bounced from the walls of the alley, putting a smug smile on her pretty face. “I was ready to kick his nuts to hell and back when you turned the corner.” Purse in hand, she walked away and glanced over her shoulder. It was as if Court didn’t exist when her eyes nailed Harm to the spot he stood in. “It’s good to know chivalry’s not dead.” She disappeared around the corner.
“What the fuck was that?” Court continued to laugh. “I believe she would have taken him out.”
Harm wanted to chase after her but his feet wouldn’t move. Watching her plump little ass twitch away stirred something raw and natural in his gut, causing his shepherd to react by immobilizing Harm in his path.
“Well I’ll be a son-of-a-bitch.” Court’s head fell back and he roared, laughing until he choked. “Your dog got you by the balls.”

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Three Hellacious Sons of...


Slip beyond the gates of Hell!
Hellacious is a series of 3 short, irreverent, erotic, and funny novellas about triplets, all sons of Satan, whom are restless and looking for love.

Hellacious 3-Firstborn

Hell is no place for a human…unless they’re dead!

Wicked Sathariel, the eldest son of Satan, has finally met his match, and at the oddest of times, she turns up in his head. Accustomed to having his father and siblings rummage through his mind, he can’t handle his woman seeing his hellacious thoughts. And when it becomes clear she’s heaven bound – all hell breaks loose!

Lori Thornton’s psychic ability is new, and never one to control her temper or her mouth, she often finds herself in bizarre predicaments. One such event is meeting Satan’s first-born and calling him a pretty boy. When his eyes fill with hellfire and he releases horns, talons, and the long, leathery, forked tail that swings treacherously toward her, Lori knows her life is about to spin deliciously out of control.

Find a free read from the series here:

“I -- you see, well… Damn it.” She was at a loss for words. Kinky jumped in her mind right beside ménage and all the crazy things she wanted to try with him. Who better than Satan’s son, right? After all, he couldn’t call her…
Oh, you are nasty, and I like it.
The chuckle he emitted rolled around and around in her head. It was nasty, and not something she wanted to divulge to the two women staring at her across the table.
Tell them you want me to smack that ass. Tell them you want to feel my devilish tongue in your pussy.
You know what? You tell them. She grinned, thinking herself safe sitting here with friends who had a tie to two of momma’s boys.
The stench of sulphur burned her nose and made her eyes water. She rubbed at them with a napkin, and when she looked up, there he was.
Pulling out the chair next to her, he sat down and stretched his long legs under the table where muscled thighs touched Lori’s. “Always good to see my brothers’ women.” His mischievous grin only improved his sex appeal.
Marcia waved him off. “Don’t start any shit, Wicked, I’ll call Slick.”
Wave nodded. “And Sly.”
“I’m wounded you think so little of me.” He turned his vibrant blue eyes on Lori. “Surely, you think better of me, lover?”
“I’m not your lover.” But, oh God, she wanted to be.
The room shook, rattling the glasses on the table. “You will be.”
Her cheeks grew warm, and she damn near whimpered when he flashed his charming smile in her direction.
“And I’ll do almost everything you want.” His hand touched her thigh beneath the table. “I’m sure you know not to use his name in the presence of any of us. Pops likes to be number one.”
“Go to hell.” Sweat dripped down Lori’s back.
“With you, any time.” He eased his hand between her legs. You’re wet.
The room and everyone in it stilled. Slick appeared behind Marci, and Sly plopped into the seat beside Wave. “I don’t know about Slick, but I’ll be damn if you’re going to terrorize my woman.”
“Slick, little brother, help me out here?”
“Hell no, Wick, Marci’s not comfortable with the way you’ve accosted her friend.”
Lori examined the fruity concoction in her glass, watching as condensation slipped down the side and formed a puddle on the table. It made her think of how a pearly drop might look easing over the crown of Wicked’s cock.
Look at me, damn it.
Her head snapped up.
Should I tell them about all your kinky fetishes, honey?
Wicked, please, don’t.
One night.
Then you’ll leave me alone?
He looked from one person to the other at the table before he spoke aloud. “After tonight, if Lori doesn’t want to be with me, I’ll leave her alone. Forever.”
The others at the table zeroed in on her and Marcia asked, “Lori, you okay with this?”
Unable to form words, she nodded. Wicked moved quietly in her psyche, mentally caressing her nipples. He kissed her neck and sucked her pulse until she couldn’t breathe. When she felt an imaginary finger slip into her vagina, she rocked forward on the chair. Please, not here.

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Three people desiring an immoral climax.


Three people desiring an immoral climax.

Every Sunday Jake Lester observes men in his congregation eye his fiancée, Dina Peters, when she walks to the front pew. One particular man, Carl Mercer, holds his attention. Jake envisions the black organist, pleasuring Dina, giving her something much larger than Jake ever could. Is it wrong to wish he could watch Carl touch and fill Dina, is it wrong to crave… Lord! Jake sported a hard-on so swollen it bumped the pulpit he hid behind as he preached the good word.

The righteous Reverend Jake Lester’s carnal yearnings didn’t lessen when he took his vows—they became stronger each time he denied them.

Could they each live out one fantasy…just one?

**Interracial ReligErotica ménage with first time Gay**

Available at All Romance Ebooks

The baby grand piano was his favorite and he would never forget the one he had a woman spread-eagled on tonight. Dina was a tiny thing compared to him and he couldn’t wait to jam every thick inch of hardness inside her. First, shoot his load while Rev’s hand worked him so fine. Fuck, this is hot! Every sense became ignited by having Jake watch him eat Dina out, and it would be even better knowing he watched when Carl slammed in and out of her cunt.
Coming up for air, Carl growled, “Stroke it, Jake, make me come.” Damn if the Rev wasn’t giving him the best hand job he had ever experienced, and believe it, many women, as well as Carl himself, had jacked him off. “You know how to pump my cock, man.”
The Rev’s hand worked double time, so did Carl’s tongue. Dina squirmed against his face, gave him everything. “Aww, yeah, sweetheart, give me more,” he mumbled against swollen nether lips banging his mouth. When she screamed his name, told him she was coming, Carl was ready too. Cream seeped from her as ropes of hot cum jetted from his dick splattering the floor. “Oh, shit…shit…shit,” he mumbled. “I want you flat on your back so I can climb all up in this.” Carl returned to licking her crease taking every drop. Standing straight, he said, “Bedroom and damn fast, Rev.”
“Yes.” Jake stalked across the room in front of him and up the wide staircase.
Carl carried Dina with her legs wrapped around his waist, her face buried in his neck. The room was spacious and the bed, which he’d helped move in and assemble, was big enough for four people. Plopping her in the middle of it, Carl twisted to look at Jake. “This,” he tugged his dick, “Needs to be harder. Jack me off some more, Rev.” Carl didn’t fully evaluate his situation yet and why he wanted Jake’s hand wrapped back around his prick.
“Watch me make him hard for you, Dina.” Jake didn’t hesitate handling Carl’s junk one bit which spoke volumes.
What other things could happen between the men to make them both feel good? The thought had him jutting his hips back and forth not wanting to lose contact with Jake’s fingers. Damn, it felt fucking unbelievable. Carl studied Dina’s blue eyes as they took in his penis growing to full erection under her man’s ministrations. It pleased him to no end when she shuddered. “You’ll get every inch, sweetheart, as soon as Jake gets it hard enough.” 

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Saturday, July 18, 2015

What's Wrong With Purple PRose?

Ask Richard E Rection and Peter Hard what they think about Purple P Rose from:


An irreverent poke into the world of Women’s Erotica.
Purple P Rose is a brash private investigator. Her latest case has her visiting the city’s seediest nightspot, the Mons Venus, with partner and boyfriend, Richard E Rection. Their new case is full of surprises -- especially when Dick “discovers” he’s bisexual.

They are both unaware there’s a new and slightly sinister being in town -- Peter Hard, a vampyre who enjoys the taste of women and men alike. He’s chosen Purple to be his. Ready to claim her, he uses his powers to coerce Dick to bring him in as a partner.

Their lives will never be the same again.

We kinda doubt yours will, either.

One point of view… from Screwed

It was the crack of dawn. Purple P. Rose woke up with a hairy one in her face -- Boyd’s ass. Shit, had she had too much to drink? She couldn’t think straight. Everything was askew -- even the view out of her ritzy loft’s window. The trees appeared to bow and wave at her as she listened to the shower run in her bathroom.
What the hell had happened last night? Something about the new guy. She looked back at Boyd, who still slept peacefully. Purp gazed across the park and tried to remember. She did have some memories intact -- the worst being her partner Dick. She thought he’d gone soft. Maybe not. She shook her head to clear the clouds of confusion.
Richard E. Rection was a real son of a bitch known as Dick to his friends. Purp found she’d rather have no one else back her up in a tight spot. He’d done that last night. Warmth crept down her thighs as she turned over the pictures in her mind of what she could remember. She’d seen a new side of Dick. Flashes came to her in living color.
They’d checked out the club Mons Venus, a cheap strip joint on the Westside, as planned. The girls there were known to go all the way with customers. So, needless to say, the place stayed full.
Every nut-sac in town turned up at Mons Venus. Purp and Dick had met there last night to interview a bartender involved in their latest case. It wasn’t their usual type of job, but she’d taken it for the money. Car repairs had left her flat broke, and it was the first of the month, which came too fast lately.
Her real problem -- so did Dick.
Now she remembered. He’d been the first to interview the bartender in question. Dick then disappeared with him to a room behind the stage.
After he’d left, Purp ordered her second gin and tonic. She’d decided to enjoy the show. The girl on stage had hair the color of a magnificent western sunset. The bush between her thighs carried the same flaming color. Red knew the pole she used intimately. Purp’s panties were soon full of morning dew. But it was nighttime and she wanted to be full of something else. A hefty dick, a sliver of tongue, it didn’t matter. Anything would do the job right now.
A tremor of premonition lanced through her. She studied the other patrons. As she looked around, her eyes lit on a dark corner table. Someone stared back at her from the table there. She could make out the outline of a body. Male. Smoke wafted around him, obscuring his face. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach, and her pussy clenched on itself. Who was he and why was he watching her? It wasn’t the first time she’d had the feeling lately. Shit, just what she needed -- the witchy stuff following her around.
Purp shook it off and felt her side for the gun holstered there. The wave of raw lust that slammed into her left her weak. Between her thighs, her cunt pulsed. She went through life horny, but what hit her now was hell.
Dick hadn’t returned, so Purp went to find him. What she found didn’t shock her. Not much did nowadays. She’d opened the door to the room where she heard thumping and bumping inside, and found him in a big wingback chair with his pants around his ankles and the bartender’s face buried between his muscular Adonis-like thighs. Purp had never seen Dick in this light. Hmm.
“Purp --”

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sex After Mass

Sex After Mass
Club Evolve #2

Discounted to FREE for a short time!

Bending rules lead to such hard things!
Lance Condroit made up his mind to do what he vowed never to do again. He overheard a conversation between two men outside the rectory about club Evolve and tonight he would see it for himself. Lance reached the upscale men’s club, removed his hard, white collar, and placed it in his jacket pocket. Entering the door, he was quick to blend into the crowd in search of a little piece of Heaven right here on earth.
Male/Male ReligErotica

Read Excerpt by visiting the Club Evolve tab.

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Remember your bodies crushing together—remember your first grind?

Tonight Raider craved someone to assuage the ache in his loins and Blaze St. John certainly fit the bill.

Raider Ridgeway saw the gorgeous man enter the bar and figured what the hell. One night with the stranger would help him unwind before he left for a scheduled shoot in Las Vegas. It had been long enough, and as his assistant so eloquently put it—he needed to get laid. Five months of non-stop, globe-hopping photo shoots and whacking off had left him with a sore dick as well as raw nerves.

Normally, he’d spend a couple hours at the bar, occasionally he would talk to someone getting to know a little about him, but then he left alone. That wasn’t the case tonight. Raider had something special in mind, something he hadn’t done in months that didn’t involve leaving the parking lot unless he wanted to.

What Raider didn’t count on after leaving Blaze standing alone in the dark lot was his inability to forget the man and it went from bad to worse when he looked up from a hand of poker and spied the pretty white man watching him from across the room.

Free – PICTURE THAT under the Free Read tab.

Reaching the lobby he headed straight for the jewelry store where he found Davis supervising the clean up and packing of Ridgeway Corporation supplies.
“Raider, Matthew insists you join him and a guest for dinner after you wrap up tonight.”
“Yeah, yeah, where’s B. S. John?”
“You mean Blaze?” His assistant squinted. “Did you need something?”
“Is he here, or not, goddamn it?” Heads swiveled in their direction.
“Keep your voice down.” Davis peered around. “You’re not in the streets of God knows where, Raider.” He feigned straightening his tie. “What is the matter?”
Sweeping hands over his face, he breathed deeply, and then expelled the air. “I need to find him.”
So as not to upset Davis’ insistence on decorum, Raider whispered, which still came out in a low growl. “Stop gaping like a jackass and answer me.”
“He changed and left with a friend of Matthew’s from the gold refining company.”
“Muscular build, dark hair?”
“Yes, handsome older man. I believe Blaze said they were going to have a late lunch in his room.”
“Thanks.” Raider pivoted and raced back out the door heading for the concierge desk where, once he arrived, he demanded Blaze’s room number.
“Sir, if you wait one moment, we’ll call Mr. St. John.”
“Give me the number.”
“That’s against policy, if you wait right here…”
“Fuck you, where’s Terry?” He had played poker with the head concierge for years.
The employee picked up the phone and spoke quietly into the mouthpiece before telling Raider, “He’ll be right out, sir.”
Jesusfuckingchrist, you’d think he tried to gain entrance to the vaults at Fort Knox.
“Ridgeway. Missed you the last time you graced us with your presence.”
“Terry, I need the room number of one of my models.”
“No problem, who?”
“Blaze St. John… Wait, B. S. John is probably how it’s reserved.”
Terry logged onto the computer and within seconds, Raider had what he wanted. “I owe you one.”
“I’ll catch you at the poker tables tonight.”
“Sounds like a plan.” Raider yelled over his shoulder on the way to the nearest elevator. They all went to the twenty-fourth floor and it didn’t take long to find the room he looked for. Catching his breath, he knocked briskly. Nothing. Bang! Bang!  Still nothing. Pounding the door, he yelled, “Blaze?” A couple walked by and peered at him strangely. “What are you looking at?” Fear lit their eyes and they scurried away, bringing Raider to his senses. What am I doing?
Leaning against the door, he sucked drafts of air into his lungs. Highly unlikely a friend of Matthew’s would be stupid enough to do something crazy. Raider walked away, laughing nervously. “Like I just did.” Okay, he’d slipped off the deep end for a minute and thank God, no one who knew him witnessed his decent into crazy land.

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Club Evolve - Open the Door!

Three stories that will have you turning up the air!


At club Evolve there are no closed doors.
These guys want their men soft, consenting, and ready when they are!
So come in and feel the heat.

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Philadelphia Love, an interracial Club Evolve Brief is FREE in celebration of marriage equality.
Philadelphia Love
We are rarely proud when we are alone.--Voltaire
Cooper Lawson disliked parades and fanfare, particularly all the noise both carried with them. However, it was the fiftieth anniversary of the LGBT Civil Rights Movement in Philadelphia and his city was jam packed for Independence Day weekend, but the one face he would look for in the crowd would not be there. Elliot Binder had had enough of Coop and his indecision to last a lifetime. Oh, well.
Interracial Male/Male Brief

Other Books in Series:
Fix Me
One night more was one too many.
Zedidiah Mandrake lived for one-night stands. Screw them and leave them is his motto and it worked until he took Kerr Carmichael home. Handsome as hell and vulnerable, Kerr wore his heart on his sleeve. Zed knew in a matter of time he’d hurt him and he made it very clear he was not relationship material. Kerr played it cool; however, Zed went after him with vengeance each time he yearned to touch him, have Kerr in a way Zed wanted no one else to enjoy. Those times grew closer and closer together. Still, Zed warned Kerr—you can’t fix me.
Male/Male Romance

Sex After Mass
Bending rules lead to such hard things!
Lance Condroit made up his mind to do what he vowed never to do again. He overheard a conversation between two men outside the rectory about club Evolve and tonight he would see it for himself. Lance reached the upscale men’s club, removed his hard, white collar, and placed it in his jacket pocket. Entering the door, he was quick to blend into the crowd in search of a little piece of Heaven right here on earth.
Male/Male Erotica

Boy is Pretty
How do you give back what you asked for?
Pierce James asked a friend to introduce him to Sanders Cain but he didn’t ask to be belittled by the prissy bastard. Nor was he interested in having his old college roommate’s leftovers, and if it meant curtailing his visits to club Evolve—so be it. Somewhere in Los Angeles is another place he can seek what he desires…
Male/Male Romance

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Club Evolve

Three stories that will have you turning up the air.


At club Evolve there are no closed doors.
These guys want their men soft, consenting, and ready when they are!
So come in and feel the heat.

Available at All Romance Ebooks

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Look for PHILADELPHIA LOVE coming Friday 7/3/15 FREE in celebration of marriage equality and LGBT 50th anniversary festivities taking place in Philly during Independence Day weekend.

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