Thursday, October 23, 2014

Halloween Wars and More

Brooke Elliott, where are you? I’ll explain this later.

I enjoy watching this show, particularly the pumpkin carvers. Dang, they work hard! The cake and candy is super important to bring their creations together but—no pumpkin, no contest, right? This year’s got Ray Brown, team Malicious Intent; Danny Kissel, team Spooktacular; Jon Neill (who lost in episode 3 last year), team Corpse Crushers; Jonathan Barwood, team Dead Reckoning; and Bob Lombardi (who’s been here before) team Sweet Nightmares.

The first episode was The Haunted Farm where the Corpse Crushers came out strong and won. Malicious Intent was frightened off!

Episode 2 was Don’t Go Into The Forest. Team Dead Reckoning came out alive with a big win but team Spooktacular vanished!

Next up was Mummies vs. Werewolves and I couldn’t wait to see what happened on this episode which was howling good (couldn’t resist!) The Corpse Crushers crushed (and they just keep coming, lol) the competition with their mummy killing a werewolf. The piece was fantastic!! Sweet Nightmares also slipped into the finals. I must say I’m a Jon Neill fan and to see him make it to the finals this year is super.

The finale will be Haunted Carnival. Fun FUN! Don’t ruin it for me because I have to do catch up since I work the whole weekend!

The creations are fabulously creepy and scary, the cake and sugar work just awesome. And then there are those little treats each team ties into their display for the judges to sample.
Previous Winner
Justin Willman, Hosts this show (as well as Cupcake Wars) and his team of judges and guest judges this year: Brian Kinney, Horror Movie makeup and Shinmin Li, pastry/handcrafted cakes.
Guest judges: Naomi Grossman, Pepper from American Horror Story/Asylum; Episode 2 has Adi Shankar, Horror Movie producer; Episode 3 Francia Raisa from The Secret Life of the American Teenager; finally Episode 4 will have Lew Temple of The Walking Dead

Now to find someone to recreate this yummy little treat for me—OH BROOKE! Check out this chewy salted caramel and hazelnut ganache bon bon thingy. Brooke Elliott is cupcake baker extraordinaire. I’d put her up against anyone in the northeast, no, the whole damn east coast! Wait, maybe I should widen that territory. Alas, I keep threatening to submit her for the Cupcake Wars (are you hearing me Justin Willman?) but she has this thing about caring for people (smile) because she’s a damn fine nurse. I’d put her up against…oh well, that’s another story. Anyway, her strawberry with the fresh berries, mmm, and then there’s her lemon and blueberry filled cupcakes (again with the fresh fruit) which are to die for delicious—YUM. Then there was the savory cupcake laced with red pepper made just for me. To date, she brushes me off. One day…one day

J Hali Steele

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