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PLAYED FOR PAY (Brief Knights 1)

#lgbtq, #gay, #maydecember, #gayromance, #fetish 

A young escort, an older man, and a pair of red silk underwear!

“I’m paid to escort. Nothing more. Anything extra is my choice and if it does happen—he will pay for it.”

Banyon Jameson loves his lifestyle. He likes money, makes lots of it as an escort, and he enjoys time with a variety of men in beautiful places. Ban, twenty-six, prides himself on being manipulative with an ability to talk his way out of most situations, especially those involving sex.

“I’m willing to pay my escort for ‘extra’ services, but it’d be a big mistake to fall for this pretty bastard wearing red silk panties.”

Stanton Kavanaugh, late forties, extremely wealthy, and told he’s handsome. Those very close know he’s gay, Stanton just doesn’t advertise it to the world. None have knowledge of his predilection for young, beautiful men. Single, eligible, he pays for companionship to ease loneliness engulfing his life and it works until Banyon Jameson answers his phone call to Brief Knights.

A young escort, an older man, and a pair of red silk underwear!

A standalone MM/May-December Romance, an HEA, no cliffhanger, includes lacy underwear, sex, and strong language with cursing.


Two hot men, grim reaper, an archangel who is—nasty!
#gayromance, #paranormal, #religerotica

A tree is bought and decorated but this ISN'T a Christmas story--it's more, much more!

A near collision sidetracks two lives.

Cristophe Kingston hasn’t dated since… Okay, it’s been months. Hands in his pockets, he watches an endless line of revelers enter a club he frequents. Something, an odd chill, forces Crist to hurry away and he carelessly lurches into traffic.

Already late for a deadly assignation, Lex Torcher figures what the hell—a perfect diversion. Too many years on earth has Torch craving human touch. The stranger who steps in front of his bike will surely have gentle, soft hands, hands capable of performing what others never do. Torch’s momentary distraction, his brief interlude, pits him against his boss culminating in an all-out battle for Crist as Torch’s employer is none other than—the Grim Reaper, an unpredictable and greedy monster!

“What are you protecting me from?”
“Here, nothing.”
“I’m capable of taking care of myself.” He gazed at Torch. Lord knows it’s not what should be on his mind but the beast enticed him, raised a carnal hunger he did not want to deny.
“I’m not an animal, Crist. I don’t turn into one. I enjoy various supernatural powers and I’m immortal. My kind, have lived among yours forever. I find the word beast off putting.”
“Then I won’t think it again.” Would be sweet to have him for one night. Hope you got that. “Why should I stay?”
“I got it.” Torch smiled. “Stay because I want you.”
“Understand something, Crist. Walk through my door and I will take everything.”



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A soul hangs in the balance!

The only one of his kind, Deacon recalls thousands of years existing yet he has no memory of why. He can’t profess to living in seclusion because he greedily pursues pleasure in arms of so many men, he never lacks companionship. All those arms, lips, and asses, none feed his true desire. Deacon yearns for someone to make in his own image by introducing them to a hunger so vile, they will detest him forever.

Father Merck Hallowell stands at a crossroad of conscience and faith. His convictions, no longer satisfying, leave him searching for reasons to persevere. Befriending a handsome but strange parishioner opens a doorway Merck longs to enter and explore. Discovering Deacon’s secret, he realizes not only his life hangs in balance—so does his soul!


Life is complicated, it’s loud, death arrives silently. – J. Hali Steele (from Twice the Burn)


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