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Me, You, and…WHO!
Holiday Blues

Pennington Seevers couldn’t believe he had picked the same all-inclusive island holiday get-away that the very woman he wanted to escape also chose. His partner, best friend, and lover, Rory Burton, was along for the trip and seemed to find the situation to his liking. Penn and Rory enjoyed sex together, but Rory insisted Penn was attracted to the woman, and if he told her, they could possibly experience the best holiday ever for a few blissful weeks in the sun.

Headley Etta Xavier was going on vacation, her first in three years, and she meant to make the most of it. The exclusive resort advertized adults only and Hex hoped everyone observed the what-happens-in-stays-in way of thinking. Working with two of the hottest men in the city, in love with one of them, kept her horny. Getting involved with either could mean an end to Hex’s job so she planned to exorcise both while away by hooking up with a stranger to ease her frustration. Hell, if her plan worked, it could be a wonderful holiday.

A holiday to remember or a case of holiday blues -- which way would it go?

**Ménage with Male/Male/Female**


Straightening her dress, the voices, very quiet, reminded her of someone close to two thousand miles away. Closing her eyes she let the vision of Penn bloom in her mind, she imagined how his fingers would feel inside her, touching, teasing, and bringing her to climax. Her head lolled back, “Damn him,” Hex sighed. She was so tired.
“You may as well come in.”
Pennington Seevers’ voice had followed her half way around the world. Oh. My. God! Realizing the voice was real, Hex jumped banging her head on the tree and stars danced behind her eyelids. Her knees melted.
Pennington Seevers. What in hell was he doing in Antigua?
“Are you okay?” And, good Lord, Rory Burton.
“Uhh, I…I…bumped my head.”
“Come on.” Rory had her by the arm, led her in the door. “Penn, get some water, she must have had a nasty bump.” He lead Hex to the sofa.
A little dizzy, she noticed both men wrapped in towels, Penn leaned, arms crossed, nonchalantly against the kitchen door frame. “Yeah, trees down here jump right out and pop you.”
“Stop, Penn, she doesn’t need your crap right now.”
How the hell long had she stood there. Shit, she must have dozed off daydreaming about the man. About the very same man she heard earlier in the throes of sex with another…man! Well, not just any man, but Rory Burton!
Every sense operated on overload. Colors were brighter, voices clearer, and there was no mistaking what went on here. “I didn’t mean to intrude, really, I’m fine, I’m guest cabin three, I can get there by myself.”
Hex attempted to get up. Penn shoved a glass of water in her hand. “What stopped you from getting there before?” Blue eyes were stormy gray. “See anything you liked?”
“Penn!” Rory scolded.
Hex trembled, “I’ve said I was sorry, I didn’t mean to…” To what? And, yes, she meant to watch, and though she was shocked at finding them here, a little shocked at what she witnessed, Hex was sad they had to hide behind droves of women to escape what they were. “I didn’t know.”
“Know what?” Penn still had his hand wrapped around hers holding the glass. The lines around his mouth deepened. “Know what, Hex?”
“You’re gay.” There, she said it. “I saw…I watched you.”
“Did it turn you on?”
It turned her on, and oddly enough, it made her want Penn more. He was loving with Rory, so wonderfully sweet…Stop! Where would this get her? She wasn’t exactly Pennington Seevers’ cup of tea. She glanced at Rory, wondered how he survived the stories and bullshit at the office. Hex’s heart went out to him for more reasons than one. She liked Rory, wouldn’t want to see him hurt, but given the right situation, like a job at a different company, she’d have slept with Penn too, done anything to have and hold him.
“Penn…” Rory sat in a chair across from the sofa.
She couldn’t keep her free hand from going to her chest, yet stilling her nerves became impossible with him holding her hand, pressing it against the cool glass.
He leaned down, whispered, “Did it excite you, Hex?” He pulled the glass from her hand, sat it on the table and pivoted back to her. “Come here.” He pulled her up, wrapped an arm around her waist, and kissed her hard. His tongue pried lips apart, stole into her mouth – and set her soul on fire.
It would be futile to hide what she felt at this point. “Damn you, yes, you’ve always excited me, Penn, watching you with Rory tonight made me come!” What must Rory think of her, what went through his mind listening to this charade? “Are you satisfied?” His left eye ticked, and for a brief moment, Hex thought surprise flashed there. Impossible.
He grabbed her right hand, drew it to his nose and sniffed. “You want me?”
Bastard knew she was right-handed, and God, Hex wanted him. But what to say to Penn knowing what she did? Hot breath brushed her face. “You don’t have to pretend with me. What I saw was beautiful, and I understand.”
“Pretend?” A brow hitched up. “I have nothing to hide, and honey, there is no pretense here.” His lips feathered kisses over her eyes down her cheeks, his tongue scorched a fiery path all the way to her shoulder where thin straps held her cotton dress. Hex felt his teeth pull the material, tear it from the seam. She didn’t want it to stop, did nothing to stop it. “I’ve wanted you since the first day I saw you and, Jesus, I can’t believe after one kiss, I kept wanting you.” He smashed her lips under his again, their tongues warred, and no matter what Rory saw or thought, Hex couldn’t keep from responding. Easing her back, he moved to the other strap, ripped it, let the dress fall into a puddle at her feet. A cool breeze swept across hardened nipples. “I’ve wanted to hold you, love you, and be with you every fucking minute of every day. You haunt my dreams.” Penn bent and licked her lips. “You make my dick hard.”
Hex forgot how to breathe. She managed to whisper, “What?” This was a cruel joke, a bad dream. “Why are you torturing me?” It was a senseless thing to do to her, to Rory.
“I put your face on every woman I slept with for damn near two years.” Now his hands gripped her hips. “It was always your pussy I thrust in when I fucked theirs.”
“You’re a mean, sadistic bastard.”
Caution filled Rory’s voice, “Stop it, Penn, or tell her.”
“Tell me what?” She leaned, tried to see Rory’s face. Hex still didn’t understand what Penn played at.
Rory’s nervous laughter sounded weird out of place, but so did everything. “Penn’s doing the best he can to say…”
“Shut up, Rory.”
“Fine, do it your way.”
“Please stop this, Penn.”
“If you heard a single story about me with a woman in the last five or six months, it was a lie.” His hold tightened. “I finally realized they would never be you.” His lips covered hers again, his tongue lashed her mouth, stole her breath. “There is another part to my life that is no one’s business but I make no pretense about it.” He glanced at Rory.
Hex couldn’t stand the raw pain in his stark stare. “Penn, you don’t have to…”
“Now it’s your business, Hex.” Blue eyes smoldered. “I’m bi-sexual, I love ramming my cock in Rory’s ass, I love tasting every part of him, and there are times I crave his dick in my mouth, my ass.” He gripped her chin, forced Hex to see him. “I want you more than anything in this world, but only if you understand, I need Rory as badly as I need you.” He released her, stepped back. “If you can’t take me like that, pull your dress up, and walk out that door.”




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Releases today! Hope you caught my interview with Chance who you can meet in UNFORGIVABLE, his story will be told in UNREDEEMABLE, and guess what...signed contract this morning for UNHINGED!

Here's a bit about Rand and Nola from UNFORGIVABLE:

One careless shot in the dark, and their lives collided.

Nola Lester finally had enough of life in the city’s fast lane. She needed to get away, get back to her roots, but tending a wounded hunter whose controlling and charismatic personality triggered strange desires threatened Nola’s plans. Perhaps changing her agenda may not be such a bad idea.

Rand Mitchell anticipated relaxing in the secluded mountains he felt drawn to year after year. There would be no rescuing animals or hunting humans, just peace and quiet while searching for clues to explain the mystery of who he is. Instead, Rand found himself ensnared by a sharp-tongued spitfire more than willing to provide a diversion.

Neither of them knew what a deadly creature she held in the palm of her hand.

Unhappiness tightened his jaw, creased his forehead. Nola had seen him angry, being a smartass, and God, the look on his face when he made love… Shit, only sex she told him. It was more, much more, but she would never tell him because Rand wasn’t the kind to settle down. She got the feeling only a little of his time was spent here or surely she would have run into him. The need to give him whatever solace she could for however long became overwhelming. She reached over and brushed his cheek with her fingers. “Sound like wonderful people.”



“I can’t stand it when you touch me.”

She snatched her hand away, folded it in her lap.

“No, no.” Rand grabbed it back, drew fingers to his mouth and sucked them one at a time. “I meant when you touch me it makes me hotter than hell. Feel this.” He moved her hand to the crotch of his jeans where he manipulated her fingers to squeeze and rub his growing hardness.

Nola’s toes tingled with excitement. “You said…”

“…it wouldn’t happen again.” He ripped the sheet away. “Don’t hide from me.” Dragging her over to straddle his lap, Rand kissed her lips softly before peering at her. “Just sex, right? Lean back.” He let her butt slip between his thighs onto the mattress and he got on his knees between her legs. “One more time.”

* * *

Hope you enjoyed the excerpt!

Growl and roar-it’s okay to let the beast out.-J. Hali Steele