Tuesday, November 24, 2009

She's Back!

And looking better than ever.

SCREWED AGAIN releases December 4th from Changeling Press. In the meantime, ogle Purple P Rose on the cover, artwork by Sahara Kelly. Awesome job!

Purple P. Rose and Peter Hard are back in another erotic bi-sexual romp.

Purp’s partner, and used-to-be boyfriend, Richard E. Rection, is missing. New partner and lover, Peter Hard, the local vampyre enclave’s king, believes he knows the culprit responsible. Purp and Peter are hot on the heels of the vamp that has Dick, and he may be rogue.

Searching for her old lover, Peter lets Purple live a little in his lusty world. He doesn’t want to tell her Dick may just be having the time of his life and the vampyre who wooed him away may be filling more than Dick’s nights with the delights of a lifetime.

Peter will return him—if Purple wants him back.

Contest information will be announced next Monday, so stay tuned.

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out.-© J. Hali Steele

Friday, November 20, 2009

Welcome Liena Ferror

I’d like to welcome author Liena Ferror to A Sovereign Spot today and thank you for taking the time to talk to me.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

First of all, thank you for having me here today, J. I currently live in South Central Pennsylvania with my wonderfully supportive husband and beautiful daughter. My son is currently serving in the U.S. Navy. My home is a small zoo with five cats, one dog, one bird, and some fish. When I’m not writing, I’m reading, making jewelry, or spending time with my family.

How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing seriously for two and half years now. Prior to that, I had my nose constantly buried in a book. My husband made an off-handed comment about the fact I read so much I could probably write a book. After many starts and stops, Queen of the Ghost Drakon, the first in The Risen series, is being released today.

Tell us a little about your favorite character.

I can’t honestly say I have a favorite character. I try to create my characters with traits that I myself would like to see in a person. Strength, compassion, etc…But I try to make my heroes as hot as possible. Hot enough to singe their female companions. They are stubborn and hardheaded lycans and vampires while my heroines are demons, vampires, lycans and a little bit of dragon and fae mixed in.

Who inspired or inspires you the most?

Prior to beginning my writing career I read Nora Roberts, J.D. Robb, Sherrilyn Kenyon and Christine Feehan to name a few. I also like a good suspense or action/adventure by authors like Clive Cussler and Dan Brown. I’ve read so many books by so many authors that they’ve all influenced me in one way or another to create a style all my own.

Are there any genres you’d like to try writing in?

I would love to write a romantic suspense in the future. I don’t see myself writing like a Dan Brown or Clive Cussler so I’d stick to the romantic side of things and venture out from that genre into different sub-genres.

Are you working on anything new?

Right now, I’m working on the third book in The Risen Series. It’s another paranormal shifter romance dealing with two very different people who have to come to terms with the fact that they are mates. The story tells of their trial as a newly mated couple and the two different worlds they come from.

When you’re not writing, what are some of your favorite things to do?

I love to read. When my nose isn’t buried in the pages of a book or I’m not reading an e-book, I like to make jewelry. I find it very hands-on and relaxing. Otherwise, I’m doing something with my family, be it watching TV or going out and about.

Just for fun, tell us:

What’s your favorite vacation spot?

I can’t honestly say I’ve taken very many vacations. I’m a homebody. I did go to Boston and loved the city and the accents!

If you could own any car you wanted what would it be?

The new Dodge Challenger. There is just something about the car that I love. I certainly wouldn’t kick it out of my driveway.

If you could do it all over again, is there anything you’d change about your life?

No. I like the way my life has turned out though it wasn’t always a smooth road. I’m happily married and have two wonderful children. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Thanks for sharing those interesting facts. Now, tell us about your book.

Here’s a Blurb:
A vampire’s ultimate fatal attraction is the essence of a ghost…

Innocent to the paranormal world and innocent to the world of men, Keara McCabe finds herself caught in a century's old battle between renegade vampires and lycans after witnessing the murder of her friend at the fangs of an immortal bloodsucker. On the other hand, the vampire barely sips her blood and dies. From that moment forward, she becomes wanted dead or alive. The vampires want her destroyed for the danger she is, the lycans want her as a weapon against all vampires.

Lycan Gannon Langon vows to protect her from both her enemies. But its in her arms that he finds innocence and fire, tentativeness and passion. As their desire ignites, the enemy implements a deadly plan.

Will Keara and Gannon survive to explore their new love together or will that love be destroyed?

How can readers get your book?

My book can be purchased from http://www.eirelander-publishing.com/ as of today. Please stop by the website and purchase Queen of the Ghost Drakon if you like erotic paranormal shifter romances.

You can read an excerpt HERE.

Hey folks, I was able to get a few more tidbits of interesting information out of Liena:

What’s your favorite food?
I haven’t met very much I haven’t liked except liver. Yuck!

Where would you like to live if you had a choice?
Bozeman, MT or Boise, ID. Somewhere where everyone’s not on top of their neighbor.
What’s your favorite color?
Blue in any shade. Just love it! (So I did all the question's in blue in honor of having Liena here today!)

Who’s your favorite actor/TV show?
Right now, I’m hooked on Bones so I’d have to say David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel.
I know how busy an author’s life can be and I appreciate you taking time out of your schedule to join me.

Remember: Growl and roar-it’s okay to let the beast out. - © J. Hali Steele

Monday, November 9, 2009

Mad, MAD! World

The season is over for MAD MEN. What will I do on Sunday nights now? Do they ever think of that, and why can't the shows just go on and on?


YAY! Maybe Betts will get her lame ass on the road, off the show, and be gone for good! Sure, Don (or Dick) lied to her about who he was, sure, he cheated on her (and he was wrong as two left feet and he'll have to pay for it) But she's a pain-in-the-ass, creepy, sneaky mainline cry baby. I'm in no way excusing what he did, IMHO, there is just no chemistry between those two at all. The politician deserves her, he's creepy too. I mean, he talks to his daughter about feelings he has for a married woman for crying out loud! Christ. He almost makes Don look like a saint.

And what the hell is up with Peggy?!? Enough said there. Wish she'd get on the plane with Betts.

Peter, hmm, I like him, then I don't. The last episode ended with me liking him because like Roger says "you'll do what it takes". He's got heart and maybe if he'd stuck with Peggy - then I might have liked her better. That would have provided some spark to their lives, and the show. But, who am I, right?

Don (Jon Hamm) is hot. But you know what? That silver-haired, smooth talking, sarcastic-as-hell Roger is sexy HAWT! Don't ask me why. Maybe it's the hair? But, dayam. Lord knows I want to see him get an HEA. Don, hopefully he will too, but he's got a length of bad road yet to atone for his dallying around. Watch Roger smile at Peter's boldness in this clip. WHEW! And watch Peter in this clip, yeah, I'm liking him, and damn if Trudy doesn't show some promise here. I was worried she was following Bett's path to unhappy housewifery - NOT!

More news...YAY! Joanie is BACCKKK! She's one of my favorite characters. I know her husband went off somewhere so that he could play at being a surgeon (the army I think). I should know, but whenever he's on the screen, I go do something else. I'll probably catch up with where he is On Demand.

Now, I know her and Roger had a thing, and believe me, I think he's going to have problems with the new wife. Do I want to see him and Joanie go another couple rounds? I don't think so. Plus, both are married. My thought is get their spouses on the plane to Vegas with Betts and the politician (hopefully, Peggy will go along for the ride.) Here's where it gets tricky: Don would be single, Joanie will be single, and so will Roger, if they follow my plan.

Talk about sparks flying in that hotel room, come office. Boy, I can't wait until next year.

PS: A workplace where you can smoke - now that's the life!

In the meantime: Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out.-© J. Hali Steele

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Final Edit

For Rhythm of Love is completed and in my EC editor's hands.

I've been working on Book 2 in the Angels in Love series and it's going surprisingly well. I've promised myself to start nothing new, not to work on the 4 WIPs I have - this is Uri's time. He's been patient and took a lot of crap from Ram.

I listen to music and often hit on a piece that reminds me of the character/story I'm working on. Today I found Uriel's song. As The World Falls Down by David Bowie from Labyrinth is PERFECT for this angel. He's hurting because he can't have the one love he wants. But he'll be there for her as the world falls down... See it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VppuD1St8Ec

Now, to find Morta would be a big step in continuing to move forward smoothly. She's a tough cookie. I knew I shouldn't have made her so strong... *grins* This has not been an easy heroine for me. Trust me though, unlike in the past - I can't kill her damn it. She needs to be a part of the story. And I have a feeling the next lady is going to be even worse...hell and damnation.

I'm looking to complete this story by mid November.

So, until then check out my website at http://www.angelsinlove.net/ or http://www.jhalisteele.com/ to see what else is in store for you. And maybe pick up one of those wicked wild, bloodlusting cats.

Remember: Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out.-J. Hali Steele