Friday, January 9, 2015

Dirty Rotten Vampires

Dirty Rotten Vampires 2
Love Me Madly

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With one undead and the other full of fire, they have two choices -- fight dirty and love madly.

Split (Sophronius) Kryder doesn’t enjoy hunting demon-mixed vampires -- hell, his daughter is one. Drawn back into the battle for vampire supremacy, he needs a new partner. The council tossed the name Tang into the pot so Split figures the vamp must be good. Turns out Tang Odette has curves and legs that go on, and on. A maddening inferno of desire ensues, wreaking havoc on his world, and to possess her Split plans to fight dirty… and win.

The new slayer assigned to Tangerine Odette is an ancient, chauvinistic, and cold-ass vampire she plans to ditch immediately. His superior attitude drives her crazy. Doesn’t help any that each time she’s near him her body heats up more than a pit in hell. Maybe if she gives the old jackass a taste of what he pines for, he’ll whimper away into a corner and leave her to fight.

“I should still rip your heart out for touching her.” Considering everything, the night had passed quietly.
“Zef, I couldn’t help it.” Split glared at the man across the bar. “You fared no better with her mother. Their heat, the delicious scent, shit, I grew tired of feeling cold and lonely.”
“I loved her mother until the day Satan snatched life from her.”
Seeing the sadness in his eyes, understanding the pain, Split sympathized. “I know the sorrow you suffer.”
“We cannot allow the council to continue these horrid experiments, and possessing Avista’s potions, they can possibly change them to be…”
“The dirty, rotten vampires we are.” Split had hunted rogues with Vig and Zef, exchanging blood a myriad of times permitting him a glimpse of the older vamps mind.
“Or continuing being undead depending on how you look at it,” He studied Split hard. “If I didn’t know your mind, I’d still kill you.”
“A, stay out of my head or I will smack you down. B, you know nothing about what I feel.”
“I hadn’t expected such anger.”
“She’ll calm down.”
“Will they both be safe with Vigier?”
“Well, I know one of them will. Did you see how he looked at Kiwi?” Shaking his head, Split chuckled. “Zef, what the hell is up with the names?” Not that he didn’t love the sound of Tangerine playing through his mind, but Split was curious.
“Their mother rarely came above and when she did she craved exotic fruits.” Zef wrinkled his nose. “Imagine calling them Pomegranate or Carambola.”
“At least Vig is with us.”
“I was not sure initially.”
Swallowing the liquor in one shot warmed Split, bringing to mind the fire he’d found between Tang’s thighs.
“Jesus, Split!”
“Hell, I’m sorry.”
“About what?” Ringer had popped into the room. “Never mind, I hear it loud and clear.”
“We’ve got to work together; therefore, can we make a deal to steer clear of each other’s mental paths.” Split didn’t want anyone delving into his feelings or other things he might do if opportunity once again presented itself.
Frigid air swept the space. “I can’t remain in a place so damn cold.” All heads turned to see Tang rubbing her arms in an effort to warm up in front of the window where Vigier had unceremoniously deposited the demi-vamp.
Lines puckered Vig’s mouth, and the dip in temperature spoke volumes. Evidently, the councilman had had his fill of caretaking and it appeared he no longer cared how frigid it was, unavoidable considering the age of the vamps seated around the bar. “This place does smack of a meat locker.” Snapping his fingers blasted the temp up enough to take the chill away. He glowered at Split. “She wasn’t like this until she spent time in your company.”
“You and your ilk raised her.” Split shrugged. “I tried cooling her off.” He let the vision of Tang slipping into cold bath water run into her mind. “Guess it didn’t work.”
“Childish bunch of bastards.” She stomped across the room and harangued Zef. “What the hell are these?” Pulling her dark blonde hair back showed a tiny knob on each side of her head. “They’re growing.” Tapping the toe of her foot, she squinted. “Do not expect me to care for you, you…”
“I think they’re kind of cute.” Split rounded the bar and took a closer look before rubbing one of the bumps. Heat slowly pulsed through his hand. “Shit, Zef, you need to tell her about her mother.” Using his other hand, he touched Tang again.
“Do it once more, prick, I’ll break your fingers.”
“See what I mean?” Vig shook his head. “Disrespectful of her elders and she needs to have her potty mouth washed out.”
“Stop!” Split noticed her red eyes blinked rapidly. Tang was afraid. “Honey, it’s okay.”
“You don’t remember me at all, do you?” Zef pretended indifference, but Split felt sure the other vamps sensed pain squeezing his heart. “Your mother was not a demi-vamp.”
“She was completely demon.”

Dirty Rotten Vampires 1
Hurt Me Good

A cold heart plus hot blood sweetens the pain.


Barringer Ganteau has hunted enough demon-mixed vampires to last a million lifetimes. His wish is to see all demi-vamps maimed, preferably dead. Single-handedly, he attempts to vanquish the scourge of mixed breeds from the face of the earth. Then Ringer meets Armada, a demi-vamp with the power to deliver the kind of pain he desires and melt his frozen heart.

Armada comes from Haiti, carrying the exotic heat of the islands and her kind with her. When she faces a cold-hearted vampire, a being superior to her mixed heritage, she vows to hate him as much as he hates her. Armada hadn’t reckoned with the vamp’s ability to use pain to bring out a side of her she had not known existed.

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out.