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Want Some Angel Love?

Repent in Love

Sequel to Hope in Love.
Uriel, angel of repentance, wants Morta, the one woman he cannot possess. She is the Fate who holds power over life and death. A brief fling with her is not enough. He needs more than a warm body to extinguish the flames of desire—he needs to have all of her, body and soul.

Morta has burned for Uriel for centuries. But it can never be. She is forbidden to align herself with anyone, especially an angel. After a few fevered nights in Uri’s arms, she knows there will be no repenting for her sin. Morta cannot let go of the only being in the universe who affects her so deeply.

Now Uriel must risk his life and find a way to protect their love.

Reader Advisory: This story has graphic sexual language and scenes—no closed bedroom doors (or other rooms) here!

A Romantica® erotic fantasy romance from Ellora’s Cave

“You bury that scythe in my floor one more time I’ll wrap it around your goddamn neck,” Uriel grated through clenched teeth. As long as he didn’t say God and Hell in the same sentence he remained safe from retribution. Michael was lenient in some areas.

Uriel, the angel of repentance, had grown tired of everything. Repentance. Life. All of it. And the foot-deep holes Samael left in Uriel’s floor with his scythe pissed him off. Not even he could kill another angel, and that’s what Sam was—the true angel of death. Uriel would enjoy the fight but, without a doubt, Death wasn’t the one he should pick on. The Father gave Sam power to destroy anything. Including angels. Right now the Grim Reaper, which is what humans called Sam, was his best friend. Hell, Uri’s only friend. But why was Sam in Uri’s domain? Ever since his showdown with Ramiel, the angel of hope, Uri had become persona non grata, and he deserved it.

He recalled that day with venom in his soul and it made him think of her.


A whole new vista opened in his mind. Uri’s erection surfaced immediately with thoughts of Morta, the Fate responsible for cutting the thread of life. The woman who occupied corners of his mind he didn’t know existed. He envisioned long white-blonde hair and eyes that rivaled the violets he loved. In fact, he had created the flower so he could see the color everywhere he went.

Samael’s voice pulled him from his reveries. “You need a fucking life. You’re no fun anymore and that bulge in the front of your pants is a nasty sight.” His laughter rang through the chamber. How could someone who carried death so easily have such a melodious sound of joy emanate from him?
Uri felt very little of any emotion lately. “It’s only nasty to you. Many love it.”

“Yeah, well they ain’t getting much of it right now. Morta will never happen, Uri, she’s one of the three Fates. Wrap your head around that shit, man. Let’s go find some excitement.” Sam lifted and dropped his scythe with a clang.

Uri reached to take the weapon of death from his hand and a shock wave sent his chair backward and him skittering across the floor on his ass. “You piece of shit,” he snarled from his crumpled position against the wall.

“By now you should know better than to touch my tool.” Sam chuckled. “Can’t control it myself sometimes.”

Uri used his mind to right the chair and appeared back in his seat as though nothing had happened. Definitely the wrong one to battle with today or any day. Shit. “I’m not in the mood to go out.”

“’Til you get yourself some of your Fate’s tail, you won’t be. You can’t keep her but you need to tap that thing and move on.”

Available at: Ellora's Cave; All Romance; Amazon; B&N

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DRIVER - Phantom Lure 1

Phantom Lure 1

Driver, hurry, have me any way you want!

Available at   Changeling Press   All Romance   Amazon   B&N

Paranormal Gay/Bisexual Romance, Voyeurism and Exhibitionism

He drives when the need arises; it's a ride Grange Stafford looks forward to, one that sustains his life force -- a ride that will end fulfilling every imagined carnal yearning.

The handsome man driving the bus on Roman Curt's route to work appears in an unrealized fantasy. What would his girlfriend think of his wanton desires? Roman envisions sharing more than her with the stranger whose intent green eyes observe him through the rear view mirror. Roman wants to be his lover too!

Roman pressed his head against the coolness of the metal door, rapidly sucking in air. The bus driver had to be following him, hell, he said he sent him here! Shit, Paula! She sat engrossed in a movie Rom had found a little too saccharine. His sudden urge for a beer vanished. God forgive him because he knew what would happen.
Roman returned, and just inside the door, he felt eyes on him. Peering right, he made out the driver’s outline in the darkened theater. Trembling, he eased between seats folded up until he reached one pulled down for him. Bastard knew he’d come.
“You’ll come a lot for me.”
“What? Who are you?” Their voices were mere whispers in the dark yet Rom felt the whole room heard them.
“My name is Grange. Don’t worry, their attention is on the movie but we don’t have long.”
Fuck!” How had his hand moved so fast? It tugged the zipper of Rom’s slacks down slowly and reached in to pull out his penis.
“Commando, I like that.”
“Please, not here.”
“Next time will be at my place, and with Paula, but I wanted you to myself first.”
“Next time?”
“Oh, I promise you that.”
Long, thick fingers played with Rom’s dick and delved into his pants to knead balls already tight enough to burst. His ass had a life of its own it seemed because he couldn’t remember lifting it yet Roman’s butt wasn’t touching the seat as he gripped the arms and rammed his cock through Grange’s fingers. “Jesus!”
“You’ve imagined this, haven’t you?”
“How… unnhhh, feels good.”
“Fuck my hand.”
Rom obeyed, thrusting his rock-hard length up and down. He felt as if time stood still as he pressed through Grange’s warm fingers. Pre-cum slipped out in large amounts wetting the man’s hand and he used it as lube to ease up and down. Roman no longer cared. All he thought about was Grange, what his fingers did, and coming. Leaning back, he closed his eyes and rambled through memories of last night with Paula, memories generously laced with bits and pieces of what he wanted from the man beside him. Rom became acutely aware this was only the beginning. “What have you done to me?”
“Roman, let me taste you.”
“Ah-ahhh, Jesus! You know my name?” Damn it, Rom couldn’t stop his hips from spiking upward.
“Everything you imagined will be yours.”

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A GRIND companion free read

A missing outfit led to an unknown discovery and Jess Boone took full advantage of it.
When the Carver Agency called the night before and asked him to do a photo shoot for Ridgeway, a world-renowned photographer, he jumped at the chance. He had never looked forward to an assignment so much. The man was phenomenal, and if he liked your work, you could go places. Jess was unaware of Casey Crane’s presence until he spied him across the room during one of his sessions with Ridgeway. Casey was one of the most sought after swimwear models in the country and he had a featured role in most of Jess’s fantasies. Everyone in the business knew the man was ramrod straight; still, seeing him in person stoked the fire in Jess’s loins and working with him would surely give him fodder for his next hand job.
How Jess kept his shit together all morning was beyond him.
Four hours non-stop with outfit changes, hair, and makeup retouches, and then the session ground to a halt when a particular suit Ridgeway expected had evidently not arrived with the rest of the shipment. His assistant was sent traipsing across town in midday traffic to retrieve the item which left everyone on their own for what would certainly be over an hour. Ridgeway stormed off to his office, and the models scattered. Some took the opportunity to go to a café located on the ground floor, others talked about visiting the quaint shops along the block. That left him alone with Casey who had taken a seat on the sofa beside Jess.
After perusing a magazine for a few minutes, Casey exclaimed, Jackasses.
“Excuse me?”
He ran long fingers through his blond hair before glancing at Jess with serious gray eyes. “Politicians; they’re all a bunch of dicks.”
“Yeah, I know what you mean.” Jesus, God, the devil, someonehelp him! Jess’s body came alive observing the man’s sensuous lips move. He couldn’t get the picture of Casey's lips wrapped around his cock out of his head, nor could Jess stop thinking about what the man's mouth could do to him, how it would feel, and the pleasure it could bring. Shit! What now?
When he reached for a magazine on the coffee table to cover his predicament, Casey grabbed his hand. “Jess, right?”
“Ye-yes.” Jess stuttered.
“Don’t hide it, man.” He took the magazine and dropped it on the floor.
“I’m not sure what you…umm...”
“It’s beautiful.” Air whistled through Jess’s lips when Casey’s hand covered his crotch. He smiled and asked, “What are you thinking about, Jess?”
What was he supposed to say? “Nothing in particular… I…”
“Damn.” Casey actually sounded disappointed and that just wasn’t possible.
Everything Jess had heard about the model reported him as being into women; hell, every picture taken showed him with one woman after another on his arm. The man was drop dead gorgeous. “What did you expect?”
“I had hoped for a different answer.” Casey’s eyes pierced his as he continued to fondle Jess’s growing erection, and no way was he going to stop him. “This could be a long break.”
“You’ve got me at a loss here, I thought…”
“Don’t believe everything you read.”
“You mean…”
Casey’s laughter filled the air. “Do you leave most of your sentences hanging?”
The sound of a jet approaching LAX grew muffled as blood pounded in Jess’s ears. “No.”
Casey leaned and whispered, “Then tell me what you’re thinking about.”
What the hell, Jess may as well say it. “My dick in your mouth.”
“Now we’re getting somewhere.” Casey slowly pulled Jess’s zipper down. “Have you imagined this happening?”
“God, yesss!” Jess hissed as Casey’s cool fingers extricated his penis from the warmth of his pants. “How’d you know?”
“Because I’ve watched you all morning and I’ve thought of nothing else.” His palm swept the crown of Jess’s cock coaxing precum from the slit.
“Uhh, you keep that up I’ll come in your hand.” Jess loosened up a little. “And that’s not what I want.”
Casey’s eyes darkened. “I’m waiting.”
“For what?”
“You. Keep talking.”
Words trapped in Jess’s throat left him with no choice but to act. He leaned forward and captured Casey’s mouth in a searing kiss. When he nudged his tongue at lips pressed together, they opened and received him hungrily. Minutes passed before they separated and stared at each other.
He groaned when Casey said, “I’ll open everything for you just as quickly.”
“You’re making me crazy.” The man’s large hand had continued to toy with Jess’s dick and cum smeared the tip. “We don’t have time.”
“They’ll be a while yet.”
“You gotta stop.”
“Please.” Jess didn’t want Ridgeway or anyone to return and catch them in an awkward position. Christ, the way he felt, he could bend the man over the sofa back and take him right there, and he’d probably come within minutes of penetration. Casey’s white skin, though tanned, was in direct contrast against Jess’s brown skin and it drove him insane thinking of watching his long, dark cock slide into the man’s tight ass. He had to bite his lip to stem begging Casey to stand and bend over for him.
“Please what?”
“He’ll fire us.” That didn't stop Casey whose fingers slipped under Jess’s balls and gave them a tug which sent Jess’s hips into the air. When fingers crooked around his shaft, Jess imagined his dick enclosed by Casey’s lips.
“Ridgeway is probably busy loading footage onto his computer and going through hundreds of shots he took earlier.” Casey eased his other hand beneath Jess’s tee shirt and searched out a hard nipple. He pinched the bud causing Jess to shove hips from the seat cushion again. “Let me taste you.”
Before he could protest, Casey leaned and snagged the head of his swollen cock in his mouth. “God!” Jess cried.
Casey’s mouth was magical, his tongue a dervish as it swept around his thickness taking what he wanted. Up, down, he mouthed Jess’s shaft again and again. Each time his lips reached the tip, he circled the head with his greedy tongue.
“Mmm, you know how to suck cock.” Jess tangled a hand in Casey’s hair and helped him work up and down. “I can’t believe this is happening.” He stroked in the man’s mouth as if he jammed in and out of his ass. Casey licked, swallowed, and licked Jess’s dick some more.
Coming up for air, Casey asked, “Well?”
Jess couldn’t take another minute of his mouth without coming. “Get up and lean over the sofa.”
“My, a whole sentence.”
“I’ve jerked off to your pictures for so long, I’ll probably come the minute I enter you.”
“You fantasized about having me?” Casey stood, undid his slacks, and shoved them down around his ankles. “I hope I’m everything you imagined.”
His dick flopped out and Jess sucked in a draft of air. “Damn!” He hadn’t expected the white man to be hung like a pony but that’s not what surprised him. Jess was taken aback at how pretty Casey’s cock was. He’d seen many in his years but never one that was so fucking beautiful. “Picture perfect.” Jess quickly pushed his pants down.
Laughter, low and raspy, slipped from Casey’s mouth. “I like yours much better.” He reached for Jess’s dick and gave it a squeeze. “Big.”
“Can you take it all?”
“Watching you pack it inside those jeans earlier, I had my own fantasies.”
“Turn around.” Jess fished his wallet from the back pocket of pants floating around his ankles. Reaching in, he retrieved a condom and dropped his wallet on the seat. “They’re pre-lubed.”
“You’ll still have to add a little something.”
“I got you.” Jess opened the foil square with his teeth, removed and slipped the rubber over his cock. He spit in his hand to add to the lube on the latex sheath. “Let me see you play with that pretty dick.”
“You’ve lost your earlier shyness.”
“I’m not shy. I was shocked to find out…”
“I prefer men?”
“Yes.” Thank God.
“Fuck me.”
“Real good, I promise.” Spitting in his hand once more, he swabbed it on the rubber and nudged the tip at Casey’s anus. “Stop me if you need to.”
He reached back and grabbed Jess’s thigh bringing him closer. “Damn you, give it to me.”
Jess shoved until the head of his cock entered the tight hole. “Fuck,fuck!” He leaned over Casey’s back, reached around and clamped his hand over Casey’s which still worked the skin of his penis back and forth. “You’re harder than hell.”
“Until you make me come.”
Jess slipped more length inside, and when Casey started to squeeze and bump back, Jess let go. He jammed his dick in the man’s ass and marveled at the fact he took every thick inch with no more than a whimper.
“Unnhh, do it, fuck me hard.” As he thrust in and out, both their hands masturbated Casey’s dick until cum copiously wet their fingers. “Yeah, you feel good in my ass.” The hand he used to grasp Jess’s thigh tugged forward each time he pulled out. “So fucking big.”
“Like my big dick in your ass?” He let go of Casey’s penis and used both hands to grip the man’s shoulders. Holding him so he couldn’t move, Jess pounded his cock deeper with each stroke. “No, no, hell, no,” Jess murmured. He could have come the minute he entered Casey, but he had fought the desire wanting to ride the man as long as he could. Knees flexed up and down, he pushed in, pulled out, and repeatedly slammed against Casey’s buttocks giving him every bit of his fat cock.
And he took it all, over and over. “Yes… Jesus, yeahhh!” Casey yelled.
“Shh,” Jess warned. “Let it go, give it to me.”
Casey’s sphincter clenched around Jess’s penis.“Ahh, yeah, right there, you...you got it.”
“Oh fuck, not on the sofa!”
Stepping back with pants tangled at their ankles wasnt easy but they managed a few inches before Casey shot his load. “Damn…ah-ahhh...I'm coming!”
It felt as if Jess’s orgasm blasted from his toes before it slid through his nuts, and spurted from his dick. "Yeah...yeah, awww, hell.” Jess shuddered as semen jetted into the condom. “Christ, I wanted to come in your ass.” He ran his fingers down the man’s back, and around to his abdomen. Covering the model’s body once more, Jess reached between muscular thighs and fondled Casey’s softening prick. “Sweet.” Standing straight, he peeled the condom off and dropped it on the magazine that, luckily, had caught Casey’s jizz, and then he pulled his pants up and fastened them. Casey did the same. Stickiness would make Jess uncomfortable as hell, but he didn’t give a shit.
Hearing a door open and close down the long hallway; each man spun and sat on the sofa. Jess kicked the magazine beneath the chair adding a mental note to toss it in the trash later.
Ridgeway’s assistant poked his head in. “Where is everyone?”
Casey chuckled. “They went downstairs.”
He eyed both men, pivoted, and walked away.
Jess released a pent up breath. “That was close.”
The assistant popped back in the doorway. “Open the damn window and pray for a breeze before he gets here.” He turned, but before leaving, he shouted over his shoulder, “If Ridgeway catches you fucking in his studio, you’ll both be thrown out with your dicks wagging in the wind.”
Jess grinned at Casey, “Picture that.”

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Coming TOMORROW June 12, Loving Day!
Contemporary, Interracial, M/M

Pre order at Special Price now! - All Romance Ebooks  AND  Amazon

FREE READ - A Sovereign Spot

Remember your bodies crushing together—remember your first grind?

Tonight Raider craved someone to assuage the ache in his loins and Blaze St. John certainly fit the bill.

Raider Ridgeway saw the gorgeous man enter the bar and figured what the hell. One night with the stranger would help him unwind before he left for a scheduled shoot in Las Vegas. It had been long enough, and as his assistant so eloquently put it—he needed to get laid. Five months of non-stop, globe-hopping photo shoots and whacking off had left him with a sore dick as well as raw nerves.

Normally, he’d spend a couple hours at the bar, occasionally he would talk to someone getting to know a little about him, but then he left alone. That wasn’t the case tonight. Raider had something special in mind, something he hadn’t done in months that didn’t involve leaving the parking lot unless he wanted to.

What he didn’t count on after leaving Blaze standing alone in the dark lot was his inability to forget the man and it went from bad to worse when he looked up from a hand of poker and spied the pretty white man watching him from across the room.

Ridgeway worked swiftly. Move your hand. Bend your knee. Lengthen your neck and turn left. Lean forward, Blaze! One more surly direction from Raider, he’d have jumped in the pool’s deep end. Finally, bulbs stopped flashing and Ridgeway yelled, “We’re done people.”
That’s how Blaze had begun to think of him. Ridgeway. The photographer was phenomenal and he now understood his genius. How many young men had Raider goaded to international stardom with his cock?
Lenny scowled as Davis helped Blaze out of a drenched suit jacket. “You did great, kid.”
“Thanks. I thought he’d clobber me with his camera.”
“And risk breaking it? Never.” Davis shooed Lenny away. “Go help the girls gather their belongings.” Twisting to face Blaze, he said, “I believe he has another idea in mind for you.” Tilting his head, the assistant studied him closely. “You may have pulled something off no other…”
“Davis!” Raider growled.
“Your majesty?”
“Get everyone off the set.” Blaze pivoted to leave. “Not you St. John.”
Hell and damnation. So much to be said, but formulating a sentence of the speech he’d prepared tongue tied Blaze. “Ridgeway, I…”
You don’t call me that.”
“It’s your name.” He blurted, “Why have I never seen a photo of you?”
“Photographers don’t like expensive cameras jammed down their throats so they leave me alone.” Hazel eyes pierced him. “As for Ridgeway, it’s the name the rest of the world uses.” He traced his thumb across Blaze’s lips. “Not you.”
“Why?” Striding to where he’d set the camera, Raider wiped each camera and lens carefully before he placed them in cases. Silence deafened Blaze as he waited for him to say something. Anything.
Finished packing his equipment, he wheeled around and asserted, “How does because I said so work for you?” The lights died leaving only a soft glow from those in the pool. He moved toward Blaze. “You still don’t get it?”
“Get what?”
Raider stopped when their crotches touched. “I say when it’s over.”
“I’m not a possession.” Stopping his dick from coming alive would take a miracle.
“Jesus, why do I still want you?” Warm air expelled from Raider’s lungs buffeted his face as the man shoved until the cabana wall met his back.
Raider’s mouth covered his in a searing kiss, and when his hand strayed to the zipper of Blaze’s damp slacks and tugged it down, defending against the onslaught of his tongue became impossible. After shoving the pants down around Blaze’s knees, he tore the shirt from its buttons and then placed his hands flat against the stone leaving him no escape. He sucked, and then teased Blaze’s lips and tongue in a way that soon had him panting for more especially when his bare ass brushed cool brick.
The image of Raider’s mouth wrapped around his thickness blared in his mind, but it’s not what Blaze wanted. “Grind,” he whispered.
“Right here so anyone can watch?”
“Won’t they lock the door?”
Do you care?

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New Excerpt from Thirst

Walk with one sexy vampire…

Through four short stories - now available in a Box Set!

Nolan is created in Heaven THIRSTY
He rains havoc on earth when he finds A THIRST TO DIE FOR
Journeys back to Hell to battle his BANE OF EXISTENCE
He goes home with A VAMPIRE'S THIRST to one angel
who will never let him go!

A Vampire’s Thirst

“Nolan, you’re a piece of work, you know that? I didn’t ask for your sorry ass to be here, but here you are.” Satan stuck a talon through Nolan’s chest, nicking his heart. “You ever hurt Peris, I’ll fucking rip this bloody organ from your chest and eat the bitch.”
Nolan changed shirts again. “Shit, that hurt.” He turned away from Satan and walked to the wall where the archangel’s portrait hung in prominence. “Relax. You know I can’t kill him. I just wanted your baby boy out of my face.” He ran a hand through his long, dark hair, which remained loose around his shoulders today. “You can’t kill me, either.”
“What’s gotten into you?”
“I’m tired of this shit, Luke. I want to go home.”
“You know there’s only one way that shit’s gonna happen.”
He twisted around and stared at Satan. The devil and he had had some damn good times together. Hell, they were probably each other’s best friends. One thing for sure, the bastard sucked cock like nobody’s business.
“See, nasty shit, and thinking like that, is what got your ass down here.”
“Am I supposed to stop living, stop enjoying life, because… “
“Because an archangel likes the way you suck dick? You’re damn right you are.” Satan pulled his horns, talons, and tail in. He walked to his throne of thorns and fell into the chair. “Three words and you’re home, man.” Chuckling, he added, “And out of my domain. I’m pretty tired of your shit.”
“You love me.”
“I fucking hate that I can’t kill your sorry ass.”
“You wouldn’t if you could.”
“Yeah, you’re right.” Sadness settled in Luke’s eyes. “I want to see you find some happiness. I don’t give a shit with who. You deserve it after serving their asses -- and mine.”
“Are you happy with Persephone?”
“Shit, Nolan, nobody fucked me as well as you, but let me tell you something, that bitch is whacked, and damn, she can do things… Well, let’s just say I’m a real happy horned motherfucker.”
Nolan turned back to the portrait. “I was Temperance.”
“Did you learn nothing about moderation?”
“Yeah, but,” he pivoted back toward the devil and smiled, “I like the taste of pussy.”
“Un-fucking-believable. Get the hell out of my house before he throws something this way and I’ll have to smack his ass, and then Michael will be all up in this shit.”
Nolan laughed.
And it felt good.
One more glance at Gabriel’s long blond hair, and the overriding need to smell heaven, did it. Nolan touched the face in the painting, traced the lips and remembered his beautiful and delicious archangel. His mind’s eye pictured the way Gabriel’s broad shoulders rolled when he was anxious, how the muscles of his abdomen jumped when Nolan kissed him there, and when he was beneath Nolan, his athletic thighs quivered with desire.
“I am sorry,” Nolan whispered.
Luke tossed his head back and roared with laughter. “It took you damn near eight hundred years to whisper three little words that will carry your bloody ass home?”
“Fuck you. He didn’t need to saddle me with this thirst for blood.” Nolan touched the tip of his fangs with his tongue. “I had a right to be pissed off.”
“For eight hundred years?” Luke grunted. “I think you liked sucking blood and stalking other vamps.” The devil squinted at him. “Maybe you feel a little guilty about creating the blood sucking motherfuckers.”
“A minor accident or two.” Nolan shrugged. “Anyway, eight hundred years is the blink of an eye considering the length of our lives.” He gazed at Satan. “I’ll miss you.”
“No, you won’t.” The devil leaned forward with a sly grin on his countenance. “I know you, Nolan. My guess is he’ll toss you out on your ear before the next hundred years pass.”
“Why do you say that?”
“Because I know what pussy tastes like too.”

Praise for Bane of Existence
"J. Hali Steele takes the reader to Hell and brings along Heaven’s Vampire to exact revenge on the son of Satan. A human woman is sandwiched between them as their dark sexual past is revealed to the reader."
-- 4 Stars from Candy, Sensual Reads

Praise for A Vampire's Thirst
"Very entertaining and kept me interested while I turned each page. I laughed and giggled at some of the book. Give it a chance, it is a quick read and go ahead and enjoy yourself!"
-- 4 Stars from Barb, Drue's Random Chatter Reviews

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Dirty Rotten Vampires

Dirty Rotten Vampires 2
Love Me Madly

With one undead and the other full of fire, they had two choices—fight dirty and love madly.

Split (Sophronius) Kryder didn’t enjoy hunting demon mixed vampires, hell, his daughter is one. Drawn back into the battle for vampire supremacy, he needs a new partner. The council tossed the name Tang into the pot so Split figured the vamp must be good. Turns out Tang Odette has curves and legs that go on, and on. A maddening inferno of desire ensues wreaking havoc on his world and to possess her Split plans to fight dirty…and win.

The new slayer assigned to Tangerine Odette is an ancient, chauvinistic, and cold-ass vampire she plans to ditch immediately. His superior attitude drives her crazy. Didn’t help any that each time she’s near him, her body heats up more than a pit in hell. Maybe if she gives the old jackass a taste of what he pines for, he’ll whimper away into a corner and leave her to fight.

Watch for book 4 of the series and meet Vald Gerlach of Dare Me Once in
Not the Garden of Eden, at Changeling Press Encounters

Walking to peer into the smaller room, breath hitched in Tang’s throat at the size of Split’s sunken tub. “Guess he’s not that dirty.” Dark blue enamel outfitted with gold fixtures looked inviting. “Shit, he’ll be a while reminiscing about good old days.” Tang twisted the hot water tap to full blast. Finding a bottle of lavender body wash in the rack hanging over the showerhead, she poured it under the hot stream before stripping off her clothes and kicking the dirty leather garments into a corner. An enticing scent and steam beckoned her into the tub.
Tang lay back, closed her eyes, and gave herself up to an overactive imagination.
All her years closeted away receiving instructions, she’d given in to a handful of mixed breeds, taking full advantage of enjoying their company when possible. Currently, the only vision dancing in her head was that of an arrogant, cold, undead son-of-a-bitch.
She slipped one hand between her legs and teased her clitoris, while with the other Tang pinched her nipples. Alternating hard buds between thumb and fingers set already hot blood racing through her veins. “Shit,” she grumbled at not finding an image aside from his powerful enough to hold her concentration. Jamming two fingers into her pussy did nothing but spark new embers of desire.
Split Kryder’s face, his overly long, chestnut brown hair and violet eyes took center stage. Tang envisioned his tall, muscular frame covering hers, giving her what she needed to put out the fire ravaging her body and rendering her weak. Working fingers back and forth, massaging her clit, felt good, but…
“I could do that so much better.”
Barely able to lift her eyelids, she peered at Split through the steamy mist. “Can you?”
“Come here.” The black tee clinging to his body disappeared and bared clenching abdominal muscles.
It was highly unlikely Split would step into a tub of skin-blistering hot water; however, Tang was more than aware he could do as he pleased once he eradicated the barrier. After all, he was a master vampire and his powers far surpassed any she’d known aside from councilman Stone. She continued to masturbate, hiking hips from steaming water each time she plunged fingers into her vagina. Excitement, lust careened into her mind watching him watch her. “Make me.”
Red eyes swirled and his chest heaved. “Get the fuck out, Tang.”
“If I don’t?”

You can find the series at most ebook outlets:
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Love Me Madly, DRV 2Read more
Hurt Me Good, DRV 1Read more

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