Thursday, June 18, 2015

DRIVER - Phantom Lure 1

Phantom Lure 1

Driver, hurry, have me any way you want!

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Paranormal Gay/Bisexual Romance, Voyeurism and Exhibitionism

He drives when the need arises; it's a ride Grange Stafford looks forward to, one that sustains his life force -- a ride that will end fulfilling every imagined carnal yearning.

The handsome man driving the bus on Roman Curt's route to work appears in an unrealized fantasy. What would his girlfriend think of his wanton desires? Roman envisions sharing more than her with the stranger whose intent green eyes observe him through the rear view mirror. Roman wants to be his lover too!

Roman pressed his head against the coolness of the metal door, rapidly sucking in air. The bus driver had to be following him, hell, he said he sent him here! Shit, Paula! She sat engrossed in a movie Rom had found a little too saccharine. His sudden urge for a beer vanished. God forgive him because he knew what would happen.
Roman returned, and just inside the door, he felt eyes on him. Peering right, he made out the driver’s outline in the darkened theater. Trembling, he eased between seats folded up until he reached one pulled down for him. Bastard knew he’d come.
“You’ll come a lot for me.”
“What? Who are you?” Their voices were mere whispers in the dark yet Rom felt the whole room heard them.
“My name is Grange. Don’t worry, their attention is on the movie but we don’t have long.”
Fuck!” How had his hand moved so fast? It tugged the zipper of Rom’s slacks down slowly and reached in to pull out his penis.
“Commando, I like that.”
“Please, not here.”
“Next time will be at my place, and with Paula, but I wanted you to myself first.”
“Next time?”
“Oh, I promise you that.”
Long, thick fingers played with Rom’s dick and delved into his pants to knead balls already tight enough to burst. His ass had a life of its own it seemed because he couldn’t remember lifting it yet Roman’s butt wasn’t touching the seat as he gripped the arms and rammed his cock through Grange’s fingers. “Jesus!”
“You’ve imagined this, haven’t you?”
“How… unnhhh, feels good.”
“Fuck my hand.”
Rom obeyed, thrusting his rock-hard length up and down. He felt as if time stood still as he pressed through Grange’s warm fingers. Pre-cum slipped out in large amounts wetting the man’s hand and he used it as lube to ease up and down. Roman no longer cared. All he thought about was Grange, what his fingers did, and coming. Leaning back, he closed his eyes and rambled through memories of last night with Paula, memories generously laced with bits and pieces of what he wanted from the man beside him. Rom became acutely aware this was only the beginning. “What have you done to me?”
“Roman, let me taste you.”
“Ah-ahhh, Jesus! You know my name?” Damn it, Rom couldn’t stop his hips from spiking upward.
“Everything you imagined will be yours.”

Growl and roar-it’s okay to let the beast out. - jhalisteele

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