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Contemporary, Interracial, M/M

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Remember your bodies crushing together—remember your first grind?

Tonight Raider craved someone to assuage the ache in his loins and Blaze St. John certainly fit the bill.

Raider Ridgeway saw the gorgeous man enter the bar and figured what the hell. One night with the stranger would help him unwind before he left for a scheduled shoot in Las Vegas. It had been long enough, and as his assistant so eloquently put it—he needed to get laid. Five months of non-stop, globe-hopping photo shoots and whacking off had left him with a sore dick as well as raw nerves.

Normally, he’d spend a couple hours at the bar, occasionally he would talk to someone getting to know a little about him, but then he left alone. That wasn’t the case tonight. Raider had something special in mind, something he hadn’t done in months that didn’t involve leaving the parking lot unless he wanted to.

What he didn’t count on after leaving Blaze standing alone in the dark lot was his inability to forget the man and it went from bad to worse when he looked up from a hand of poker and spied the pretty white man watching him from across the room.

Ridgeway worked swiftly. Move your hand. Bend your knee. Lengthen your neck and turn left. Lean forward, Blaze! One more surly direction from Raider, he’d have jumped in the pool’s deep end. Finally, bulbs stopped flashing and Ridgeway yelled, “We’re done people.”
That’s how Blaze had begun to think of him. Ridgeway. The photographer was phenomenal and he now understood his genius. How many young men had Raider goaded to international stardom with his cock?
Lenny scowled as Davis helped Blaze out of a drenched suit jacket. “You did great, kid.”
“Thanks. I thought he’d clobber me with his camera.”
“And risk breaking it? Never.” Davis shooed Lenny away. “Go help the girls gather their belongings.” Twisting to face Blaze, he said, “I believe he has another idea in mind for you.” Tilting his head, the assistant studied him closely. “You may have pulled something off no other…”
“Davis!” Raider growled.
“Your majesty?”
“Get everyone off the set.” Blaze pivoted to leave. “Not you St. John.”
Hell and damnation. So much to be said, but formulating a sentence of the speech he’d prepared tongue tied Blaze. “Ridgeway, I…”
You don’t call me that.”
“It’s your name.” He blurted, “Why have I never seen a photo of you?”
“Photographers don’t like expensive cameras jammed down their throats so they leave me alone.” Hazel eyes pierced him. “As for Ridgeway, it’s the name the rest of the world uses.” He traced his thumb across Blaze’s lips. “Not you.”
“Why?” Striding to where he’d set the camera, Raider wiped each camera and lens carefully before he placed them in cases. Silence deafened Blaze as he waited for him to say something. Anything.
Finished packing his equipment, he wheeled around and asserted, “How does because I said so work for you?” The lights died leaving only a soft glow from those in the pool. He moved toward Blaze. “You still don’t get it?”
“Get what?”
Raider stopped when their crotches touched. “I say when it’s over.”
“I’m not a possession.” Stopping his dick from coming alive would take a miracle.
“Jesus, why do I still want you?” Warm air expelled from Raider’s lungs buffeted his face as the man shoved until the cabana wall met his back.
Raider’s mouth covered his in a searing kiss, and when his hand strayed to the zipper of Blaze’s damp slacks and tugged it down, defending against the onslaught of his tongue became impossible. After shoving the pants down around Blaze’s knees, he tore the shirt from its buttons and then placed his hands flat against the stone leaving him no escape. He sucked, and then teased Blaze’s lips and tongue in a way that soon had him panting for more especially when his bare ass brushed cool brick.
The image of Raider’s mouth wrapped around his thickness blared in his mind, but it’s not what Blaze wanted. “Grind,” he whispered.
“Right here so anyone can watch?”
“Won’t they lock the door?”
Do you care?

Growl and roar-it’s okay to let the beast out. - jhalisteele

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