Monday, June 1, 2015

Dirty Rotten Vampires

Dirty Rotten Vampires 2
Love Me Madly

With one undead and the other full of fire, they had two choices—fight dirty and love madly.

Split (Sophronius) Kryder didn’t enjoy hunting demon mixed vampires, hell, his daughter is one. Drawn back into the battle for vampire supremacy, he needs a new partner. The council tossed the name Tang into the pot so Split figured the vamp must be good. Turns out Tang Odette has curves and legs that go on, and on. A maddening inferno of desire ensues wreaking havoc on his world and to possess her Split plans to fight dirty…and win.

The new slayer assigned to Tangerine Odette is an ancient, chauvinistic, and cold-ass vampire she plans to ditch immediately. His superior attitude drives her crazy. Didn’t help any that each time she’s near him, her body heats up more than a pit in hell. Maybe if she gives the old jackass a taste of what he pines for, he’ll whimper away into a corner and leave her to fight.

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Walking to peer into the smaller room, breath hitched in Tang’s throat at the size of Split’s sunken tub. “Guess he’s not that dirty.” Dark blue enamel outfitted with gold fixtures looked inviting. “Shit, he’ll be a while reminiscing about good old days.” Tang twisted the hot water tap to full blast. Finding a bottle of lavender body wash in the rack hanging over the showerhead, she poured it under the hot stream before stripping off her clothes and kicking the dirty leather garments into a corner. An enticing scent and steam beckoned her into the tub.
Tang lay back, closed her eyes, and gave herself up to an overactive imagination.
All her years closeted away receiving instructions, she’d given in to a handful of mixed breeds, taking full advantage of enjoying their company when possible. Currently, the only vision dancing in her head was that of an arrogant, cold, undead son-of-a-bitch.
She slipped one hand between her legs and teased her clitoris, while with the other Tang pinched her nipples. Alternating hard buds between thumb and fingers set already hot blood racing through her veins. “Shit,” she grumbled at not finding an image aside from his powerful enough to hold her concentration. Jamming two fingers into her pussy did nothing but spark new embers of desire.
Split Kryder’s face, his overly long, chestnut brown hair and violet eyes took center stage. Tang envisioned his tall, muscular frame covering hers, giving her what she needed to put out the fire ravaging her body and rendering her weak. Working fingers back and forth, massaging her clit, felt good, but…
“I could do that so much better.”
Barely able to lift her eyelids, she peered at Split through the steamy mist. “Can you?”
“Come here.” The black tee clinging to his body disappeared and bared clenching abdominal muscles.
It was highly unlikely Split would step into a tub of skin-blistering hot water; however, Tang was more than aware he could do as he pleased once he eradicated the barrier. After all, he was a master vampire and his powers far surpassed any she’d known aside from councilman Stone. She continued to masturbate, hiking hips from steaming water each time she plunged fingers into her vagina. Excitement, lust careened into her mind watching him watch her. “Make me.”
Red eyes swirled and his chest heaved. “Get the fuck out, Tang.”
“If I don’t?”

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