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See Me in the Dark

A new Club Evolve story. It's a 20+K bonus book in the Club Evolve box set. Yup, all six books in one sexy box and a new story to enjoy. These doors won't be closing for a while...

Evolve—a club for men
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See Me in the Dark

Scars so deep—will they destroy his soul?

Preston Woodley hid his scars from the world. It’s been nearly a decade since a lover has seen or felt them. He only comes alive in the dark, on his back. Pres never allows anyone to touch him there. He longs to find someone who sees him for the man he is and not a monster shaped by a horrible accident in his past.

Robert ‘War’ Warren, recruited into the biker lifestyle early, has not only committed crimes, he’s been stabbed and shot. War has seen and done it all and he doled out enough payback to earn a brief stint in jail. Scrambling to have more, he’s reached a pinnacle of success and now seeks peace. What he used to be, what he could easily become again, may ruin his life forever.

“Name’s Lodge. Would you be able to move to another booth or table? This one should have held a reserved sign.”
Standing, Preston said, “Sure. My beer hasn’t…”
“It’s good, LD. I don’t mind if he stays.” Robert Warren allowed his eyes to take the man in for the second time tonight. Something about him. “Didn't mean to damn near knock you over earlier.”
“I probably shouldn’t have blocked the entrance. My names Preston.”
“Call me War.”
“Jesus, man, you don’t introduce yourself to someone you barreled over running late and then tell him to call you War.”
“Why not?”
“You don’t know him like that.”
War let his eyes rake the stranger’s face and body once more. “I want to know him like that.”
“We’re not going to get this settled tonight, are we?”
“LD, I’m already working for you. If you require it on paper, we can hash out particulars another time.” He watched his friend eyeball Preston. “Okay?”
“Tomorrow. My shop. That order can’t wait.”
“For one of those rubs you cater to?”
“Rich urban bikers are loaded with cash.”
“And will help pay for that two-million-dollar monstrosity you had built. I get it. Tomorrow I’ll drop by Custom Deviations. Now, Blondie’s cutting eyes this way because you’re lingering. I’m not responsible for the fall out.”
“Christ, War, do you have to always be a bastard?”
“As I remember, in Philadelphia, you weren’t that much better.”
“Tomorrow. Ten AM sharp.”
“Make that noon and we got a deal.”
LD walked away finally giving War a chance to really meet Preston. Seeing as his drink hadn’t arrived, War flagged down a waiter. “Can you put a rush on…” He turned to Preston. “Have a seat. You said beer?” War told the server, “Bring two of those east coast lagers and that’ll be all for now.”
“Thanks, I haven’t waited long.”
You shouldn’t wait at all.” Their beers arrived and War smiled when Preston waved away the glass and tilted the bottle up. “Damn. I like that.”
“Your mouth.”
“Excuse me?”
“You didn’t come here for beer because unless you order the right brand, it all tastes like piss.” When Preston pushed his bottle away and stood, War leaned closer. “I won’t ask you to stay but I sure as hell would like you to. One thing you should know is I don’t play games.”
“I have no intention of starting anything.”
“You sure about that?” Leaning back, he studied the man. Brown hair neatly trimmed curled above his collar and eyes the color of cognac continued to observe War. The navy suit was cut to fit nobody’s ass but his and fingernails were recently manicured. War liked a man who took care of himself. He also appreciated that his build was just shy of athletic and not bound in muscle. “Is this your first time at Evolve?”
“I moved here from Detroit a month ago.”
“Let me guess? You didn’t live within five miles of that city on any side. I’d say Bloomfield Hills, maybe Birmingham.”
“You know the area?”
“Went to Kettering.” Preston’s forehead scrunched and eyes reflected doubt before changing to surprise and for some reason, it pissed War off. He knew Preston’s type. Superior. Better than. “On second thought, you can run along now.”
“I wanted a beer not a rude dissection by a biker.”

“When I dissect your ass, you’ll know it.” War rose and stepped close enough for his boot toes to touch shiny oxfords. “Maybe next time I’ll show you what I mean.” He walked away leaving Preston stand there and hoped like hell the jackass took another swallow of beer and choked on it.

AND just a bit more:
“You’re early.”
“Did my fabrication delivery arrive?”
“Yup. Needs your finessing and assembly. Everything else is ready to go.” Lodge sat with feet on his desk reading a custom bike magazine. “You know, strategically placed PR, a word here and there, this shit could really take off.”
“What the hell are they outfitting the building next door for, LD?”
“A few additions to improve our facilities.”
“Additions my ass. They’re machine tools. I know a milling machine when I see one, jackass.” War flopped on the sofa and stretched out.
“You never know what you might wish you had on hand.”
“I’m not working fulltime, LD. Those days are over.”
“I have a couple engineers on staff.”
“Yeah, right.”
“And don’t lay on my couch.”
“What the fuck’s it in here for?”
“Jesus, you’re in a pissy mood. Try getting more sleep at your house.” Lodge’s head swiveled toward the door at the sound of a bike pulling into the shop. “Shit. Nothing is sacred.”
War laughed. “Don’t like the lover on your bike?”
“I worry because he’s only been riding a real bike for a few months. Jim learned on dirt bikes. A whole different animal.”
“Don’t want that pretty ass all scarred up, huh?”
“Fuck you.”
“Hey, what’s up?”
“Jim, I thought you might sleep in after working last night.”
“I’m good, not due in until six. I’m meeting with the band to go over a few things about lighting and Zed’s new sound system. I’ll nap later.” He turned to War. “What the hell did you say to Preston Woodley? He might stop in to hear the band tonight.”
That pulled War to a sitting position. “How do you know him?”
“He introduced himself while you were occupied at the other end of the bar.” Jim laughed. “Right before Sanders threw your ass out.”
“Dress code is bullshit. It’s a goddamn, highfalutin bar.”
Lodge placed his feet on the floor and tossed the magazine on his desk. “I told you about the dress code and Sanders.”
“Shit, I was surfing and got caught up in the waves. Didn’t have anything with me but my leathers and didn’t want to be late.”
“Lord help me. You were late.”
Jim perched on the edge of the desk. “Preston also noticed your disregard for dress. Oh, that reminds me.” He dug in his pocket and pulled out a ten. “He wanted me to give you a message.”
“Yeah, what?”
“The message, Jim.”
“Oh.” He winked at Lodge. “He said tell Mr. Warren no thank you. Actually, he asked me to give you your money back after he paid for his own beer and said no thank you to the next time.” He handed the bill to War.
“That foppish prick!”
“Shit,” Lodge laughed. “That struck a nerve.”

“Kiss my ass. I’m out.”

Life is complicated, it’s loud, death arrives silently. – J. Hali Steele (from Twice the Burn)

Friday, July 6, 2018

Rhythm of Love

This is a previously published story I hope to have back up soon.
Video on YouTube: 

Rhythm of Love

Carter Gates, amateur Latin ballroom dancer, is ready to make a move on his sexy new assistant. Problem is Carter owns the company and holds to one principle—hands off staff. His body isn’t listening. Bree’s scent intoxicates him and her lithe body makes it difficult to follow his rule.

Bree’s no better off. She can’t extinguish the fire her new boss ignites whenever he’s near. Hiding the fact she’s friends with his partner, and a dancer herself, she slips into a revealing outfit and his arms for one night of hot, sexy competition performing a highly erotic tango that gives new meaning to going up in flames.

Bree’s friend has other ideas—she wants Carter for herself. However, after spending a passionate evening in Carter’s bed, Bree wants more—and she’s determined to get it.

Carter reached his destination and the rhythmic strumming of the guitar exhilarated him. The melancholy beat caused his heart to race as he entered the club. Carter spoke briefly with a few contestants while glancing around to see if his partner had arrived. Sometimes they met in a quiet corner by the bar to discuss their routine. He shoved through a gyrating sea of people and grabbed the last stool available. He ordered gin, straight up. Not nervous about Cara showing up yet, he looked over the room. It was a good crowd.
A head of wavy hair moving through the throng caught his attention. Familiarity washed over him. Hell, he’d know her anywhere. What was Bree doing here? Caught totally off guard by her appearance, he started to sweat. The thing with the underwear blared in his mind along with the fact his employees weren’t aware he had a penchant for dance. If they found out, the guys would laugh, rib him for the tight outfits and fancy shoes, something he didn’t want to deal with. Christ.
He watched her come closer. A smile curved the corner of her very kissable lips and he remembered how sweet they were. His chest tightened with jealously when he watched a stranger hug her. The man’s hands rested lightly on her hips. How did they know each other? Carter wanted to do exactly what the guy did, take her in his arms, feel her pressed tight to his crotch. Damn if he liked watching someone else do just that. Heat flared in his crotch.
She hadn’t noticed him yet, but she was moving his way. After being stopped twice more, she stood only feet from him talking to a female contestant. Her head turned to where Carter sat as if she knew he would be there. He almost choked on the gin he’d swallowed when their eyes met.
“Carter, it’s good to see you.” Bree’s throaty voice slid down his spine. Relief washed over him that she didn’t seem upset about what happened between them. He had waited for her to come from the bathroom at the office as long as he could before leaving for a late meeting.
He gazed up and down her body, his eyes stopping at the split in the icy blue satin dress that clung to every curve. It ended only inches below her crotch and, thank God, it was situated more toward her thigh. Damn if she didn’t look dressed to dance. The heels made her taller and her body looked even better than he remembered from only hours ago.
When she leaned to speak to someone, a swell of breast peeked at him from the side of the strapless concoction. He saw the thin invisible strap around her bare back. He let his eyes travel to where the pale blue material picked up again right above the crease of her ass. He wanted to put his hand there, feel the heat. Go down further and cup her cheeks. Let his tongue slide through velvety warmth... Jesus!
The scent of musk trailed around his head drawing him in. Christ, this woman had his cock tied in a knot. His slacks grew snug, but the swell would barely be noticeable. He couldn’t perform a single step if he had to right now. Good thing his partner never affected him this way. Bree looked back at him and a smile lifted the corner of her mouth.
“Bree. Didn’t know you hung out here. Can I buy you a drink?” The music roared in his ears. Carter hoped he hadn’t spoken too loudly. His gaze remained glued to her plump lips and he almost missed her answer.
“Gin, straight up,” she said.
He grinned. Lifting his drink, he moved it slowly to her pink lips. She opened and ran her tongue around the glass’s edge. She touched his hand, tilting it enough to take a swallow. He pulled it back, his eyes never leaving hers. “Mmm, that’s good.”
“You dance?” He envisioned dragging her into a dark hallway and taking her while music pulsated against walls. His realization earlier at the office that she reciprocated his feelings opened a new door, one Carter wasn’t sure he wanted to close. Maybe ask her out, be with her away from the office. Shit, he could be on his way to losing the best assistant he ever had.
“As often as I can.” Brown eyes shimmered at him. He wanted to dive in, taste her. All of her. “Latin is my favorite.”
“Hmm. Who’s your partner tonight?” His heart banged along with vibrant drums in the song playing. He didn’t really want to know. Anybody holding her in an embrace so close, so hard, steamed him. Some lucky bastard would be teased by the feel of Bree against him. Teased to the point of pain.

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out. - J. Hali Steele

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

What fear lives in you?

DUAL LOVER - available for Pre-order now at Amazon!

What fear lives in you?
Chances of living normally seemed to elude Magnum Garrison until now. Embracing his uncommon desires, Mag grasps a new beginning, one filled with delicious torment. Still, a shadow lingers over him. Conspiring to untangle from what holds him captive means hazarding a fate far worse—exposing himself to the world.

Ladron Burnett can’t help thinking Magnum is a little bit crazy. Yet, something enticingly draws Lad to Mag’s untamed carnal needs—and his bed. In one sex-filled night, he discovers a truth about Mag, one that should make him step back. Yet Lad recognizes a connection so entwined with his own longing he can’t let go.

A voyeuristic journey down a path to love…

M/M Romance/Voyeurism
Magnum observed quite a few empty tables in the tiny space which helped settle his nerves. West Chester was not only a university town, it was a fair distance from where he lived and large enough to provide anonymity. Hell, he hadn’t resided anywhere near here for ten years making it highly unlikely he’d be recognized. Didn’t really matter at this point because he needed to get out of the house.
He yearned…
Noticing two men scrutinize him, Magnum boldly watched them. Thin blond who, from four tables away, gave the impression of being early twenties and he was handsome. The other man compelled full attention. Maybe forty and fucking beautiful. Wavy, dark hair just past neck length with a fine growth peppering a deeply tanned and chiseled face. Shoulders were broad and he appeared tall even in a sitting position. One brow arched as he took in Mag under his hoodie. When he flipped the covering off, damn if the stranger didn’t lick his lips. His friend smiled and nodded.
Magnum approached the bar and ordered a gin straight up. While waiting, he scrutinized the table once more.
They’re perfect.
“Yes,” Magnum murmured. Securing his drink, he strode to where they sat. “You guys together? Don’t want to intrude.”
“Intrude please. I’m Ladron, you can call me Lad. This is Josh.”
“Thought only those who know you call you Lad.”
No malice in Josh’s voice. Lad eyed the young man sternly and then focused full attention on Magnum. “I have a feeling we’ll get acquainted.”
“I’m Magnum. Call me Mag.” Money wouldn’t coerce these men but Magnum sensed spending some time with him might be agreeable to both. “I’m less than thirty minutes away if you care to have a few more drinks and… Conversation.” He stabbed each man with a look. “One night only.”
His gate squealed as it opened and Magnum made note to have the caretaker oil or perform whatever maintenance required. Staff shouldn’t be aware every time he came and went. Curving around the circular drive, he stopped at the front entrance and Josh parked his pick up behind him. Ladron pulled his car in last. When the men were ready to leave, the gate would open automatically and immediately lock behind them.
Lad reached the landing in front of the door. “Always wondered where a person who drives a car like yours lived.”
“I imagine this house is not much different than the one you park that beast in front of.” Lad drove a new gunmetal gray model of one of the most powerful muscle cars fabricated in Detroit.
“You’re right.” He studied the area closely as they waited for Josh who sat in his truck on the phone. “You have enough security cameras?”
Ladron was taller and more muscular than Magnum initially presumed. Sweet. “Yes. If I didn’t we’d be at Motel No Name.” Curious, he commented, “Ladron is Spanish for thief or robber. How’d you end up with it?”
“This from a man called Magnum.”
Damn, his smile brought to mind sunlight and beaches. He’s interested in me. “My family lineage always had big ideas.”
“Mine is from a way, way back line of pirates who initially settled in New Orleans.”
“Maybe I should have turned into that motel.”
“You’re safe, Magnum. I’ve been domesticated.”

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out. - J. Hali Steele

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Lightning strikes...

Whenever Zeb James is around.

Gage Harrow, leader of my disciples decided to go God knows where. That would normally pose a problem but a noisy employee of his stepped into the breach. Zeb James, an electric individual, and Disciples Descendant 7, wheedled his way to the top of the list and I'm enjoying the quandary he finds himself in with the daughter of another disciple.

My quandary - which cover to use!

Alchemy and chemistry make for a deadly mixture.

Sleeping with an accomplice’s estranged daughter is not where Zeb James expects to find himself particularly when that colleague happens to be one of the more sinister human descendants of a disciple. Brenda’s wisecracking mouth and constant queries about her ancestry infuriate Zeb at every turn. The fact she has more curves than a Formula One race track, and is just as dangerous to him, does little to stem his growing attraction.

Brenda Nathaniels suspects getting involved with the wacko owner of her newest hangout will spell trouble especially considering he seems close to her father. However, arcs of desire lead to long nights of wickedly hot sex which Brenda intends usng to elicit information about the man who abandoned her and left her wary of all men. Her machinations threaten to expose her when she realizes each night in Zeb’s arms leave her wanting one more night, then another, and another.

Their coming together may well set the world on fire.

M/F Interracial
COMING JUNE 20, 2018

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Power or Love? Maybe both...

Disciple's Descendant 5

Now available at Amazon.

With whispered words, Thaddeus Jude holds the ability to control or kill most living things. The silken sound of his voice changes wars and worlds—but he can’t have Ethia. A Divinity warrior, she exudes pure lust, a feeling so overwhelming, no one resists her. Drawn to her flame as if a moth, Jude is determined to be the first to conquer Ethia, use her to slip uninvited into the Divinity’s circle.

Ethia must exact necessary information from Jude quickly. If he wins their game of cat and mouse, her ass might roast in Hell. However, the mean, sadistic bastard’s chords of beauty tug her ever closer, pull her nearer to an abyss there is no escape from.

Their stolen pleasure may bring a horrible death.


Taking his seat, Jude scrutinized Leviat. “The man bathed in light, the one who said he could kill you; who was he?”
“Why were you following me, Jude?”
“I happened upon two screeching creatures as I crossed Montana on my way home and wondered at the commotion.”
Leviat beamed. “You get all hot and bothered watching dragon’s fuck?”
Jude shrugged. “To kill dragons, the stranger would need to possess every power Gage has.”
Zeb dealt cards deftly. “We are all aware of the Divinity, Jude. What’s your point?”
“Why don’t we have access to them?”
Riot and Leviat shoved their cards into the center pile and recited fold at the same time. Riot insisted, “You want to see what it’s like to know everything, feel all the pain and misery those unlike us suffer daily?” His fingers formed a steeple. “I can show you, Jude.”
“I don’t want that.”
“What exactly do you want?”
Jude examined Riot, saw no sign of the massive scar previously on his right cheek. Even though he appeared so seldom in their lives, Scariot portrayed no discomfort among the others. Each and every time he materialized, descendants accepted the man back into their elite group as if he’d never been away. Same courtesy was afforded that human, Ander. Damn it. A fish out of water, that’s how Jude felt. He’d never really spent much time with the other disciples as Gage used him most often. His power allowed him to leave much less damage than the others which Jude didn’t see as enough reason to make him a master killer. A pariah. Even among those that called themselves brethren. “How many people’s lives have you ended, Riot?”
“Then, now, or later this week?”
“Your devious ass probably doesn’t keep count.”
“Do you? If so, Jude, Why? I mean, to what end, man? We do Gage’s bidding. He’s in control, he deals with more shit than you and I will get a whiff of in five lifetimes.” He stood and pushed his chair in. Leaning, he spoke solemnly, “Know what else? It’s him who answers to a higher power when all is said and done.”
Riot spoke nothing but truth. Gage could more than likely end up sitting on Satan’s footstool. Jude had no idea when he started to expect more or what more encompassed. Sitting here, now, with these men was the closest he'd every come to feeling part of something. Nonetheless, uncertainty gnawed away at his gut. “Is what you have enough?”
Before Riot answered, he heard light steps approach. Ethia. Jesus, he already concluded she was a divinity warrior, a temptress enlisted to watch over him. How must duties she performed weigh on her shoulders? She used sexual wiles to plumb men’s minds and hearts. Did it bother her to know she stole secrets that might cause their demise? It brought him back to thoughts of Gage and those who controlled his leader. Just who was the Divinity and who the hell did they answer to?
“I can whip up something to eat if you guys are hungry.” He noted she now wore stretch pants with a tee and both molded to her delectable body. Jude scoured faces to make sure no eyes lingered on her perfect ass. Christ sakes, when did this feeling of guardianship take hold?
“I crave pizza.” Riot licked his lips. “You know, one with thin crispy crust, slathered with sauce, mounded with nothing but mozzarella and pepperoni.”
“What, no anchovies, sausage, onion, and olives?”
“Hell no. Start throwing all that shit on it, it’s not a pizza, Zeb, it’s a fucking casserole.”
Winking at the time shifter, Ethia had her cell phone in hand already. “A man after my own heart.”
Jude grunted. “I’m not hungry.” If she deigned to have Riot at her beck and call, that necessitated she think again. Mine. If another man touched her he’d sing them into oblivion. Fuck Gage and his tawdry talisman. He’d elevate his pitch so high, they’d override any gadget his leader designed to stop him. Jude detested feeling out of control and… And what? Goddamn it to hell! Angrily pushing from the table, Jude stood and left the room heading to the makeshift cage he’d been relegated to initially. Yes, he’d find a way into the Divinity. After all he’d done to help preserve mankind, Jude felt he deserved what he wanted.
Then he would possess the ability to have whatever he wished.
Strangely enough, at this moment, he’d settle for having their warrior beneath him.
Shoving through the bedroom door, he slammed it shut hard enough to jostle pictures on the wall. Everything needed shaking up. If her phone worked inside, so would his. Jude planned to add a few folks to the assembly. I leave you in charge of my home… And he intended to take full advantage of his tiny scrap of control. Sinalia resided outside and would, undoubtedly, come in the minute he closed his eyes to sleep. Let’s see how things flowed with Sim’s lady in the picture. Yeah, may as well add Ander and Pet to the mix. Surely, that would put everyone off their game having numerous flagrant females in close proximity. Damnation, still no phone service so he could call no one. How did hers work? Shit! No matter. The other’s ladies paled when compared to Ethia. That reminded Jude, he hadn’t only left powerful men downstairs, something much more desirable had been left behind. Medicinal ointment had not masked her scent.
Jude no longer smelled Ethia!

Disciple's Descendant Books 1-4 in the series available at Amazon

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out. - J. Hali Steele

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Guarding a Disciple's Descendant

It's just a job...

Matthew Leviat has chased the screeching creature for centuries, captured and made love to her many times. Angry, forbidden love. The kind of love he still dreams of, a love that keeps him from seeking another of his own kind or even human women he sometimes finds solace with.

Sinalia vows never to see him in another female’s arms. Not their kind and definitely not one like the human she found him with nearly a hundred years ago. Anger still claws her insides when she thinks of it, remembers his whispered words of love to the woman over and over in her mind.

Yet their love, their need for one another never, ever subsides.

**CAUTION: Dragon sex while shifting**

Amazon and Kobo

“Curse the Divinity.” Stones skittered from overhead drawing his attention. Spewing fire toward the spot unearthed Sin’s hiding place. A myriad of colors encircled her dragon clinging with its sharp talons to a shear drop off located feet above a slender ledge. Cloaking his mind, not wanting to alert her, Leviat dove further into the crevice below. He weaved through a gully before swooping up and cresting the mountain. Crossing over rocky spires, he snapped his wings close to his body and, as if a rocket, he shot down landing just beneath Sin. Her angry wail echoed through the Montana valley when his claws grasped her muscular legs and pulled her flailing beast from the cliff’s side. Claws dug into his shoulders and Leviat’s much louder squawk ripped through the atmosphere. Any living thing with good sense scurried for cover.
She scorched his mind with one word. Bastard!
I hate you.
Leviat knew she didn’t mean that. I want you.
I wish you were dead.
After their last encounter, Sin could mean that. He’d let her leave believing he screwed the human woman she discovered him with. Loving you as I do, I shall give you what you wish for.
Pulling huge wings into his body, his reptilian face changed instantly into a human-like visage. Enough. Enough hiding, the bullshit—the loneliness. Sinalia was his and if he couldn’t have her forever, death was a much better alternative. Time in the form of days, nights, years, failed to assuage his pain any longer. Nothing stopped him from thinking about the glorious being that should be his. To hell with the Divinity. To hell with Gage Harrow. Let the bastard search for another protector for John Thunder, the being he’d spent hundreds of years guarding could now fend for himself in this cruel world. Leviat was finished. Flinging himself from the ledge in his human form, dropping over a thousand feet and slamming into stony outcrops would break every bone in his body.
Leviat botched hiding his thoughts and the wail in his mind of her pain at losing him blasted a hole through his heart. Don’t listen, shut her out, shut out her sound of despair. Jesusfuckingchrist, Sin, what do you want from me? Probably wouldn’t die anyway just end up maimed and crippled for weeks praying Gage turned up and cut his black heart out to drain his life’s blood into the nearest body of water.
I love you.
Aww, fuck.
Quickly regaining his dragon form, letting his face elongate, loosing wide, red-striated black wings, Leviat used all his strength to return upward and snatch Sin to his chest. Enfolding her in his stronger wings, he flipped from the ledge and angled down into the valley. Zigzagging along the mountain base, he spied an opening and headed for the cave entrance. One night with you is worth another hundred years alone.
Don’t leave me again.
Never. Leviat meant it.
Love me.
I already do, Sinalia.
Sinalia had waited too long to be in his arms. Wrapped tightly in his wings made her crave the man who’d moments before vanished, replaced by the oldest, wisest dragon alive. Hers. Leviat belonged to her.
Her master left her on her own without any idea when he’d reappear. Surveying Gage’s every move, determining exactly when the disciple’s leader vanished into the ground, she surfaced at the lake. Didn’t care who watched. For a few moments Sin even forgot about his whispered words of love to the woman he’d held in his arms all those long years ago. An unbearable ache resided in her heart with only one remedy—having Leviat.
Once in the cave, she was quickly released and Leviat drew in his wings, called out his man-like body, and stood still before her. Gold striated icy blue eyes which took longer to metamorphose, gazed at her truest form. Dragon. Warm, human fingers blazed a path from her scaly neck down, down to her chest, and tapped where Sinalia’s heart resided. “Had you remained a moment longer you would have known my words of love were meant for you.”
It was the woman you held, not me.
“Sin, it’s you who lingers in every living, breathing part of me.”
“Damn you, change! Let me see the woman, the voluptuous body I want to hold forever.” Fingers continued to rap the place on her chest where her dragon would rest.
Sinalia’s leathery reptilian face gave way first. She glanced down at his strong, tanned fingers over her heart. Their incessant tapping resonated through every boney part of her beast. Each tap notched temperatures higher, made her hotter than hell. Scales slowly disappeared and her colorful dragon skittered back and forth until it coiled beneath his now flat hand covering her breast. “I need you.”
“I know.”

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out. - J. Hali Steele

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas

It's here! Not a big fan though as it heralded winter, or vice versa. Too cold to go out, too cold to do a darn thing... Wait - reading, it's always a good time of year to read and I happen to have two Christmas stories! - HOLIDAY BLUES:
Two men who love each other, add one woman…

Pennington Seevers picked the same all-inclusive island get-away the very woman he wants to escape also chose. Partner, best friend, and lover, Rory Burton, is along for the trip and though they enjoy sex together, even love each other, Rory insists Pennington is more than attracted to Headley Etta Xavier and accuses him of not wanting to share as they often do.

Headley Etta Xavier who goes by the name Hex knows involving herself with her boss, Pennington, or his second in command, Rory, might mean an end to her job so she takes her first vacation in years hoping to wipe both from her mind. Little does she realize the men she watches having sex from a hidden spot behind a tree is Penn and Rory. Worse yet, seeing them in the act doesn’t deter Hex, it makes her hotter than hell!

A holiday to remember or a case of holiday blues?
**Interracial MMF Ménage ** - THE GIFT:
Rad and Crayton— the same yet different. They meet as often as possible throughout the year to be together. Christmastime is particularly special; it's when they celebrate their bonding. Mermen, one born in the south Caribbean Sea, the other from frozen waters surrounding Iceland. Neither can exist for long in the other's climate.

Rad returns to his summer home in Pennsylvania, determined it will be the last time. The cold has taken a deadly toll on him. Cray can go no farther south, so they will have to give up their bonding celebration, and the Christmas holiday together.

Cray discovers a way to defeat Mother Nature but—is it too late?
**MM Romance **

Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday
Stay warm and read a good book!

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out. - J. Hali Steele