Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Immortal Redeemer series

UNHINGED – Immortal Redeemers 3
Coming March 20th to Changeling Press

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UNFORGIVABLE - at Changeling Press, ARe, Amazon, B&N
UNREDEEMABLE – at Changeling Press, ARe, Amazon, B&N

Not even love could tame the deadly creature inside him.

Nightshade Santone discovered The Covenant right under his nose in the eastern part of the United States. Tales were told of its power, and Shade planned to make the book his. He didn’t count on a feisty veterinarian getting in his way. The sexy as hell human willingly took Shade to her bed, and damn if she wasn’t keeping him there! Now, more than ever, he needs to possess the book and its secrets.

Kelsea Arden’s battle to keep animals safe and alive became a passion. One of a handful of humans privy to the secrets of Immortal Redeemers, she finally hoped to make a difference, but the untimely arrival of Shade Santone, a powerful immortal seeking the Covenant, was about to test Kel’s loyalty. The Redeemer not only unbalanced her heart and her life, he gave Kelsea a new purpose -- capturing and keeping the raptor forever.

She returned with two steaming cups, and handed him an espresso.
“How’d you know?”
“I asked the young lady at the register.”
Shade dug into his memory for the last time someone did anything so simple for him. He gave up. Yeah, one extra night wouldn’t make a difference in his timetable. “Thanks.”
“Thank you.” She took a sip from her cup and glanced around the cafĂ©. “You shocked everyone confronting Big Jake.”
“Doesn’t happen often I take it?”
“Jake’s a mean bastard and he meant what he said.”
“So did I.” Shade stared at the woman across from him. “You’re not shocked.”
Her head tilted and she peered at him for a few seconds before a smile curled her lips. “Nothing an Immortal Redeemer does shocks me anymore.”
“Well, goddamn, I’m shocked.” He didn’t bother to mask his gold eyes when he picked up his cup and drank the black liquid. “You smell me?” His dick twitched. She knows what I am! Shade planned to use her to help locate and retrieve the Covenant, but now that may not be as easy as he thought since she knew what he was.
“Uhh-huh.” She took another swallow of coffee. “You probably smell them on me.”
“Uhh-huh.” He missed casual conversation with the usual women he chose to fuck. Damn if it didn’t make him hard.
“You’re here for a reason?”
He put his cup down, reached over and took her hand. “I think I found a reason to stay a little longer.” A perfect nose sat between high cheekbones and over lips painted red, lips he wanted to lean into and taste. She was breathtaking. Her laughter tinkled through the air, made him feel happy for no reason at all. “You’re not afraid?”
“Should I be?”
Shit raced through his mind. How far away were the male immortals he scented, how much time did he have? Hundreds of years fucking made sex something Shade did lately only to release pressure or break the monotony of his day-to-day life. He only selected those that discerned his scent. There were women all around the world, lots of them, but lately he picked them up in his club, screwed in his office without much conversation, and sent them on their way. Usually with a handful of money. Nightshade had not felt this alive in years, and it might take more than a night or two to get the woman across from him into his bed and out of his mind.
“I’m Kelsea Arden, the local vet.”
“Nightshade Santone.” He brought her hand to his mouth and kissed the palm. “At your service.” Christ, he felt like standing, and bowing.
In another time, he would have.

 Hope you enjoyed the excerpt!
Growl and roar-it’s okay to let the beast out.-J. Hali Steele