Friday, July 24, 2015

Three people desiring an immoral climax.


Three people desiring an immoral climax.

Every Sunday Jake Lester observes men in his congregation eye his fiancée, Dina Peters, when she walks to the front pew. One particular man, Carl Mercer, holds his attention. Jake envisions the black organist, pleasuring Dina, giving her something much larger than Jake ever could. Is it wrong to wish he could watch Carl touch and fill Dina, is it wrong to crave… Lord! Jake sported a hard-on so swollen it bumped the pulpit he hid behind as he preached the good word.

The righteous Reverend Jake Lester’s carnal yearnings didn’t lessen when he took his vows—they became stronger each time he denied them.

Could they each live out one fantasy…just one?

**Interracial ReligErotica ménage with first time Gay**

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The baby grand piano was his favorite and he would never forget the one he had a woman spread-eagled on tonight. Dina was a tiny thing compared to him and he couldn’t wait to jam every thick inch of hardness inside her. First, shoot his load while Rev’s hand worked him so fine. Fuck, this is hot! Every sense became ignited by having Jake watch him eat Dina out, and it would be even better knowing he watched when Carl slammed in and out of her cunt.
Coming up for air, Carl growled, “Stroke it, Jake, make me come.” Damn if the Rev wasn’t giving him the best hand job he had ever experienced, and believe it, many women, as well as Carl himself, had jacked him off. “You know how to pump my cock, man.”
The Rev’s hand worked double time, so did Carl’s tongue. Dina squirmed against his face, gave him everything. “Aww, yeah, sweetheart, give me more,” he mumbled against swollen nether lips banging his mouth. When she screamed his name, told him she was coming, Carl was ready too. Cream seeped from her as ropes of hot cum jetted from his dick splattering the floor. “Oh, shit…shit…shit,” he mumbled. “I want you flat on your back so I can climb all up in this.” Carl returned to licking her crease taking every drop. Standing straight, he said, “Bedroom and damn fast, Rev.”
“Yes.” Jake stalked across the room in front of him and up the wide staircase.
Carl carried Dina with her legs wrapped around his waist, her face buried in his neck. The room was spacious and the bed, which he’d helped move in and assemble, was big enough for four people. Plopping her in the middle of it, Carl twisted to look at Jake. “This,” he tugged his dick, “Needs to be harder. Jack me off some more, Rev.” Carl didn’t fully evaluate his situation yet and why he wanted Jake’s hand wrapped back around his prick.
“Watch me make him hard for you, Dina.” Jake didn’t hesitate handling Carl’s junk one bit which spoke volumes.
What other things could happen between the men to make them both feel good? The thought had him jutting his hips back and forth not wanting to lose contact with Jake’s fingers. Damn, it felt fucking unbelievable. Carl studied Dina’s blue eyes as they took in his penis growing to full erection under her man’s ministrations. It pleased him to no end when she shuddered. “You’ll get every inch, sweetheart, as soon as Jake gets it hard enough.” 

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out.-jhalisteele

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