Monday, July 6, 2015

Club Evolve - Open the Door!

Three stories that will have you turning up the air!


At club Evolve there are no closed doors.
These guys want their men soft, consenting, and ready when they are!
So come in and feel the heat.

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Philadelphia Love, an interracial Club Evolve Brief is FREE in celebration of marriage equality.
Philadelphia Love
We are rarely proud when we are alone.--Voltaire
Cooper Lawson disliked parades and fanfare, particularly all the noise both carried with them. However, it was the fiftieth anniversary of the LGBT Civil Rights Movement in Philadelphia and his city was jam packed for Independence Day weekend, but the one face he would look for in the crowd would not be there. Elliot Binder had had enough of Coop and his indecision to last a lifetime. Oh, well.
Interracial Male/Male Brief

Other Books in Series:
Fix Me
One night more was one too many.
Zedidiah Mandrake lived for one-night stands. Screw them and leave them is his motto and it worked until he took Kerr Carmichael home. Handsome as hell and vulnerable, Kerr wore his heart on his sleeve. Zed knew in a matter of time he’d hurt him and he made it very clear he was not relationship material. Kerr played it cool; however, Zed went after him with vengeance each time he yearned to touch him, have Kerr in a way Zed wanted no one else to enjoy. Those times grew closer and closer together. Still, Zed warned Kerr—you can’t fix me.
Male/Male Romance

Sex After Mass
Bending rules lead to such hard things!
Lance Condroit made up his mind to do what he vowed never to do again. He overheard a conversation between two men outside the rectory about club Evolve and tonight he would see it for himself. Lance reached the upscale men’s club, removed his hard, white collar, and placed it in his jacket pocket. Entering the door, he was quick to blend into the crowd in search of a little piece of Heaven right here on earth.
Male/Male Erotica

Boy is Pretty
How do you give back what you asked for?
Pierce James asked a friend to introduce him to Sanders Cain but he didn’t ask to be belittled by the prissy bastard. Nor was he interested in having his old college roommate’s leftovers, and if it meant curtailing his visits to club Evolve—so be it. Somewhere in Los Angeles is another place he can seek what he desires…
Male/Male Romance

Growl and roar-it’s okay to let the beast out.- jhalisteele

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