Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Three Hellacious Sons of...


Slip beyond the gates of Hell!
Hellacious is a series of 3 short, irreverent, erotic, and funny novellas about triplets, all sons of Satan, whom are restless and looking for love.

Hellacious 3-Firstborn

Hell is no place for a human…unless they’re dead!

Wicked Sathariel, the eldest son of Satan, has finally met his match, and at the oddest of times, she turns up in his head. Accustomed to having his father and siblings rummage through his mind, he can’t handle his woman seeing his hellacious thoughts. And when it becomes clear she’s heaven bound – all hell breaks loose!

Lori Thornton’s psychic ability is new, and never one to control her temper or her mouth, she often finds herself in bizarre predicaments. One such event is meeting Satan’s first-born and calling him a pretty boy. When his eyes fill with hellfire and he releases horns, talons, and the long, leathery, forked tail that swings treacherously toward her, Lori knows her life is about to spin deliciously out of control.

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“I -- you see, well… Damn it.” She was at a loss for words. Kinky jumped in her mind right beside ménage and all the crazy things she wanted to try with him. Who better than Satan’s son, right? After all, he couldn’t call her…
Oh, you are nasty, and I like it.
The chuckle he emitted rolled around and around in her head. It was nasty, and not something she wanted to divulge to the two women staring at her across the table.
Tell them you want me to smack that ass. Tell them you want to feel my devilish tongue in your pussy.
You know what? You tell them. She grinned, thinking herself safe sitting here with friends who had a tie to two of momma’s boys.
The stench of sulphur burned her nose and made her eyes water. She rubbed at them with a napkin, and when she looked up, there he was.
Pulling out the chair next to her, he sat down and stretched his long legs under the table where muscled thighs touched Lori’s. “Always good to see my brothers’ women.” His mischievous grin only improved his sex appeal.
Marcia waved him off. “Don’t start any shit, Wicked, I’ll call Slick.”
Wave nodded. “And Sly.”
“I’m wounded you think so little of me.” He turned his vibrant blue eyes on Lori. “Surely, you think better of me, lover?”
“I’m not your lover.” But, oh God, she wanted to be.
The room shook, rattling the glasses on the table. “You will be.”
Her cheeks grew warm, and she damn near whimpered when he flashed his charming smile in her direction.
“And I’ll do almost everything you want.” His hand touched her thigh beneath the table. “I’m sure you know not to use his name in the presence of any of us. Pops likes to be number one.”
“Go to hell.” Sweat dripped down Lori’s back.
“With you, any time.” He eased his hand between her legs. You’re wet.
The room and everyone in it stilled. Slick appeared behind Marci, and Sly plopped into the seat beside Wave. “I don’t know about Slick, but I’ll be damn if you’re going to terrorize my woman.”
“Slick, little brother, help me out here?”
“Hell no, Wick, Marci’s not comfortable with the way you’ve accosted her friend.”
Lori examined the fruity concoction in her glass, watching as condensation slipped down the side and formed a puddle on the table. It made her think of how a pearly drop might look easing over the crown of Wicked’s cock.
Look at me, damn it.
Her head snapped up.
Should I tell them about all your kinky fetishes, honey?
Wicked, please, don’t.
One night.
Then you’ll leave me alone?
He looked from one person to the other at the table before he spoke aloud. “After tonight, if Lori doesn’t want to be with me, I’ll leave her alone. Forever.”
The others at the table zeroed in on her and Marcia asked, “Lori, you okay with this?”
Unable to form words, she nodded. Wicked moved quietly in her psyche, mentally caressing her nipples. He kissed her neck and sucked her pulse until she couldn’t breathe. When she felt an imaginary finger slip into her vagina, she rocked forward on the chair. Please, not here.

Growl and roar-it’s okay to let the beast out.

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