Sunday, September 30, 2018

Do It Now!

LAST DAY! CLUB EVOLVE is .99ȼ. Hurry, sale ENDS at midnight.

Meet Lance Condroit from SEX AFTER MASS --

Bending rules lead to such hard things!

Lance Condroit made up his mind to do what he vowed never to do again. He overheard a conversation between two men outside the rectory about club Evolve and tonight he would see it for himself. Lance reached the upscale men’s club, removed his hard, white collar, and placed it in his jacket pocket. Entering the door, he was quick to blend into the crowd in search of a little piece of Heaven right here on earth.


Fire coursed down his throat and into his stomach where it swirled in the empty pit leaving him breathless. Lance Condroit had drunk nothing stronger than communion wine since he left seminary and his intention was to savor his brandy, enjoy a flash of confidence he hoped his drink would bring. Lance had not expected the dragon blast of heat choking him as he twisted away so as not to splatter the bar and the men on either side of him. Liquid left in his mouth splashed the stranger who had jostled him from behind and caused Lance to gulp the strong liquor in the first place.
The same stranger he’d stolen looks at across the crowded room.
“Jesus Christ, I’m sorry man.”
Struggling to stem sermonizing words about using the Lord’s name in vain only choked him more. “My fault,” he finally sputtered.
“It’s just a tee shirt.” He reached around to grab napkins from the bar top and Lance stifled a groan at how delicious his cologne smelled as it assailed his nostrils. The man dabbed his shirt before he pushed a handful at Lance. “I’m staying at a hotel down the block.” Lines crinkled corners of blue eyes level with Lance’s which meant he was at least five feet ten inches tall. “I can’t be arrested for drunk driving if an officer nabs me jaywalking.”
The mention of clothing drew Lance’s attention downward. A black tee did nothing to conceal muscle lacing his torso and as he glanced further, Lance took in strong thighs covered by denim. “I apologize.”
“Pierce James.” He extended his hand.
Lance grasped it, “Lance.”
“Ah, you’re from around here.”
“How’d you know?”
“First name only is usually a good sign someone is from the area.” He shrugged. “It makes it harder to locate you should anyone attempt to.” He smiled and took tattered napkins from Lance’s hand and placed them on the bar. “I’m in town on business.” Signaling the bartender, he asked, “What are you drinking?”
“Brandy, but I’m okay.” Lance hoped he concealed tremors of desire running through his body. “So, you do this often?” Probably shouldn’t have another. He yearned to reach out and touch Pierce’s chest, feel his body. Such a long time—too long.
“As often as I like. You sure about the drink? You might want it later.”
On second thought, Lance wanted another. Most of the first one was on Pierce’s shirt and the floor. Perhaps it would settle nerves frayed with excitement. Pierce spoke with the bartender and Lance took the opportunity to continue his perusal. Mid forties, good looking as well as athletic, and from the firm, callused handshake, Lance could tell he worked with his hands. Closer inspection revealed he didn’t wear a common tee shirt, and the name on his jeans indicated Pierce’s outfit wasn’t run-of-the-mill. Gray streaked otherwise dark hair worn neck length and Lance would have bet his meager salary Pierce visited a stylist earlier which made work-roughened hands an anomaly. Lance stole a peek at his crotch and sighed inwardly. Swollen, beckoning—please, please, let this happen.
Hard to believe a mere hour ago, Father Lance Condroit had said five o’clock Mass.
Lance blinked and shook his head. “Excuse me?”
Pierce’s soft laughter eased down Lance’s spine and relaxed him a little. “If I hadn’t been checking you out from behind, you may still have your first drink.”
“Yeah, you. I saw you watching me.” He ran his knuckles over Lance’s chin. “There’s a lot happening in those brown eyes.”
“First time at Evolve?”
“Yes.” The men’s club situated in Los Angeles was far enough away not to run into a parishioner, though he did learn about Evolve from two gay members he prayed did not show up tonight. Lance’s small congregation did not discriminate against anyone for any reason and he meant to see it stayed that way.
“Nothing to be nervous about. I know the owner and you can be sure Evolve and those who visit are discreet.”
Nerves and indecision had kept Lance from observing his surroundings upon arrival. Pierce’s quiet, calm manner continued to relax him. Glancing about, he noticed couples sitting at open tables laughing and talking, while in more secluded booths along the wall nearest the corner of the bar he rested against, men kissed or just held hands.
“You okay?”
“I haven’t been with a man in five years.”

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out. - J. Hali Steele

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