Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Tuesday Talk

How about a day where characters from different books are interviewed? I'll start with an old, old post with Jag Arizon from WITH EXTRA CREAM and his best friend, Leron Wilder, from HOT TIN ROOF. The men are jaguar shifters from the Kind species--big cats infected with vampyre blood--their growl is as big as their bite! Each story is now available in a box set at Changeling Press and most other ebook outlets. Changeling has the better price and they'll have your format or lead you to all the places you can purchase a copy.

I’ve never missed MCs as much as these guys. Hmm… A story to reunite them all one last time? I don’t like Christmas so they don’t either. Maybe Valentine’s Day? Too late for that and, no, buying flowers, candy or dressing up to go out for dinner isn’t their thing at all! 4th of July with lots of  fireworks? That’s an idea I’m going to float around in my head. Oh Lord, it's floating...

Meet Jag and Leron:

“Hello. My name is Jag.”
“Dude! Why you talking like that?”
“Shut up, Leron. J. Hali asked me to do this. I brought you along for moral support. Don’t give me no shit.” He shook his head. “I knew I should have asked my lady to come with me.”
“You sound like a freaking robot. That’s all I’m saying.”
“Can you do better?” Jag was pissed.
“Yeah, here you go: What’s up people? Glad you stopped by. See, something natural like that.”
“Oh, right, that was so much better.”
“Hey, Jag, can I tell them about my book – HOT TIN ROOF?”
“That’d be great, man. They know about me and Barbara from WITH EXTRA CREAM already. Go ahead. Cripes, what the hell, Leron…why’d you change to your beast?”
Because I can. I like this freedom. How long is J. gone for?
“Who knows and get out of my head. She’s usually around. Wait, what if she doesn’t come back?”
So what? Hell, if she comes back she might want to be writing about Trent or something else totally. She’s always going on about those freaked out angels.
“Hey, did you lose words in the edit thingy?” Jag asked.
Leron nodded his large feline head and changed back to his vampyre form. “Yup. Not too bad though.”
“Damn, man. Cover your ass. What if someone walks in?” Jag’s brows raised and he peered at the mirrored glass around the small room.
“Who’s coming in here? It’s hardly big enough for us.”
Jag relaxed a little. “Tell us about your story.”
The smile that covered Leron’s face was pitiful. Jag laughed long and hard at his friend.
“She’s hot, Jag. Everything I want in a mate is wrapped up in that one gorgeous bundle. She’s tall as hell, too. I like that. What if she doesn’t want me?” Leron’s eyes bugged out. “Hell and damnation, I just thought about that.”
“I don’t know if the people care how she looks, dude.”
“Screw ‘em then. I’m not telling them anything if that’s the case.”
Jag’s clothes disappeared, a growl to wake the devil erupted from deep in his chest and thundered through the tiny interview space. Fur traveled up his naked torso, Rosette-spotted hair raced up his arms. Claws protruded from large paws that slammed to the floor and shook the room.
Talk about the story or I’ll bite your ass off.
“Oh, it’s okay for you to screw around in my head?” Silence. “Christ, you’re serious?”
Yeah. I promised J. I’d do this for her. I’m gonna do it right.
“Okay already. Let me see…how about I do one of those blurb things she’s always writing?”
That’ll work.
“You’ll be sorry you didn’t let me describe my babe. She’s hot.”
Shut up and post the blurb, Leron. Damn, Trent wouldn’t have been this bad.
“Why don’t we just send them over to Changeling Press? They can read blurbs and more plus they’ll find links to other places to buy us…err…the books.”
Jag had resumed his human-like appearance. “Sounds cool.”
“Thanks. Now they’ll have to see Cory anyway.”
“Jeez, it’s not like she’s as good looking as Barb.”
“You heard me.”
All hell broke loose. An unearthly sound traveled halls of the small studio as jaguars clashed together in battle. The room’s walls vibrated. A crashing sound was followed by explosive pops and smoke as electrical equipment tumbled from racks.
Unbeknownst to the male combatants, two women watched from the other side of the glass.
“Should we break it up?”
Barbara smiled at Cory. “Let them fight it out. We get to fawn all over them afterward.”

Visit Changeling Press:  https://tinyurl.com/y8gobdob


Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out. - J. Hali Steele

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