Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Bit by Bit...the end looms!


“Right?” Zel attempted to lighten the mood. “Jordy’s barely owned this place for a couple months and he knows more than the locals.” Grinning, he added conspiratorially,“Hair growing outrageously is not only a bit much, it sounds supernatural.” Zel, fluttering fingers in the air, whispered, “Woo ooh, woo ooh.”

“Stop, it’s not in the least funny.” The blond sipped beer. “Next thing you know he’ll have dragons circling the ramparts.”

“Every time he tells the story, I actually love the part about long, flowing hair." Zel's voice softened. "It reminds me of someone I once knew.”

“Not the bit where a child has been consigned to a wheelchair or a stranger completely vanished. That’s not funny.” He stared into his ale. “A mother locking a child up, it’s, well, they don’t know how horrible that could be.”

Zel grew serious. “I worried about you when you didn’t return after our last semester. I figured things worsened for you.”

“I’m glad I told you about the affliction. Finally got medication under control but not before there were whispers and rumors all around town.” He peered at Zel. “That tower is a damn curse.”

“I think the lighthouse is beautiful.” Comment met with stony silence. Zel hunched shoulders. “Wish your cousin didn’t have to leave suddenly.”

“Poof, she vanished.”

Wishing his friend would smile, Zel added, “She was a tremendous help.” Fishing out money to cover their meal and a generous tip for their server, Zel commented, “Waitress does look as if she had the fright of her life last night.”

“Jordy’s tale doesn’t help.” Running a hand through flaxen curls, Zel heard the man whisper, “Don’t forget to set the alarm tonight.”

(to be continued)

What really occurred at the point?
Why did the cousin leave?
Who or what does the alarm deter?

Stay tuned Friday for the last installment.

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out. - J. Hali Steele

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