Wednesday, August 8, 2018

WIP Wednesday

Gage, or at least Sarah, will not shut up and my fingers are flying over the keys. Here's a peek at what's happening --

Disciple's Descendant 8.

One woman he can't manipulate--all hell breaks loose!

Gage Harrow knows legions of angels and, aside from one, they're all fallen. Depraved creatures slip into his sphere daily and he must stem the influx. Aligning with one angel planning to regain his place in Heaven, Gage has to deal with his general who also happens to be his daughter. Fearless and competent yet she questions every move Gage makes with the disciples' descendants.

Sara is the daughter of Sariel, a powerful angel who controls legions and, as his second, so does she. Damn Gage Harrow if he thinks to usurp her place at her father's side. Unable to breach his mental shields, Gage stymies Sarah at every turn. Comprehending the importance of feminine wiles, she plans an all-out attack to win him to her side.

Don't expect Amen because it's only just begun...


I see you. His whispered words had not left her mind for an instant. Had she not been busy rousting Lucifer, she’d have given him hell along with a dose of pain he wouldn’t forget as quickly as he did meeting her.
Sarah couldn’t replace him nor his mercury gray eyes in her memory. No matter what she did or thought, he resided uppermost in her mental path. Brown hair laced generously with golden streaks added to his air of strength and wisdom. Narrow hips, long legs and broad, strong shoulders haunted her dreams. He’d stood by silently and watched her deal with Lucifer but Sarah had no doubt he could not have handled the situation if he’d had to. Seeing fingers wrapped around his cane, thumbing the sapphire, it all had Sarah wondering… Lord!
“Damn you, Gage Harrow.” How dare he walk away from her without another thought.
Gage’s neglect angered Sarah.
The man in her mind and in residence today had visited her father numerous times and never once asked or made reference to her.
Reparation drew near and Sarah, as her father’s second in command, should have been made privy to each conversation held yet, as if she were merely a woman, she’d been relegated to lesser duties each time Gage called on the angel who headed the movement to return those fallen to their rightful place above. Sarah felt lucky she’d not been sent on some trite duty today. Dressing in business attire, she planned on making an unannounced trip to offices below. “You will not usurp my position alongside my father.”
But how to stop it?
Gage’s involvement with the descendants of Jesus’ disciples was lauded by many in her father’s sphere. The man had practically opened Heaven’s gate for them by his stoic service to God. To date, he kept mankind safe from hellacious demons and Lucifer. Not only that, he’d used his employees in a manner that eradicated human’s undeserving of life.
How much power did he wield? And with her father’s gift, what magic had been added to his already overflowing arsenal?
These things Sarah would discover she just wasn’t sure how to go about it. There were others who, though they could assist, might be loyal to a party unwilling to see the Watchers return to God’s service. They’d been outcast for a reason with the most blatant being coupling with earthly women and blighting humans with Nephilim.
Worrying her bottom lip with teeth, she jumped and bit into tender skin when summoned by Sariel.
Sarah, join me.
Appearing in a modern conference room with a large table flanked on either side by three high backed chairs, she was taken aback at seeing Gage perched on the end of the table. “Did your mother not teach you it’s rude to put your ass on someone’s table.”
“My mother taught me many things.” His grin further exasperated Sarah. “As we couldn’t afford a table, no, she failed to mention that.” He stood and strode to where she was and pulled out a seat. “Wouldn’t want you to think I’m a philistine with no manners.”
Sarah seethed noticing her father lean forward and bend his head to hide a smile. She pulled the chair out beside the one Gage held and sat crossing her legs. “I’m not a child and I’m capable of seating myself, thank you.”
“No, Sarah, you are not a child.” Gray eyes traveled the length of her legs before settling on her eyes. “That’s not a mistake I’d ever make.”
Sorry she hadn’t dressed in slacks and a tee shirt, she grasped the hem of her fitting skirt and tugged it down an inch. It would go no further. Shit! She trained attention on Sariel. “Father?”
He sat back in his chair and eyed Sarah. “As my second, I’m going to ask that you spend time with Gage to learn how TD Inc. operates. It will be good for you to have firsthand knowledge of the disciples’ descendants.
Using her father’s name would demonstrate his power and Gage would understand she thought of him as a leader. “Sariel, I can gain information in many other ways.”
“Sarah, I insist.”
She jumped up and glared at Gage. “This is your doing.”
“No, Sarah, in fact, Gage didn’t feel it necessary to have you in his home.”
“In his home…” Wait. Now she was livid—he didn’t want her in his home?
“You will have the opportunity to learn much.”
She faced Gage. “I’m not commiserating with a bunch of women who don’t understand the importance of the battle we face.”
Gage reached for his walking stick from which the sapphire now sent shafts of light darting around the room. He walked to the door and opened it. “Layla, Petula, Sinalia, they are all valuable and will be strong opponents when the time arises. You already recognize how Demise will lend significantly to leveling the playing field.” Gray eyes grew molten. “If you fear camaraderie with real women, by all means, use one of the other ways you feel will be better suited to your… Disposition.” He looked past her at Sariel. “Thank you and we’ll meet again very soon.”
The room grew so quiet, Sarah heard puffs of air leaving her nostrils. Twisting, she realized her father had left also.
“That bastard will rue the day he met me.”

Death is overrated as punishment. – J. Hali Steele (from The Descendants)

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