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Throw it back

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During a recent release party someone mentioned Purple P Rose. So, in case you missed (or miss!)  her, thought I'd bring Purple out and let you spend a minute or two together. She's been boxed up all pretty at Changeling Press in a set called SCREWED and SCREWED AGAIN!

Changeling Press and Amazon and B&N - she's lots of places!

Here's Purp --

An irreverent poke into the world of Women's Erotic Romance.

Private Investigator Purple P Rose's latest case has her visiting the city's seediest nightspot, the Mons Venus, with partner and boyfriend, Richard E Rection. They're unaware there's a new and sinister being in town -- Peter Hard, a vampyre who's chosen Purple to be his.

When Richard goes missing, Peter, the local vampyre enclave's king, believes he knows the culprit responsible. Purp and Peter are hot on the heels of the vamp who has Dick, and he may be rogue. Peter will return him -- if Purple still wants Dick.

Their lives will never be the same again.

We kinda doubt yours will,either.

Excerpt from SCREWED:
That’s when Dick saw the fangs. Motherfucker! Vampyre. “Purp, are you okay?” He struggled to untangle Boy from his body and sit up. My God, this couldn’t be happening. Could the teeth be fake? Halloween come early? “Purp, talk to me.” She stood beside Peter and stared at him. Dick was at a loss for words. A nightmare. It had to be some horrible dream.
“Dick, shut up. You’re not dreaming and it’s not fucking Halloween.” Purp finally spoke to him. “I’m fine. Really. Thanks to your ass, I’ve never felt better.”
Dick took in her pale skin. That’s when it hit him. “You bastard, what did you do to her? Did he hurt you, baby?”
Peter twirled a loose curl of Purp’s brown hair in his fingers. “As she told you, she’s never been better. You see, I needed you to get to my pretty. She belongs to me. It remains to be seen if I’ll let you or anyone else touch her again.”
“We’ve just had this conversation, Pete. I decide whose cock I suck and who I fuck.”
Dick watched Peter’s mouth stretch into a smile. “That’s my Purple Rose. Always such colorful language. Ahh, I’ve wanted you for so long and the wait’s been worth it. Remember one thing, pretty, that’s my pussy now.”
Peter strode to the big windows. He flinched a little from the bright light, but not much. Vampyre. How did he move in daylight at all? Shit! Where did he even come from? This had to be a nightmare. These creatures couldn’t really exist.
We do. We’ve shared your world forever. Most of us mean you no harm. As with humans, some do.
“Why can I hear you in my head?”
“A small amount of my blood in your drink last night. And I had a little of yours this morning. You’re quite good. I need to keep you connected to me, if for no other reason than I like the taste of your dick.” Peter licked his lips.
“My Dick, you mean.” Purp flashed her new fangs at Peter.
“Pretty, you’ll be hard to tame. I shall enjoy this very much.”
“Fuck you.”
“You have, and so well.”
“How can you be in the light? Are there a lot of you in the city?” Dick had questions, but for some reason he felt no fear. He could never be afraid of Purp. Hell, she’s a vampyre now. It had begun to sink in.
“Much about us is pure myth. The light is annoying, but with age we overcome it. You should never fear, Purple, but be careful not to overstep your bounds with me, Dick. We shall all be happy for as long as I desire it. I eat food too. What’s for breakfast, by the way?”
“You’re beginning to get on my damn nerves with the possessive bullshit.” Purp was pissed. “If you want eggs and bacon, cook them yourself.”
“Okay, she can read my mind but I can’t hear her?”
“Correct and you never will. If you take any of her blood, I’ll simply have to kill you. Pretty is mine.”
“Stop calling me that. It’s so… I hate it. Purp or Purple, but the ‘pretty’ shit is pissing me off.”
“It’s how I shall address you. Although, I do like Purple. We’ll see.”
Dick watched Purp swing at Peter. Her hand didn’t connect. Peter held her wrist encased in what looked like an iron grip. Shit, he was fast. What the fuck! Dick still had a hard time taking this all in.
“Stop!” Dick told Boy, who the whole time had been massaging and pulling on his cock, which rose admirably to the occasion. Purple had a glow about her. She looked so damn sexy. That’s where he wanted to stick his cock now. Square in her pussy. I’ve become a fucking sex addict! No, he was a man whore. Or a man’s whore. Shit. Dick tried to focus.
The laugh that erupted from Peter jolted him back to reality. “Boyd, your ass is luscious, but you can leave now.”
Dick saw Boy’s eyes glaze over in a trance. He got up and disposed of the condom in the receptacle by the bed. He searched for his clothes, hurriedly dressed, and then banged the door of the loft shut on his way out.
“Hey, will he be okay?” Dick didn’t want anything bad to happen to the bartender. He liked the way Boy screwed him. His every thought had become of sex. It must be Peter’s blood.
“He’ll be fine, Dick. No harm will come to your new lover. He is good, isn’t he?” Peter still gripped Purp’s arm. She glared at him in fury.
“Thanks, he is good.” Dick scratched his head. This felt weird.
“We saw how ‘good’ he was to you.”
Dick’s face flamed red. How long had they watched him and Boy? Was Purp mad at having witnessed his debauched performance? His cock jerked against his leg. He gazed at her gorgeous body. She appeared so beautiful to him right now. Why? God, I want some of her.
She turned to look at Dick. A sneer began to curve her lips. Her gaze went back to Peter as she wrenched her arm from his hold. Dick watched as their eyes locked in a battle of wills. Without turning to face Dick, Purp asked him, “Would you like some pretty pussy, Dick?”

Excerpt from SCREWED AGAIN:
Relax. Meet my brother Benton.” Caldran rose and clothed himself instantly. “You two chat while I fetch the female back. Dick should have what he wants.”
“Hey, it’s okay…” His brother was gone before Dick finished his statement.
“Why have you come here to lie with him?”
“Whoa, buddy, who I sleep with is my business.”
“Purple is not happy. She’s concerned for your well-being.”
A myriad of emotions played across Dick’s face. His brow puckered and his cheeks reddened before he turned away. “I’ll talk to Purp,” he said. He climbed from the bed and rummaged around for his clothing. “Have you seen a black loafer floating around?” He dropped down onto his knees and peered under the bed. “Got it.” He stood, took his time dressing, and flopped into a wing-backed chair.
“Don’t you care she’s upset?”
“I’ll talk to her as soon as I get back. I needed some time away.”
Benton was flabbergasted this man could leave someone as alluring and delicious as Purple. “I suggest you hurry before they come to look for you.” He sat on the edge of the bed. “You don’t know my brother like I do. He’s up to something and it will most likely bring trouble to us all.”
“Hey, your petty squabbles are not my affair.” Dick ran his hands through his hair and stared at the door. “I’m not as acute as you guys but I think it might be a little late.”
There was a crash in the hall and Bent sensed the queen. Aww hell.
“Fucking A, can’t your dead asses afford electricity? Where are the lights in this joint?”
The door flew open and there she was. Where the hell is Peter?
“I can fool him sometimes, Bent. You were easy to follow.”
He’d protected his thoughts, yet she read them. “Shit.” This was not good. When Peter found her here, Bent would be blamed for being careless. This situation had to be repaired quickly. “How did you leave him unknowingly?”
“The same way women have done it for years.” She laughed heartily. “A damn good blowjob. Don’t worry, he’s still knocked out.”
“Take Dick and leave. I’ll handle my brother.”
“Handle me for what, little bro?” Caldran materialized in the center of the room. “Ahh, the glorious queen.” Another flash of light and Layla appeared.
I’m fucked. “Allow her to take her lover and leave, Cal. Don’t involve them in what you know will come.”
“Hold on, Bent, maybe Dick wants to be here,” Purple said.
This was one of those times he wished he wasn’t the second-in-command. Shit was going to hit the fan. Layla was circling around Purple with her hands clasped tightly together. He hoped they’d stay that way. “Layla…” Too late. The smile that danced on her lips meant trouble. She stopped dead in front of Purple and palmed her breast. Bent held his breath. The loud smack made him jump.
“Bitch, back off. Way, way off.” Purple’s eyes swirled red.
“Now, now,” Cal said. “No need for such language. You are our lady.”
“Only problem with that statement, is I’m no lady. She touches me again, uninvited, she’ll draw back a nub.”
Dick moved between Purple and the female vampyre. “Purp, I’m sorry… I should have contacted you.”
“Yeah, right. I can see you’ve been busy.”
“Don’t be that way. You haven’t had a lot of time for me lately.”
“Dick, you’ve damn near been with me every day. What do you want?”
Dick raised his hand to stroke her face. Bent moved to stand beside his queen. “We’re not the same anymore, babe. I’ll always love you. But things are different, you’re different. You don’t need me anymore.”
“I’ll always need you.”
“Yada, yada, yada. My lady, he’s with me now. So let it go. And shouldn’t you be home catering to our lord and master?” Cal’s voice dripped with sarcasm. 
“Who. The. Fuck. Are. You?

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out. - J. Hali Steele

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