Monday, November 5, 2018

A Hard Return

I've still got a couple books that I received rights back for that have yet to role out. HARD CASE returns this month!

It was one of my favorite big cat with vampyre bite books. Not sure if every author falls for one of their MCs but I fell for Case Tangara. I liked his snark and I laughed as he found himself confused and mind boggled by a snow leopard shifter with green hair! Tres Moran takes my cat on a merry chase toward love.

If you missed it the first time around don't miss it this time. I'll keep you posted with date.


Case Tangara can't believe his security expert hired Tres Moran, a snow leopard shifter, to manage his newest club and he sets out to prove she's unworthy. When he finds her, hand in her pants, in a voyeur's room... He comes undone. A white lion from the Kind species, big cats with vampyre blood, Case has honed his blood sucking ancestor's magic to a fine art. Using these skills, he samples her sexual delights.

Tres has her own plan, use the cat to forget her mysterious vampyre lover. She's drawn to both creatures for different reasons. The vampyre enjoys watching while the lion brings out a new side of her - performing for watchers.

“I don’t know who your girl is, but when she comes home, keep her under the porch. Don’t let her come back here. You probably shouldn’t come back either. It wouldn’t be good for your health.” She didn’t see the chair sticking out as she backed up. Tres tripped over the leg and went down and the wolf shifter landed heavily on top of her with a thud.
Oh hell, this is it, I’m dead.
Before Tres could budge, she felt the weight of the man pulled from her. She stood quickly and watched as Alek’s Kind friend held the beast in the air with his shoes dangling two feet off the floor. The smell of lion was so thick in the room she could taste it. His red swirling vamp’s eyes told the wolf all he should need to know. At least she hoped the dog read his eyes like she did. “Get out or die” was written all over his face. A shock wave of pleasure dived right between Tres’ thighs. What the hell?
“I don’t think the lady made herself clear. You are leaving, friend. And don’t come back. You got that?” He dropped the shifter to his feet hard.
The wolf nodded and Tres watched as he scurried to the door. If his tail was out, it would be between his legs. She turned to Alek’s friend.
“Thanks, I didn’t see the chair. Could’ve been a nasty situation. My name’s Tres, I manage The Looking Glass.”
She dusted her backside as she stared in the cat’s red eyes. Yeah, these dudes were real bastards. And in both forms they were vicious sons of bitches. Except for Alek, she steered clear of them. The one who stood in front of her should be banned from public places. Along with the smell of lion was the look of death. But he didn’t have the vile, putrid stench of a transgressor, cats addicted to human blood and emotions. The blood of their victims would be drained while transgressors remained in their vamp forms. They then became trapped in their beast gorging on blood and flesh until someone or something put them out of their misery.
Kind eyes were always variations of emerald green, and his were now back to the normal color of raw emerald, not too dark. They went well with ashy-colored hair which, punctuated by the much darker brows, looked even lighter close up. The chiseled planes of his face bordered on being gaunt, his straight nose complemented by high, hard cheekbones.
All of this came together to give him the look of one of those mysterious male models who graced the cover of romance books around the world. The ones you never really did see walking down the street. And his full lips—I got a place for them. This cat could be real trouble. He was definitely a lion, and if he lived there, he’d be king of the jungle.
She got wet and for the life of her, she couldn’t figure why. She reminded herself of all the reasons she shouldn’t be. Even now, she smelled the lion in him. As he stood this close, she saw she’d been right about the ripped body too, all sinewy muscle. Damn, his cock was hard and it bulged at the front of his pants, beckoning to her. She had to fight not to reach out and touch it. Being an animal could be a bitch at the worst of times.
“I’m Case. Glad I could help.”
“Looking for a job?” You can help me anytime with that hard-on. Shit, what was she thinking? “One of my guards left suddenly, leaving me in a spot.” She figured his answer would be no. But maybe she’d get lucky. He might have hit bad times or something. Tres doubted this as she considered the suit. If he was friends with Alek, most likely he was part of the Reign, and they took care of their own.
“Sure. I’m new in town. Alek can vouch I’m okay. We go way back.”
“Like I said, I’m in a spot right now. I’ll take your word for it.”
Tres was soaked. If her pants weren’t already wet from the vamp, they would be now. What the hell’s wrong with me? She was usually so composed. The night was young and she’d spent the better part of it drenched in her own carnal juices.
“When do I start?”
“Now. You can use my office to…uhh…whisk on proper clothes. Black shirt and slacks are all you require. No leather.”
“You wear leather.”
“I’m the boss. You’re not the cocky type are you?”
“No,” Case said. “I only wondered. I prefer slacks, no problem.”
“Good. The guard at the door can fill you in on how we operate around here. Mainly, keep your eyes and ears open for trouble. Stop it before it starts if you can and keep your hands to yourself. No use of the private rooms unless you’re on break, and you pay. Got it?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“And don’t be a smart ass. You can call me Tres.”
“Okay, Tres.”
* * * * *
Oh baby. Yes, I’m cocky and hard. And I’ll be inside of you the very next chance I get.
He was right about the opportunity. It had fallen in his lap. Enforcement everywhere had become a lot harder because creatures humans believed only existed in dreams were on the rise. Shifters in every form, cats, wolves and even angels and demons all vied for a place in the world.
The humans who sat in his club didn’t know they rubbed shoulders with the boogeyman or that they were under Kind protection. In fact, their hunters probably killed more of his people than anyone else. Whether lion, tiger or panther, many cats preferred their natural state and it made them an easy target. Killing a cat was only a matter of a bullet placed in any vital organ and death followed quickly.
And Alek was right. If he’d named the club Lion’s Cave, the wolf would have never pulled any shit. He’d have known he would be on his back in no time flat with the red glare of a big vampyre cat beating down on his ass.
He watched his manager head toward the office.
She exuded sex and her desire assailed Case’s nostrils. The fangs he kept hidden threatened to show themselves. His mouth remembered how good she tasted. His hands itched to get in her pants again. He couldn’t have planned this better himself.
Case already loved his new job.
A change into the proper uniform took him no time at all. He went in search of the guard to receive instructions on how to handle his new position. The security here did need to be beefed up. The incident with the wolf might have been worse.
Unlike his other clubs, this one was located in the remote high desert. Because of the very nature of the place, it would attract Kind from the compound in the area and a variety of normal shifters. Normal shifters. An oxymoron if ever there was one. Case understood clientele here would be a harder bunch to handle. The animal side of them made their primitive needs stronger.
Vamps were such deviant creatures, they pretty much saw to their own entertainment. They would consider The Looking Glass tame. But some would wander in after dark. That wasn’t a problem. They’d lived among humans for a long time now and blending in was second nature.
Protection of his business was paramount. For this reason, he had corporate stress Kind be hired. They could handle the shifters because they were animals too. The undead posed no threat to creatures just like them.
He believed his initial concern of a shifter managing his club was valid. No one would patronize a place they didn’t feel safe in. He didn’t think his new manager had a handle on all of this. He made a mental note to discuss it again with Alek.

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out. - J. Hali Steele

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