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White Blood - The Triumvirate

Vampires, alive and well, are feared by many and shunned for their strength, magical powers, and eternal life - but they are here to stay.

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WHITE BLOOD and I WON'T STOP: All Romance Ebooks bestselling vampire, interracial, and LGBTQ romances.

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In a society full of deadly vampires, discrimination of any sort should have no place. Yet intolerance continues to haunt Cayson Covett who returns to his hometown a changed man. He is a powerful creature who yearns to rekindle his romance with the black man he can’t forget.

Curtain, a small racially divided suburb of Charleston, is where Jackson Reynolds almost took Cayson’s virginity. Now Cay intends to give Jack what he wanted. First, he must see to the vampire Triumvirate’s request to punish not only vampires who seek to destroy humans, but he must disband or eradicate Curtain’s hunter cell—a bigoted group headed by Jackson.

An Interracial M/M Vampire Romance

“Glad you brought one for yourself. I want to talk.”
“One’s for Kene who I’m calling to come back so I suggest you leave before he gets here.” She scowled at Jackson. “You know he’s at his daddy’s place.”
“Who are you talking about?”
“From the description those idiots you employ gave Kene, it was Cayson who dropped into Shadows. You need to go to him, Jack.”
“You don’t understand.” He sat forward and massaged his pounding temples. He wanted to tell his sister everything. She knew he was gay and, God, he loved her for not divulging his secret.
“You’ve pined for that man long enough and if you don’t claim him, some sexy ass vampire is going to snatch him from under your nose.”
If you only knew. A picture of the sexy blond vamp standing beside Cay in the magazine rolled through his mind. “What makes you say something like that?”
“They’re not afraid to flaunt man love.” Marty had also told Jackson he’d do the right thing in his own time. That time careened toward him.
Women he encountered and occasionally dated never pushed. He thought they walked away because everyone in Curtain heard stories about him and his hunters. Hell, could he be sending some unknown signal that nothing in panties interested him? “Those bloody bastards.” He ran hands over his face. “I wish they were all dead.” For more reasons than one. How many had taken Cay?
“Jackson. Momma would turn in her grave. She always reminded us that, like humans, not all of them are bad and they deserve a place in God’s world too.”
“So I’ve been told once tonight.”
“Good. Cayson must feel as I do.”
Jackson couldn’t bring himself to tell her why Cayson felt the same. Like their mother, she exhibited tolerance for the bloodthirsty beasts. “It doesn’t matter now.”
“I think you’re lying.”
He was. Jackson wanted nothing more than to go to Cayson, finish what they started that night. Do things to him he only dared envision. Careful to go far from Curtain to relieve his base desires, men he picked up didn’t ask names. Fuck! Jackson sought Marty’s approval. “How would the others respect me if they knew I was…”
“Gay? Respect has nothing to do with whom you love, Jack. It has to do with who you are.” Moisture brimmed in her brown eyes. “Damn it, Jack, screw them. You deserve some happiness.”
“Funny how he never found out considering he knew of you and Cay’s friendship in school and his mother always liked Cay coming over after games. I think she believed he was happier away from his daddy.”
“Not sure anyone liked a white boy tagging along.”
Marty walked over and ran fingers over his thick hair. “Kene won’t walk away but if he does, he loses more than you.” She reached for her cell phone and pushed one button.
“You got him on speed dial?” That made Jackson grin.
“Unlike you, I don’t plan to let my man get away.” She poured on her sexy voice. “Hey, Kene, seems Jack has to run out so hurry back to keep my company.”
He stood and walked toward the hall waiting for Marty to hang up. He asked, “Did Momma…”
Marty nodded. “I hid scared to death when you thundered in the house and ran upstairs that night.” She walked over and clutched his hand. “I was never so proud of her when, after the sheriff told her everything with a nasty smile on his face, she asked that bastard if he was mad you had someone to love or was he just jealous it was a rich, pretty, white boy.”
“All these years and you never told me that?”
“You were very angry after that episode. I was afraid to mention Cay again.” She kissed his cheek. “He’s here now, Jack. Don’t let him go again.”
“I didn’t let him go, Marty.”
“His daddy did that, don’t let him win again.” Her eyes pierced him. “Because I think Cay might help you come to terms with how our world is today.”
“He can’t change what I feel about those monsters.” Tell her Cay is one of them!
“Stop labeling people, Jackson. Our government along with their Triumvirate monitors devious activities on both sides. Stop making it your problem.”
“I won’t let them hurt us.” He revealed his weapon.
“Momma believed love to be a powerful potion.” She hugged her body. “I pray she was right.”
“Where’s Esme?” He searched for a way out of giving in to his desire.
“She took a plate to the guesthouse earlier. Go, Jack, Kene will be here any minute.”
Leaving, he reached his car and stopped. Wind had picked up a little and Jackson swore even trees whispered the word—monster. Slipping behind the wheel of his low-slung sports car, it played repeatedly in his head yet it didn’t have enough power to stop him from barreling down the road and across railroad tracks dividing Curtain into a black and white map.
Jackson couldn’t leave Cayson alone. He wanted to and, Lord knows, he should because if others found out all hell would break loose.
Stepping from his car, he recalled times he had driven by Cayson’s house hoping he’d be there. After a few years, he gave up. Then the vampire outbreak arrived and taking up arms against those believing they had a right to drain life from humans helped him forget. Removing his gun, he dropped it on the seat before closing his door. Jackson mumbled to himself, “Please don’t turn me away.” He would lack courage necessary to come back again. He climbed steps two at a time. Cayson’s front door opened before he knocked and it felt as if Jackson’s heart dropped into his stomach.
Cay gazed at him and softly said, “I’ll never turn you away.”

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