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Repent in Love

Book 2 in the Angels in Love series.

Uriel, angel of repentance, wants Morta, the one woman he cannot possess. She is the Fate who holds power over life and death. A brief fling with her is not enough. He needs more than a warm body to extinguish the flames of desire—he needs to have all of her, body and soul.

Morta has burned for Uriel for centuries. But it can never be. She is forbidden to align herself with anyone, especially an angel. After a few fevered nights in Uri’s arms, she knows there will be no repenting for her sin yet Morta cannot let go of the only being in the universe who rocks her world.

Only one other angel has violated a similar commandment and survived.

A Romantica® erotic fantasy romance from Ellora’s Cave

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Samael and Morta’s duties kept them tied closely together in feelings and thoughts. She cut the thread of life but the Grim Reaper snatched their souls and delivered them accordingly. The devil got all the unrepentant sinners—humans and magical creatures alike. Sam enjoyed painfully dropping the bad guys at Satan’s door when their time was up. Morta had also seen another side of Sam, one that others seldom saw. He could be kind and gentle to children and elderly, whom he carefully delivered above to await Gabriel’s decision.
Her cheeks burned with anger right now because she knew Sam had instigated this foray into nightlife. “Why did you bring him here?”
“Don’t start shit with me, Morta, I like you and I’m not standing in your way. Why don’t you just fuck him and be done with it? He’d like that very much.” His eyes narrowed. “You just can’t have the mushy happily ever after bullshit, so be very careful. There will be no repenting.”
“What are you saying?” Apprehension slid down her spine. She locked her hands behind her back in an attempt to hide their shaking.
Samael didn’t make idle threats.
“If I’m sent for either of you, it won’t be personal. I will take you back. It’s my job.” His lips formed a slash across his face, his voice rattled. “And I’m damn good at it, babe.”
She searched Death’s face, the only angel whose eyes weren’t blue. They were silver and resembled a mirror. Anyone who peered into them saw their own true visage. If evil resided in any being’s soul, the hideousness was reflected back. She’d seen it drive some insane. Sam towered over most other heavenly occupants, his hair the same color as her snow-white tresses. Morta often wondered why she couldn’t want him instead of Uri. His buff body screamed loud and clear: I’ll be good to you. She often eyed the exceptional bulge between his legs. It surpassed any she’d seen. But being attracted to Death was difficult.
“I’d expect no less.” Mort shrugged. Her eyes shifted across the room to Uriel who held a human woman in his lap. He’d picked up Morta’s scent and his devilish blue eyes pierced her like daggers. An electric arc sliced through the air.
She fully entered his mind and the heat of his desire slammed into her. I want you.
I’m busy.
Suddenly shoved out, she snarled at his rejection.
Don’t play with me, Morta. I’ve waited more than enough years. Why now? His hand snaked up the woman’s short skirt and Mort felt his excitement at what he did between her legs.
She can’t give you what I can.
What are you offering?

Growl and roar-it’s okay to let the beast out. - jhalisteele

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