Saturday, May 30, 2015

Dirty Rotten Vampires

Hold Me Hard
Dirty Rotten Vampires 3

Vigier Stone fought tirelessly for supremacy of his kind as a member of the vampire council. After betrayal by a few, Vig goes to war again -- this time against demons seeking power and threatening destruction of all half-breeds including the one he desires. The demi-vamp has captured his heart and soul, creating an out-of-control master hell-bent on annihilating anything that dares keep her from him.

Kiwi breathed deeply, savoring the scent that caused her sister to scurry away. Could he breach Split’s spell and enter the apartment?
Come to me. Vigier’s voice in Kiwi’s mind was balm to her soul.
VigI… Why did she hesitate when she wanted nothing more than to be in his arms, in his bed? Had Tang’s words made an impression?
That was not a request.
Ki answered his command by transporting to the plush bedroom where Vig awaited her arrival. “I’m here.”
“Take your clothes off.”
* * *
Vigier hungered for Kiwi, and waiting for the vampires to leave his residence stretched nerves already rattled by her grandfather. His essence had hovered above The Cemetery, permitting snatches of conversation with Tang to reach his ears. Vig wanted to snap his fingers and send the scalding bitch on her way but his powers couldn’t invade Split’s voodoo-laced safeguards. Vowing to dig deeper into his friend’s mind to discover how he fabricated the intricate web that barred him from entering the abode beneath the club, he realized Tangerine had evidenced his nearness and departed, Vigier called Kiwi to him. Come to me.
He couldn’t enter, but she could leave.
Ki’s indecisiveness bothered him, but when she materialized in his bedroom and her scent filled the space, Vig sucked air nosily into his lungs as though he could take her inside himself, hold her there forever. Impatiently, he waited for her to cross the room to the chair he sat in. Ki’s nipples hardened, peeking through her bra and the thin top covering it while jeans encased her ass and long, shapely legs. Vig took this all in as she neared and his fingers itched to run through her short, almost black, unruly curls as Ki wedged between his legs.
“No magic.”
“If I wish it.” He wore only black slacks. “Remove one piece at a time.” His breathing escalated as Ki lifted the hem of her shirt and inched it up and over golden, lace-enveloped breasts. “Stop.” Vig leaned forward and pressed a kiss to her navel. An athletically toned body and soft, perfumed skin beckoned him to explore the tiny indentation. His tongue jabbed in and out, mimicking what he’d do to her with his cock. “Do you want me?”
“Yes.” She relinquished her hold on the shirt and pushed fingers through his hair. “You cut it.”
Vig grasped her ass and clenched his thighs, capturing Ki between them. “It got in the way.” He ran his tongue in circles around her belly button where, afterward, he laid his head and savored the warmth for a moment. “And you wished it.”
“You look like a petulant boy.”
Licking a path to her bra, Vig used fangs to rip the material, enjoying the way it made Ki tremble. “Is that why you blushed?”
“I blushed knowing what you’d do to me.”
“Will you like it?” He yanked the lacy material, dragging her down.
He swatted her ass hard. “Who?”
“Vigier, oh Jesus, Vig.”
“This is mine.” He shoved one hand between her legs and took great pleasure in the damp heat found in the seat of her pants. Sex always brought out Kiwi’s demon side, making her hot and wet. Vig rubbed his face against her stomach, wallowing in the heat she generated for as long as he could stand it. “Take off your shirt.”
Ki straightened and finished removing the top. “My bra?”
He watched as her nipples peaked even more in the coolness of the room. “Damn, you’re beautiful.” Vig reached up and tugged a bud roughly before rolling it between his thumb and finger. “So hot.”
“You make me hot.”
“Bend down.”
She leaned over and he grasped the nipple he’d pinched in his mouth, laving it with his tongue. Licking and teasing the nub until it grew tauter, if that was possible, he then nipped it with a fang. “I need to taste you.” Vig gripped her ass before savagely biting just above her left breast. A new flavor permeated Ki’s blood, which scalded his throat as it plummeted into his stomach. As if it were molten lava, it erupted violently and quickly made way into his parched veins, filling them with a tingling sensation.
“Oh God!” Ki cried, reaching behind his head and holding him to her.
As long fangs continued to draw from her heart, Vigier reveled not only in delivering pain Ki delightfully enjoyed, but also in the new, mesmerizing taste of nourishment she provided. He forced himself to stop. “Delicious.” Closing the tiny holes with saliva, he glanced up to see red swirl through the violet eyes scrutinizing him.

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