Saturday, May 2, 2015

Her Maine Stud

Her Maine Stud
(SOS Series #3)

Tyrant Blue Blade Runner, special agent with the U.S. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Special Outreach Services Division known as SOS, shouldn’t dally with a woman whose accident he perpetrated. Turns out Coral Gillespie is not only stealing cats from his property, she’s having some neutered! While monitoring the thief, her pert nose, saucy way with words, and generous swell of hips not only captures Ty’s attention, the wily woman may become his undoing.

Goddamn Gryphon! When he saw his brother, he’d demand to know why he hadn’t divulged information as important as Coral risking her life.
“You okay with this? You look funny.”
Ty tightened his hands around the steering wheel. “I’m fine.”
“Promise you’ll follow my lead or stay in the truck.”
Follow her lead! Christ, his ass was in deep shit because no way would he allow anyone to get within a hair’s breadth of her. “Sure, got it.”
“Pull over here. I want to peep in this guy’s backyard.”
“He’s got a shepherd he treats like shit. I’ve warned him once.”
“He doesn’t get a second chance?”
“Hell no.” She opened the door before he came to a complete stop and grinned at him over her shoulder. “Today, it’s the dog’s turn for a chance.”
After parking, he jumped out and trotted after her. Coral had already eaten up half the alley at a slow run. On her heels, he couldn’t keep his eyes off her ass encased in black leather. When she came to a stop, Ty slammed into the back of her and wrapped his arms around her waist to steady Coral. “Sorry.”
“Gee-willikers,” she hissed.
The words were so incongruous with her attitude and attire, Tyrant burst out laughing.
“Keep it down, he’s always home.”
She turned to glare at him, hands on hips. “You are.”
“I’m what?”
“Sorry.” She shook her head. “I can’t do this with you, go wait in the truck.”
“Like hell I will.”
“Tyrant! I don’t need you to back me up. I’ve done this for years.”
“Why didn’t I know about it?”
“Umm, because we just met?” Coral’s hazel eyes pierced him. “Look, you’re one hell of a specimen of man, but I could probably take your ass in under ten seconds.”
He grew more irritated with each passing moment. “Do what you have to so we can get the hell out of here.”
They reached a chain link fence with a hole only large enough for Coral to fit through, and she quickly folded her body and slipped into the muddy, garbage-strewn yard. She turned a corner and he lost sight of her. “Hey, boy.” Her soft voice slid down his spine and started his cock on a trip to bone-hard town. Christ! Not now.
He heard a gruff voice yell, “Gillespie, touch my dog, and I’ll knock your fucking ass out.”
“Okay, you know I’m here.”
A thud followed by grunting sent him into action. Jumping the fence, Tyrant ran a few feet and turned the corner to see Coral straddling a two hundred pound man and binding his hands with plastic cuffs.
“I’m leaving these a little loose.” She tugged the ties. “You can yell for your girl to cut them once I leave.”
“Another word, I’ll clobber your ass again, Jinks.” She tapped his face. “I told you he’d better look healthier in a week.”
“I feed him table scraps.”
“Jinks, he needs regular meals and fresh water. Don’t you get that?”
“One more chance, my kid loves him.”
“No more, it’s his turn now.”
“Fine. I can’t stand the fucker.”
“Then we don’t have a problem.” She looked over her shoulder. “Took you long enough. Loosen the dog’s rope and get him out of here.”
He got the dog loose and said, “I’m not leaving you.”
“Oh for goodness sakes.” She stood and nudged the man on the ground with a booted toe. “Don’t move until we’re gone or I’ll use this again.” She waved the nightstick in the air, and for the first time, Tyrant noticed blood running from the man’s nose.
Fuckin’ A, Coral was badass!

Growl and roar-it’s okay to let the beast out. - jhalisteele

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