Friday, December 17, 2010

December FUN



Continues, so does the contest--today's question is below! I said there would be surprises--and today one is happening. You'll have to enter to find out...*shameless grinning*

I promised a little history on how Shepherd's Watch came about. Growing up, I had lots of dogs, but there was one that became special. When I first saw him--I had to have him. My dad was not sold on the idea of spending money on a dog, or adding a large shepherd to our family. He said no. Needless to say, my heart was broken. Days went by, soon I went back to gathering neighborhood dogs and going on mock safaris into the woods.

One night my dad woke me up with, you guessed it, a furball in his hands. He was a carpenter and he'd made a deal with the man to do some work on his house in exchange for the puppy. That night, and every night after, until he was gone--Coco slept at the foot of my bed.

My dad passed away early this year, and for a while my writing didn't flow. One morning I woke up with a vivid memory of this, and Shepherd's Watch was born. *sigh* I miss them both, but in my mind--they're together somewhere in the universe, both watching over me.

I do have a video for Serviced (see below), and one that will combine all three books coming soon! I know, I're dying to see it, right? *laughing*

What 6 people am I having over for dinner?

You can find the answer in Selena Illyria's wonderful interview with me HERE. Email answer to jhalisteele at This time, the 3rd person to respond will win.

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out.-© J. Hali Steele


  1. It was my first dog that was memorable, a homely three-legged buff-brown dog with oversized ears and attitude (corgi, dachshund, terrier mix) who went by the name of Buffy. (not my idea) I can't remember a time as a child when Buff wasn't there. He was an escape artist who regularly frustrated my father. Our milkman swore that Buff could read stoplights. He died when I was ten, defending my mother from a vicious dog that had escaped from a neighbor. He was a great dog.

  2. Aww! Val, thanks for sharing...Buffy is surely watching over you!

    (psst - I'm on page 41--halfway there! :) oooh, oooh, oooooooh!!!)