Saturday, November 27, 2010

Changeling's most popular CONTEST ever...

is back!!
This year, Changeling is giving away Free Books For A Year -- Times Four!

* Twelve First Round winners -- three winners every week in December 'til Christmas -- will receive one free Changeling book of their choice.
* Six Finalists will receive two free Changeling books of their choice every week for the month of January.

Four Changeling winners will receive Free Books For A Year!
* Two First Prize winners will receive two free Changeling books of their choice every month for a year.
* Two Grand Prize winners will receive two free Changeling books of their choice every week for a year!

The best part -- there are no codes and no entry forms -- every $2.99 Sugarplum E-book purchased counts as a chance to win.

This year's Sugarplum lineup:
Sugarplum: Canine Christmas by B.J. McCall
Birthday gifts come in all sorts of packages and Joy Kingston's is a major surprise.

Sugarplum: Bitsy's Christmas Demon by Cynthia Sax
Sex with a Christmas fairy tops this powerful demon's wish list.

Sugarplum: Christmas Magic by Anne Kane
Tali hopes the Christmas Magic of the Sugarplum Ball is strong enough to get Jax into her bed.

Sugarplum: Mutts by Sarah Black
When puppies appear outside his door, everything Matt believed about Christmas changes…

Sugarplum: Just Wink by Bryl R. Tyne
"What haven't I made clear? Desire. Ecstasy. Satisfaction. In that order!"

Sugarplum: Christmas in the Zone by Isabella Jordan
Two guys, two gals, and an aphrodisiac under the tree…

Sugarplum: Kitchen Witch by Dawn Montgomery
Sex, magic, and cookies… what a treat!

Sugarplum: Make the Yuletide Gay by Lena Austin
Beware the cowboy bearing gifts, who may make Dr. Gary Lord's Yuletide much gayer than he'd planned.

Sugarplum: Mistletoe by Amber Kallyn
What's a great way to spend a night with your mate? Indulge and make his body your very own buffet.

Sugarplum: Blitzened by Elizabeth Jewell
Can a carton of eggnog and a bottle of rum kindle a dose of Christmas spirit between Nick and Ian?

Sugarplum: The Demon's Christmas Present by Leona Grey
Even demons deserve a Christmas present…

Sugarplum: Yuletide Spirit by Jessica Coulter Smith
The last gift Jenna expected on Christmas was two lovers who make her explore her sexuality.

Sugarplum: Bound for Christmas by S. Michael
Jenny's got the perfect present for her husband: a pretty boy toy, wrapped up with Christmas ribbon.

And now the fine print -- only we made it bigger.
* First Round winners and Finalists are eligible to win more than one prize
* Winners will be chosen from purchasers of books in the Changeling Press Sugarplum Series; each Sugarplum e-book purchase made in the month of December 2010 before the final prizes are announced counts as an entry.
* Prizes are available as Changeling Press E-books, to be downloaded from only.
* Free book download links do not accumulate, and will expire if not used.
* Winners will be announced December 31st at the Changeling New Year’s Eve Party, held on our Changeling Press Readers’ Loop.

Happy Christmas!

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out.-© J. Hali Steele

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