Thursday, February 7, 2019

There's always something...

Half way thru PAID TO PLAY, new $h!t slapped me! BLOODIED VENOM, a short—almost done. Hello Hail Patrascu, a descendant of Dracula, a Serpentine Vampire full of piss and venom! Wrote a short earlier, MERCIFUL BLEED, that will come first and soon. Cover story may change but not much. 

Take his blood—lose your life!

Hail Patrascu, an ancestor of Transylvania’s Draculesti family line, wields unique powers as the world’s oldest living vampire. Searching for death, he stumbles onto something phenomenal. Drinking venom infused blood, he not only possesses vampiric powers, he’s been imbued with those of an even older creature—a serpentine. A snake, heretofore unable to change form, is animated with Hail’s vampire blood and now the monster seeks a life of its own!

McCall Stephens, after one drink too many, witnesses something that sobers him up immediately. A beast so fiendish, it took the life of a man right before Call’s eyes and now it stalks him. Every day the pale being follows; he haunts Call nightly with erotic dreams. Each encounter tugs him closer to a dark abyss with impossible promises. Giving in, Call may lose everything—including his life!

Or will their wildest dreams come true?

A standalone short paranormal MM romance with coarse language, explicit sex, and an HEA. There is no cliffhanger.
Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out. - J. Hali Steele

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