Thursday, October 26, 2017

Me, You, and Who!

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Me, You, and Who!

Lise isn’t surprised at how Ron, her husband, gazes at Keaton but she is damned surprised how hot it makes her! The very idea of Ron bent over a table, Keaton’s muscular frame draped over his body taking him hard, fast… Sheesh! Lise can’t breathe thinking about it. Now to convince Ron and Keaton to do what she wants and let her watch. That is another thing altogether. Putting wheels in motion is easier than she dreamed when Lise plans a men’s night of sports on TV and more—much, much more!

This is a re-release with enhanced storyline.

**Ménage with MMF**

Lise opened the door wearing a low-cut filmy little dress and his knees weakened. Keaton was lucky they didn’t see his hard-on the last time and keeping his dick under control wouldn’t be easy tonight, not if Ron continued to smile as he did across the room.
Sundry comments at the beginning of their evening kept Keaton calm. How you been? Wow, dinner smells wonderful, this really tastes good—all that bullshit.
It kept his mind off Ron’s ass.
Finished eating, Keaton finally broached the subject of his leaving town to get married. “I’m so happy for you,” Lise said and then announced they should celebrate. “We don’t have any champagne on hand but I’ll run out and get some while you guys watch television.”
Keaton swore she winked at Ron before leaving. His imagination was getting the best of him or perhaps it was nerves knowing he’d be alone with Ron.
After she left, Ron spoke first. “No need in getting into a long game on TV, we can just watch a movie.” He got up and appeared to rifle through a stack of DVDs. “A good action flick.” Opening a case, he removed the disc and slid it into the player before coming back to sit at the opposite end of the sofa.
The picture blared to life in the middle of a scene with two men kissing. Keaton sucked in a lungful of air. Jesusfuckingchrist. “Wow!” His dick sprung to life as he silently watched two men tongue and lick each other’s mouths.
“Shit, sorry man, Lise must have mixed them up.”
“She watches this kind of…”
“Hell yeah, turns her on. Women aren’t as stuffy as we are about this shit.”
He studied Ron. “How do you feel about…about this kind of shit?” When his neighbor slid down the sofa, rested a hand on his thigh, air whistled through Keaton’s lips.
“Last week you felt how I feel.” His hand moved to Keaton’s crotch and massaged the hardness growing there. “I think maybe you feel something too?”
The scene changed to two women across the room eating pussy like there was no tomorrow and Keaton felt a drop of cum slip from the tip of his dick. From the corner of his eye, he noted Ron’s prick appeared fuller in his slacks. Keaton was leaving town, what could it hurt to experiment, try something new and exciting before he left. After he got married, he wouldn’t have this opportunity or this choice. “Me and my girl got tested together, I’m getting married, man. I don’t get this.”
“I’m married and Lise helped me ‘get it’. It’s all about sex and feeling good. Has nothing to do with the man you are. You should share it with your lady though. She might surprise you.”
Keaton’s cock bulged behind his zipper, begged to be released. The idea of the man beside him fondling his dick, squeezing and sucking it, had cum copiously wetting his boxers. What the fuck—go for it. Keaton moved Ron’s hand and undid his pants pushing them, along with his underwear, quickly over raised hips. He kicked them away with the shirt he had practically ripped off. Ron stood and removed his clothes. His thick cock was aimed right at Keaton’s mouth as he stroked and pinched a drop of silky cream from the slit.
“If Lise gets back, what then?”
Ron grinned as he stroked skin up and down on his cock. “She’ll probably join us.”
That was all Keaton needed to hear. 

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out. - J. Hali Steele

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