Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Disciple's Descendants

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Disciple's Descendant 1

Ander DeBaptist takes women to his bed satisfying them in every way imaginable. Possessing powers not only to read thoughts, he is able to change a person’s mind. Recruited by The Disciples, Incorporated in an effort to help those less fortunate, he meets one woman he can’t forget and should never touch; yet, giving her every pleasure he sees in her mind is all Ander thinks about.
Petula Clark desires Ander in a bad way but letting him into her life or her bedroom will spell disaster. Knowing what devastation each disciple’s descendant is capable of, her guardian who owns TD Inc. will never permit one to take Pet the way she craves Ander to have her. Pet senses the disciple’s leader holds tremendous power—enough to destroy any descendant—especially if they hurt her.

Smack that smile from his face or kiss it away, either would be a dangerous proposition. Careful. Knowing Ander DeBaptist, he would be doing exactly the thing he was warned against.
Reading her mind.
Glad for a reprieve while he went to the restroom, Petula Clark grabbed a folder full of papers and fanned herself. Hunk, yummy, handsome, to die for—all suited Ander to a tee. And talk about a package! The one between his legs would be a present well worth unwrapping. Unraveling his beautiful blond ponytail, have it fan over her face while he stroked inside… Jeez! One night with that man and she’d be happy for life. A dry chuckle drew her attention back to here and now. Lordy, how long had he stood in front of her desk? Ander looked as if he’d just as soon eat her alive as fuck her.
“Ahh baby girl, the smack or kiss would work for me.” Loosening his hair, fanning it around broad shoulders, Ander leaned close and gazed into her eyes. “As for eating, my Pet, there are parts of you I’d love to taste.” Unnerved by the smile he flashed, Pet’s cheeks grew inflamed. “Let’s skip right to the fuck you part. But first, where is he?”
“Uhh… I don’t…” Midnight blue eyes peering over the counter had her mind in total disarray. A loosened tie revealed three undone buttons and a glimpse of darker hair on a well-tanned chest. Her tongue flicked out, moistened dry lips. “He… He’s in his office.”
“Damn, I hoped you’d have time to open the package.”
The speaker near her elbow crackled sending the folder sailing from Pet’s hand. Papers flew in every direction, fluttering silently to the floor.
“Ander, you should be in the chair in front of me by now.” Of course, Gage knew he was here.
When Ander no longer looked directly at her, she was able to gather herself but not before embarrassment once again sent heat flaring from head to toe. “You’re supposed to stay the hell out of my head, idiot.”
“Babe, I read your mind but, sweet Jesus, the reaction’s all yours.” He leaned forward, “I like it when you’re wet.”
“My name is Petula and I’m not your pet, bastard.”
“Tsk, tsk. The boss know you swear like that?”
“I’m sure he’d like to know you read my mind,” she yelled as he disappeared around the corner. Pet’s panties were wet, and in five more minutes Ander could have convinced her that cows didn’t just jump over the moon, they stayed long enough to carve chunks of cheese... Good God, Pet had unquestionably gone bonkers!
The boss, Gage Harrow, sole owner of The Disciple’s Incorporated, was the only reason she worked for the company. He was the closest thing she had to a father and that, along with managing his affairs, afforded her Gage’s confidence and, above all, his protection. Pet Clark was one of a very small group who had the distinct advantage of knowing what each and every disciple’s descendant was capable of. Ander, always immaculately dressed, mixed very well with society’s upper crust and played with, or just played, the rich and famous. Gage found Ander among such people using his special abilities along with his southern drawl and charming smile to change their lives and minds to maintain his flamboyant lifestyle.
All the disciples were unconventional and weird. Yet, Ander remained the one TD Inc. employee she really wanted to know better. Not a saint by any stretch of the imagination, Pet enjoyed having a good time as well as sex. Like many women, she dreamed of a day when, with the right person and more than just fucking involved, her life would become absolutely perfect. That dream certainly did not include Ander. Hell, not a single descendant could lay claim to a relationship and they unquestionably could not boast of faithfulness. She’d be stupid to expect that of Ander, the most recent of Gage’s recruits.
Worse, letting any one of them into her life or her bedroom would spell disaster.

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out.-J. Hali Steele

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