Wednesday, June 22, 2016


       People often ask me where my book ideas come from, how do I think up storylines.

Most times I can’t answer them and if I do it’s with, “I don’t know, these things just live in my head.”

Does it get noisy and crowded sometimes?

“Yes, which is why it’s important I pry them out in the form of writing it all down.” I have a WIP folder that if printed would use reams of paper!

That’s usually when they tell me I’m crazy. Oh well. Really, I’m not crazy, at least I don’t think so, though I could be. WTF, now I’m wondering but that’s another story, another medication, another day.

I’ll try and explain. Seeds usually sprout while I listen to music and I am a fanatical enthusiast of New Age, Soundscapes, Relaxation genres. No words, only instruments and their awesome interpretations of various moods. Today I heard a song on my cable’s Music Choice channel by Aeoliah titled ‘Always’ from the CD Divinaura which caused me to run right over to Amazon Prime and listen again. Anyway, I then subscribed to Aeoliah’s YouTube channel. BIG mistake—I’ll surely find more inspiration than I need!

Here’s where I need you to follow me down the winding written road of storytelling to see how things hurdle into my imagination. Doing some promoting today, I took a look at Healing Hell’s cover. The picture includes a long wooden pier jutting over water. The image, along with listening to the song repeatedly, stirred this little piece out of my head:

This time she’d make it.

Having donned a warm, weatherproof jacket, she struck out for the spot she knew held a doorway to her dreams. Feet sank into soft, pink sand as she wound her way toward an outcropping of massive, jagged boulders and after circling countless mystical granite peaks designed to shelter the enchanted place, she sped toward her destination.

She could see it now.

In front of her oranges, yellows, and sun-setting purple streaked the sky over a meticulously built plank walkway with no end in sight. As she drew nearer, storm clouds began to gallivant overhead, fat rain drops pelted her as light disintegrated inviting darkness into its realm.

“I’m here.” His voice beckoned her onto the wide, wooden path stretching between tiny cabins sitting to either side on stilts. Would he, or had he already summoned those who resided there?

One step, then another, and another. She glanced over her shoulder and watched swells of ocean waves erase her lone footprints...

This time she’d make it.

This will now go into the overstuffed WIP folder entitled ‘Wooden Walkway’. Every so often I’ll pull it out and roll it around in my head and who knows, one day it may grow into a full-fledged novella.

The kicker—if you know me, you can be assured I will dig up the devil, one of his kids, maybe two or, perchance, find an angel willing to bounce back and forth from Heaven to earth and sometimes make his way into hell. Also, since we’re on the subject of things in my head, you should be forewarned if you do see it again she’ll surely have at least two men because perhaps the devil will bring a minion, and all I can say is the angel better have a male friend or he can’t come! Should none of these ideas pan out, I’ll bring in a big cat or wolf shifter and they can keep her company. Heck, they might want to play with her together despite their natural aversion to each other, shoot, they could even dally together while she watches. Hmm, a vampire or two! Should none of these ideas appeal to her—

I’ll kill her and put another woman in her shoes.

That’s all I’m saying.

Get out and enjoy the weather. When you return, read a good book.

Growl and roar-it’s okay to let the beast out. - J. Hali Steele

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