Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sex Scenes abound...

At the 2015 Sex Scene Championships over at Scorching Book Reviews!

Find one from Can't Touch This there today. Hope you enjoy it. I'll throw in an extra one for you here:

     He chuckled. “I think I found your erogenous zone.”

     “My neck.”
     He bent his head and touched her pulse with his tongue. “You taste good.”
     “Will you suck my blood?”
     “Jesus, you have a fucking thing for vampires or something?”
     “Yes. As a child I’d lie in the yard at night thinking a bat would swoop down and bite me so I could fly away.” Her words jolted another memory to the forefront of her mind and she smiled. “My mom called me her butterfly. She said someday someone would catch me in their net and clip my wings.” Her voice lowered. “It’s just one night, Cass.”
     “And then?” What was it she wanted to hear?
     “Maybe I’ll suck your blood next time.” He tweaked a nipple. “Maybe you won’t want a next time.”
     Is that what he thought? God, they hadn’t really done anything but why couldn’t she let him finish, let him show her how to enjoy submissiveness and pain? Harlow needed domination. It made her feel safe, protected. Right now she wanted his thickness deep in her mouth. “Can I suck your cock?”

     Castle had made up his mind to release her from the constraints of what society viewed as normal. He damn near laughed aloud remembering there was nothing normal about him and his life. He was a shifter who enjoyed Dom/sub relationships. He had never stayed long with one person and he surely never felt this much for anyone so damn quickly.  What was it about Harlow?
     “You can do whatever you want to me as long as you like it.” He twisted her face to stare into her colorful eyes. “Your eyes fascinate me.”
     “Heterochromia or as my Pennsylvania license states–dic.”
     “D. I. C. Short for dichromatic. Just another thing in my life making me feel as if I were a freak of nature.”
     “You’re not a freak, Harlow.” What jackass had planted that idea in her head? Probably some young fucker she dated who had no idea what a jewel he held when he had Harlow. Making her understand what she desired was not only natural but also wonderful and beautiful wasn’t going to be easy.
     “You think you know me so well.” She pushed away and came to her knees. “What do I want right now?”
     “Dick.” Castle pushed her down between his legs and his hips bucked up when her tongue flicked the head of his penis. “Jesus.” The heat and moisture from her mouth surrounded his cock when she took him so deep, he felt the muscles in her throat constrict. “Shit, you do that well, darlin’.” When one hand grasped and twisted his nut sac, he growled and shoved hard into her mouth. Grabbing the back of her head, he coaxed her up and down his length going as far as she allowed. Her tongue wrapped around his shaft, controlled what she took, and he loved how she groaned sending tiny rumbles to his balls.
     Releasing him, she asked, “Can I do anything I want?”
     “Hell yes.” Cass paid little attention to the sound of the drawer opening beside him; all he thought about was getting every inch of penis back in her mouth. Harlow eased away and he squeezed his eyes shut. “Aww, honey, don’t stop.” Feeling a clamp lock onto one nut made him lean forward and look between his legs. Another snapped in place on his other ball. “Shit, you’re full of surprises.” She’d attached tiny electric clamps to his balls. When she hit the button, a surge of energy made him cry, “Goddamn!”
     Her mouth covered him again and he jammed as much prick in her throat as he could without choking her. Gripping her thick hair, he again helped her plunge up and down his shaft, and each time she came up, he felt an electric arc stab his nuts. “Fuckkkk me!” Her finger played with the control sending a series of shocks, along with her tongue, that took him close to the edge of exploding. But he wasn’t ready. “Stop. Bring those up here.”
     She obeyed immediately.
     Straddling him with his engorged cock poised at her entrance, she handed him the clips along with the control. Cass clamped one of her nipples, and then the other. Gazing at her, he watched desire darken her eyes. “You are so damn hot, Harlow.” He pushed the button and she slammed her ass down taking his entire dick in her pussy. “Fuck me, honey, fuck me hard.” Up and down, she took more each time her butt descended on him. She leaned over allowing him to lick her nipples, suck the pebbled buds and bite them. Every time he pushed the button, a shock zinged his wet lips making him arch and stab his penis inside her. “Baby, aww shit, Harli,” he mumbled against her breasts, ready to send a load of cum deep in her cunt. “Can you come for me?”
     “God, yes.” Her hips gyrated and he thumbed the button longer enjoying the tremors causing Harlow to clench his cock inside her and swivel her hips even more. She pressed her breasts to his chest and angled her body to allow her clit to receive stimulation as she rocked back and forth on his shaft. “Cass…unnhhh…hold me…oh-ooh, God!” Cream pushed from her with such force, he needed to abandon the controller and grasp her waist to remain seated in her vagina.
     “Ahh, shit yeah, coming in your pussy!” Castle exploded, sending a jet stream of cum far inside Harlow. “Take it, darlin’, take my seed.” He thrust up and down sending every drop into her. “Christ, you’re good,” he mumbled. Finished, he pulled her until she lay flat on his chest. “Jesus, Harli.”
     “Hmm,” she purred, her mouth pressed over his heart.
     He ran his fingers through her hair. “You okay?”
     “Very.” She rubbed her nose across his chest. “You smell great.”
     “Such a wonderful toy. Do you use it when you’re alone?” She hunched her shoulders. “I want to know everything about you.” His lips still tingled from the electric shocks as he raked a hand through her hair. “I want to know what makes you feel good.”
     “Yes. Never be afraid of who you are or what you want.”
     “Like maybe I want more.”
     “We can try anything you desire.” He felt her head shake. “What?”
     “More of you, Cass, more of your time.”
     “As much as you need, darlin’.” Castle Briggs was fucked in more ways than one. He wanted more of Harlow and possibly all of her time. Feeling her heartbeat, he craved tasting her blood.
     Son of a fucking bitch—he felt like a goddamn vampire!

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out.-jhalisteele

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