Friday, August 21, 2015

Driver - Phantom Lure 1

Working on Captain, 2nd in the series and should be done in the next week. Look forward to lots of manlove on a cruise ship.

Driver, hurry, have me any way you want!

Phantom Lure 1

Paranormal Gay/Bisexual Romance, Voyeurism and Exhibitionism

He drives when the need arises; it's a ride Grange Stafford looks forward to, one that sustains his life force -- a ride that will end fulfilling every imagined carnal yearning.

The handsome man driving the bus on Roman Curt's route to work appears in an unrealized fantasy. What would his girlfriend think of his wanton desires? Roman envisions sharing more than her with the stranger whose intent green eyes observe him through the rear view mirror. Roman wants to be his lover too!

Read more under the Excerpt tab, and catch a bit of the next in the series under Conversation.

     “Get over it.” Con walked behind the bar and reached for a bottle of merlot. “I’m the only one who knows for sure, but every Lure surmises you’re the reason for the curse. Hell, Grange, you are the oldest.” He uncorked the wine, filled his glass and smiled. “We’re not complaining.”
     Grange flopped onto the sofa. “Doesn’t it bother you we don’t really appreciate pussy?”
     “Speak for yourself.” Con sipped his drink, and the look Grange had surely imagined became one of pure lust. “Though there’s nothing in the world like a hard, tight ass around my cock.” He rounded the bar, rubbing the front of his slacks. “Shit, see what you’ve done.” He glanced at Grange’s crotch. “Dude, you are in serious fucking trouble.” He sniffed the air loudly. “And it’s not her I smell seeping from your pores.”
     “We covet both because he did.” Satan, the devil, the creature Grange called Lucifer, created him. He sighed. “I tried to go back.” The other Lures came after Grange attempted to return below out of loneliness. Luc left them all with a supernatural thirst for anything related to sex -- it sustained them, allowed them to control and keep humans at their beck and call. “Bastard wouldn’t relent.” Lucifer saw to it Phantoms were never sated. They always craved more, needed more…”I was so lonely for any affection, even his.”
     “Surprised he didn’t roast your ass like he did your boyfriend.”
     “He loved me once.” Grange’s voice was barely a whisper. “But not enough to even allow Phantoms to remain together without wanting to rip genitals off.”
     “You loved him as much as anyone could love the Goddamn devil.” Con shrugged. “He let you have me.”
     First, the look in Con’s eyes, now his voice sounded as if he yearned for something more. “And every day I wonder for how long?” What the hell was happening?
     “Grange, he’d have booted you out of the harem sooner or later. What pissed him off is you left of your own accord.”
     “Do you think it hurts badly?”
     “A broken heart.”
     “Unfuckingbelievable! You did not fall for a catch?”
     “I hadn’t even touched him, I only looked and the craving ravaged me, almost dropping me to my knees on the museum steps.” Air huffed from Grange’s lungs. “He’s still in my head, Con… Shit, I -- I don’t know.”
     “Anyone close by you can hook to test your theory?”
     “If you’re caught, you won’t want anyone else. You’ll just wither away and…”
     “Vanish. I know, I know.” Grange stroked his chin and remembered the man downstairs. Mister Metro Sexual. “He probably waxes his entire body.”
     Con had slithered further into his mind. “Your preference for scruffy blue-collar types baffles me. That’s what comes of driving a damn bus.” He laughed as he removed his clothes and started to masturbate. “Personally, I prefer a man who cares for his body. Bring him on before I have a go at you.”
     Grange found the slight bend in Conner’s thick cock irresistible, and his dick did jerk at remembering how well the Lure could fuck him. Maybe he wasn’t lost yet. “I should suck you off first.”
     “Sounds wonderful, but let’s try your hairless catch.” Con’s penis head glistened as he continued to jack off.
     In five minutes, there was a knock and Grange was glad he’d touched the man after all. Snatching the door open, he invited his robe-wearing neighbor inside. “Riley, come in.”
     Grange left the door ajar.

Growl and roar-it’s okay to let the beast out. - jhalisteele

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