Thursday, September 9, 2010

Exciting news...

Hope in Love is now available in print from Ellora's Cave! If you like to feel the book in your hands, grab a copy here:

Wasn't quite sure how this would feel--it's pretty damn nice!!

Don't miss the beginning of the Angels in Love!

The world is changing. Hope is fading. Darkness beckons. And one angel holds the answer.

Tired of death, destruction and mankind’s race to ruination, Ramiel, archangel of hope, finds it harder and harder to care about those he’s meant to help. Now, the Fates have decreed that Ramiel must mate with Yael, an exulted human. On his shoulders rides the universe’s only hope for survival, but the ties that bind him to Yael force him to face his own unexpected reckoning.

Yael, elevated to heaven to live out her days in peace, recoils from the sadness and shadows of death in Ramiel’s eyes. Yet the need to ease the despair haunting him is stronger. During nights of searing sensuality, Yael and Ramiel light an erotic fire between them that will not be extinguished.

As the combined forces of the heavens try to tear them apart, Ramiel must find a way to hold on to the love he finds with Yael, or an end will come, so devastating that Heaven will drop to its knees.

Repent in Love is coming soon.

Uriel wants the one woman he cannot possess.
Every angel knows the dire consequence for attempting to hold power over life and death as the beautiful Fates do. Uri, the angel of repentance, isn’t worried about a brief fling for pleasure. But too late he realizes he needs more than a warm body to extinguish the flames of desire—he needs to have all of her—body and soul.

Morta burns just as hot for her archangel. It has been that way for centuries. But it can never be. She is forbidden to align herself with anyone, especially an angel. After a few fevered nights spent in Uri’s arms, she knows there will be no repenting for her sin. Morta cannot let go of the only being in the universe who rocks her world.

Willing to chance death, Uriel holds the key to the one creature that can bring them together. If he opens that door, life will cease to exist as they know it.

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out.-© J. Hali Steele

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