Tuesday, September 15, 2009


and HARD CASE is a Recommended Read! Shayna of Joyfully Reviewed said:
Readers beware – this book burns. Hard Case is a wickedly sexy adventure that turns up the heat and will leave you begging for more. I absolutely loved this story; it’s exciting, original, and utterly engaging. Case is the kind of alpha hero that will make you sweat. He’s dominant, sexy, protective, and a successful businessman. Tres, in turn, will capture your heart. She’s strong, smart, and kind, making her incredibly likeable. She also has reasons to be wary of relationships, which give her a slight air of vulnerability.
The sparks Case and Tres create are like tinder to a flame. J. Hali Steele definitely knows how to make the most of both the voyeurism and exhibitionism scenes in Hard Case. Both the erotic tension between Tres and Case and the fulfillment of their desires makes the book sizzle. Hard Case works on every level and I hope desperately Ms. Steele writes a book for Case’s friend Alek. Joyfully Recommended! Read full review HERE!
A PANTHER'S FLIGHT received 4 Dark Divas. Here's what Deb of Dark Diva Reviews had to say:
These two characters have something in this story that is so hard to find: true love. Fane and Edy have much to learn about each other's past; in the end will their love bind them or tear them apart? For me, the compassion and connection between Fane and Edy only made this book more enjoyable. I struggled right along with them as they come to terms with each other's secrets. Read full review HERE!

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