Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cover Models

We've all seen them, bought books because of them. Oh, right, I bought the book to 'read' not for the picture on the cover. True, I did - but the cover is what attracted me in the first place. Sure, I want it to be a good story filled with fiery romance. I might even imagine someone different than the cover model. But if you're going to plant the thought - it better be good. Preferably he's handsome and sexy as hell, a god. And please, give me chest hair! Maybe it's just me, but I don't get excited looking at a hairless man. Here is where I should say out of the hundreds of books in my library, you might find a half dozen with a woman on the front. Why? I read to escape into new worlds and I want to be the heroine! I don't want to envision the always skinny chick on the front being in the arms of my romantic, strong and drop-dead gorgeous hero. For however many pages - he's mine darnit! So, who would be the cover model of my dreams? I've met him twice at RT Conventions. Spoke to him at length in April - begged him to be on a cover for my upcoming release with Ellora's Cave. If the powers to be at EC ever read this: GIVE ME C. J. HOLLENBACH. Please. Intelligent, witty, romantic and absolutely a hunk. The man is awesome and in my mind: he is HARD CASE. He has to-die-for gloriously long, silky, ashy blond hair that screams for fingers to run through it. And those eyes - are they green or are they blue? All I know is, God, you could get lost in them. Fran Lee, author (Out of Her Dreams-Available 5/22 at Ellora's Cave), put together a photo montage at You Tube that knocked my socks off. Visit CJ at http://www.cjcovermodel.com/ Who is your favorite cover model?


  1. Great post.

    I don't know his name but he's on the cover of Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dream Chaser. I like my men ruggedly handsome and not pretty boy gorgeous. I love a little facial hair be it stubble or a goatee and mustache. The cover model on Dream Chaser has stubble. So sexy!

    Liena Ferror

  2. I love men period, and all males on covers are beautiful, but I love cover models who are so ripped, you can see the chords in their arms. Lol...usually they're a little thinner than a muscular male model, but those wiry guys, mmmm. I also love AandF models. They're good eye candy!

  3. Liena, I do love stubble. I think they should have to name the models in every book - like a copyright - if I have to drool, I should get a name.

    And Teirney, I love the wiry types also, not too much muscle. Now I'm going to look for AandF models.

  4. Hmmm, great point about those hairless men. *laughs* Chest hair is real. Although now my twisted sense of humor is remembering the hilarious scene in The Forty Year Old Virgin where Steve Carell attempts to get his chest waxed while his pals look on. *snort* Yikes!

    I'm not sure I'd have a favorite cover model. Men who look real, not too muscular, and a little stubble, as everyone here has pointed out, is all good. But sometimes, I don't need a model. My imagination heats up fine without it!

    GREAT post, J, you really have me thinking now!

    Chiron O'Keefe
    The Write Soul:www.chironokeefe.blogspot.com

  5. You're right, Chiron, if they're too "pretty" it sort of ruins it. Now I'm stuck with the picture of Steve Carell being waxed LOL. See, they should keep the hair!