Friday, March 24, 2017

Make Me Right

Dirty Rotten Vampires 5

Now available at Changeling Press

She begged him to show mercy, but could she make him right?

Denton Blackstone is a monster, one the world will surely fear. Not even Jordan Scott knows his darkest secret. After she stumbles upon him injured on a hiking trail and takes him home, he turns into her most ferocious protector. Becoming her lover, Denton continues to hide behind the cover of being human though he knows something inside him is rapidly changing and it begins to take its toll.

Jordan Scott isn’t afraid of the largest black hound she’d ever seen; in fact, she takes him home. When he begins to escape nightly, she’s afraid he might attack a human. Little does she know her life is entwined with the beast’s destiny and his deadly need will change her forever.

Hands shot around her waist to steady her. "Easy there." His silky voice seemed to slide down every inch of her tall frame leaving Jordan putty in his large hands. "Why such a hurry?"
"I-I'm, looking for my dog."
One hand left her body to remove sunglasses he shoved into his breast pocket. "How long has he been missing?" Fingers made their way back to rest on her hips, both hands tightened ever so slightly. "You are... ?"
"I'm Jordan." Over six-foot-tall with black hair he surely had styled and a close cut, neatly trimmed beard highlighted a strong, angular jawline. He dressed like a million bucks.
After scrutinizing him head to toe, even she could tell his suit was hand-made. What was he doing exiting a smelly, dirty alley? His eyes were the color of warm cognac. She thought red at first but who has red eyes? When he gazed at Jordan, she grew wet with desire and she didn't resist when he eased her close enough to feel rock-hard abs and muscular thighs brushing hers. "I'm sorry, have we met before?" No sign of Blackie but maybe she'd found something else to occupy her time. Jordan had lived alone for years. There had been men, but none she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. Some one-night stands peppered her history, but there had been no one on her radar recently. She blamed that void for her wanton reaction to tall, dark, and handsome. The strangest sense of deja vu settled over her as she gazed into his eyes. Jordan felt she knew him as her ankle began to pulsate.
"You can get to know me better if you have dinner with me." Even white teeth flashed when he smiled.
Lord, had he read her mind? "Umm... yes, sure, I'd like that." Sharp, attentive eyes drank her in and Jordan tumbled headlong into their depths forgetting everything.
"I'm Denton Blackstone."
And of course I had to play with a video!

Growl and roar-it’s okay to let the beast out. - jhalisteele

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