Thursday, August 28, 2014

Time for a Change

Let's see who'll read to the bottom...

I love the desert, but I was tired of looking at the same old pic on my blog. I miss it already! :(

Why did I choose parchment? Who the hell knows -- it matched the colors, and it's paper and, believe it or not, I still write on paper sometimes. A quick idea, a note about something that jumps in my mind while at
work or driving. Well I don't write while driving but for some reason the ideas fly like crazy when I am! I do wait until I pull over though, so the masses are safe. :)

My website is next? Any takers on redesign? Okay, never mind. It's eclectic, quirky, and so damn me. I could use a clean, easier to manage blogger or wordpress site - but I like my mess over there damn it!!

I finished another story about a week ago, Can't Touch This, and a bit is posted on my website. Haven't decided where or if I should submit it yet. The publishing industry is in such flux. What to do...what to do!?

It's Thursday, I didn't write a single word today aside from what's above and below, lmao. But I did accomplish something. The blog redo, some tweeting, and this:

Who got this far?

The 1st & 3rd comment gets a PDF of Screweda menage with m/m/f.

Come on, you want to read it. *smile*

Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out.-J.Hali Steele

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