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Slick (Hellacious 2)

Slick (Hellacious 2)
Available now at Changeling Press

Marcia Carter spent an hour in a handsome stranger's arms and she's regretted it every day since. Now she's available, and the blue-eyed devil is pursuing her, but Marci is not about to share her millions, or her body, with another poor bastard. Yet getting him out of her mind won't be easy. Maybe one more time, one night...

Slick Sathariel is Satan’s third born, the youngest triplet. He keeps the peace and makes everyone happy but himself. Not anymore.

Marcia twisted her head slowly and stared with her mouth open. Looking back at Slick she said, “Next you’ll tell me it’s his face and sexy body on the ceiling in the lobby and he owns the building, which is inhabited by demons from Hell.”
The man Slick called father moved to stand in front of her. “I do look sexy in that painting.” He smiled and the stars outside the window grew brighter. “Fucking Michelangelo. He was the best at capturing our heavenly beauty.” He lifted her hand and kissed the back of it. “My youngest son seems to be enamored with you.”
“Okay, this shit is getting weird. I don’t know whose apartment this is. All I know is I’m grabbing my clothes and going into the bedroom to dress.” She stared at Slick. “When I come out, maybe the twilight zone will be gone.” Marci spotted her things on a chair by the window. Picking them up, she walked quickly back into the bedroom, closing the door behind her. She knew she was in deep shit when her body began to tremble uncontrollably. “Twilight zone, my ass. This is the fucking outer limits, and I pray to God they let me leave this place in one piece.” The building did another weave and bob, causing her to fall to the bed as she struggled to get her legs in the pants. “Damn, damn, damn!” The building stopped shaking long enough for her to stand and fasten her pants. “Jesus, help me.” The building bowed right, and then left. A funnel of white smoke appeared in the center of the room, and a tall, regal woman with blonde hair stepped from the mist toward her. “Oh shit.”
“Do not worry. I am a friend.”
“Look, lady, the devil just kissed my hand, and I’m standing on a pentagram in someone’s bedroom.” Marci stepped back. “That worries me.” Her calves hit the mattress. “If you come any closer, I’ll scream.”
“Don’t cause my baby boy stress.” She smiled at Marci. “I cannot allow that.”
Marci searched the woman’s blue eyes. Yeah, they matched the blue of the triplets’ eyes. “Who the hell are you?”
“I’m Sly’s mother, Josette, wife of Satan. Or Lucifer, if you prefer.”
“I prefer getting the hell out of here.” Or waking up!
“I can arrange it.”
“I don’t want to walk back through there.” Marcia felt the heat rise in her cheeks. This woman loved the freaking devil, bore his sons, yet here Marci stood wanting to get away from one, no, all of them. “He might be your husband, but in my book, the good book, he’s the goddamn devil.”
“I understand.” She inched closer, and whispered, “But aren’t they beautiful?”
“They have your eyes.” Again, her cheeks flushed. Dang, those boys all had one thing in common with daddy. A huge thing. She hoped like hell Slick’s mother did not know what she thought.
“Ahh, you noticed.” Her laughter tinkled around the room.
“How’d you know… ewww, I don’t want to talk to you about Slick’s anatomy.”
“I’m talking about Lucifer, honey.” She gripped Marci’s hand. “Are you sure you want to go? Because you can’t go back if you leave him now.”
“Whoa, hold on. Where are you taking me?”
“Out of here.”
“Let me think a minute.”
“Do you fear him?”
“Satan, hell yes.”
“I’m talking about Slick.”
“Josette, right? Can we stick to one person at a time?” She flopped onto the bed and massaged her temples. “Slick doesn’t scare me.” She sat up scowling. “Has he put some kind of spell on me or something?”
“No, he told his brother he could win you without entering your mind.”
“But he could if he wanted to?”
“Yes.” Her blue eyes darkened. “The power the four of them hold could destroy this universe.”
“Holy Mother of…”
“Shhh! Do not utter holy words, it upsets Satan.”
Marci jumped to her feet. “Holy words cause the earthquakes?” She shook her head. “That explains him not wanting me to use them.” Marci nibbled on a fingernail while she processed the mess she’d gotten herself in. “And I accused him of not loving God.” The floor shifted beneath her feet.
“I’m sorry, we must go.”
Slick’s mother hugged her, and feeling the air whip around them with frenzy scared the crap out of Marci. It wasn’t all that scared her. Before vanishing from the bedroom, Marcia heard something far more horrifying.
A bellow of rage so full of pain, it wrenched her heart, and banged it against her rib cage. “No!” She cried out as the ceiling opened and a vortex of air pulled her into the night. “Slickkk!” Marcia cried, tumbling through space with Josette holding her. Fear left her and all she could think about was the agony she’d heard in his cry. “Don’t let me go.”
Josette answered, “I will not.”
But she hadn’t meant those words for her.
Marcia uttered them, hoping against hope Slick heard her.

J Hali Steele

Growl and roar-it’s okay to let the beast out.

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