Thursday, April 3, 2014

Release Day!

Become unhinged with Shade and Kelsea!

Nightshade Santone discovered The Covenant right under his nose in the eastern part of the United States.Tales were told of its power, and Shade planned to make the book his. He didn’t count on a feisty veterinarian getting in his way. The sexy as hell human willingly took Shade to her bed, and damn if she wasn’t keeping him there! Now, more than ever, he needs to possess the book and its secrets.
Kelsea Arden’s battle to keep animals safe and alive became a passion. One of a handful of humans privy to the secrets of Immortal Redeemers, she finally hoped to make a difference, but the untimely arrival of Shade Santone, a powerful immortal seeking the Covenant, was about to test Kel’s loyalty. The Redeemer not only unbalanced her heart and her life, he gave Kelsea a new purpose -- capturing and keeping the raptor forever.

Unhinged (Immortal Redeemers 3) by J. Hali Steele $4.49

And there are a few other awesome stories available:
Digital Slave (Hacked Investigations) by Sarah Mäkelä $3.99
If Hannah can't find Ian soon, he'll be lost to her forever as a digital slave...
Recipe for Love by Julia Talbot $2.99
When Megan meets Jack she knows he's completely wrong for her, but she can't stop...

Beautiful Music (Collection) by Faith Talbot $7.99
When Kayla hooks up with the far younger lead singer of Daze on End, she gets the bass player, too.

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