Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Chance, an Immortal Redeemer from Unforgivable

Today, I'm lucky Chance, whom we first meet in Unforgivable, Immortal Redeemers, Book 1, stopped by. If anyone out there has questions, he's promised to hang around for a bit.

JHS: First let me say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Thanks, Chance, for coming in.
Chance: A friend of Nola's is a friend of mine, maybe. Isn't there a shortage of turkeys?
JHS: I've heard something like that. Anyway, in four words, can you describe yourself?
Chance: I can describe you in four words, big, sexy, under me.
JHS: What the hell does that mean? Under you?
Chance: Stupid question isn't it?
JHS: Let's move on. Do you have a love interest?
Chance: Through the years, I've had many. One human captured my heart...I don't want to talk about that.
JHS: Can you answer an age-old question for us, what do real men wear under kilts?
Chance: How the hell would I know, lady? I'm a raptor, you know, bird of prey. Feathers. You're not good at this are you?
JHS: You're a real smart ass.
Chance: Don't ask stupid questions.
JHS: Why don't you just tell us what you want us to know.
Chance: Not much to tell. I've protected animals from humankind far longer than I can remember. Many have been pushed to the brink of extinction. Man, he falls under my protection also, but damn, it's hard to care for a being who doesn't get it.
JHS: What don't they get?
Chance: Their days are numbered too. Shouldn't you be talking to Rand, he's Unforgivable?
JHS: Rand Mitchell?
Chance: Yes, Rand is...Rand will receive my mantle of trust, he'll be the greatest Immortal Redeemer ever. Me, I'm headed down a road full of destruction and death.
JHS: Meaning what?
Chance: I am Unredeemable.
JHS: Sorry, didn't mean to upset you.
Chance: Yeah, well, shit happens, right. Hey there's still a little good left in me and what you really want to know is stupid shit like what's my favorite food, what I wear beneath my slacks. Okay, here goes. I love anything spicy, I mean really hot, I drink Yuengling beer, believe it or not, I eat meat in spite of my efforts to save animals. I've never wasted an animal, never killed for sport or money unlike many.
JHS: I'm...well...
Chance: I can unzip my pants, let you see if I'm commando, boxers, or briefs. Want to crawl in bed with me, see what I wear before sleeping?
JHS: Look, I appreciate your stopping by...
Chance: Sure you do. If you see Rand or Nola, tell them thanks, thanks a lot for opening old wounds.
The door slammed shut behind him.
JHS: Uhh, guess he won't be taking any questions, but fire away, I may have a few answers for you.

Hmm, Chance may have left a surprise for some lucky commenter. UNFORGIVABLE, Immortal Redeemers, Book 1, will be available December 12th at Changeling Press.

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  1. Great Interview JHS! You sure have your hands full with Chance, don't you? He's a hoot! ...under me... hehehe

  2. He's my fav, though, he's pretty rough around the edges, I gotta give him more love.

  3. Thank you, J! I enjoyed writing his story.