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I'm really excited about Leron's story -- Jag from WITH EXTRA CREAM was a little lonely without his partner. Leron's more intense than his best friend but, trust me, Cory Nelson can take care of this cat or she'll die trying. *grins*

While you're here, enjoy an erotic excerpt from HOT TIN ROOF available at All Romance Ebooks or Changeling Press.

Leron Wilder is a jaguar of the Kind species, big cat shifters infected with vampyre blood. Nothing has gone right for Leron since his best friend Jag mated with the owner of the local coffee shop. Stuck training a new cat shifter who’s a badass wannabe, Leron stops by the coffee shop to seek his ex-partner’s advice.

Corinne Nelson loves her new home and her new job as a waitress at the Coffee Swirl, and she’s really hoping she won’t have to move on this time. Life’s finally looking up -- until the hottest man she’s ever met walks into the shop -- and licks her hand?

Mating is not something Leron is looking forward to. Yet the minute he tastes the new waitress, he knows he’s in serious trouble. She’s a flavor he could find addictive. But she’s not who she says she is, and everything’s falling apart around them. He’s starting to feel like a cat on a hot tin roof…


He smiled and went to her, enfolding her in his arms. “You’re safe with me. But I have to tell you, I still want you. I have to taste you.”

Her hazel eyes gazed at him. What he saw in them pulled him in so deep, he was lost forever. She softly pressed her lips to his, and the animal in him purred so loudly she must have heard it. Down, boy, your turn will come. Unlike Jag, he intended to turn his mate. Give his cat just what it wanted.

As a warrior he risked transgressing many times while taking blood. He deserved fulfillment. There was not going to be a halfway or wait and see for him. Leron wouldn’t be able to handle that. Wasn’t even going to try. He’d bring her all the way into his world. After she was turned and could be a cat too, his beast would have its mate.

He licked her lips, probed into the recess of her mouth. She was sweet. Just a taste of what was to come. His fangs tingled, tried to lengthen, but he held them in place. Not yet.

Cory’s breasts pushed against his chest, and her arms wound around his waist. Her scent permeated the room. Lavender and pussy, so heady he couldn’t stand to breathe.

“Your bedroom?” The words were whispered against her lips, which he didn’t want to stop kissing.

She hesitated. Again her eyes sought his. They glistened with the same desire he felt. Letting him go, she grasped his hand and tugged him down the hallway. The door she opened led to a sumptuous bedroom. Once more he wondered where she got the money to pay for all of this. If he took more blood, he’d have easier access to her mind.

Her king-size bed was covered in a thick white quilt. The only light on cast a pink glow across the top. He liked her taste. Nothing spindly and girly. It was strong dark wood furniture that decorated the space. Steel gray carpet cushioned his steps.


“Cory, you’re safe with me. I can’t carry disease.” It didn’t matter, but she hadn’t been with anyone for a long time. She couldn’t hide that piece of information in her mind. He’d eventually have to explain his statement, but not right now.

His hands were on her waist, and he pushed her until her knees hit the bed. He lifted her so her ass was on the edge. The towel fell open. He gloried in the sight of her nipples and firm breasts as he stripped his shirt off and tossed it to the floor. Excitement coursed through him at the vision of her lips encircling his cock. He undid his leathers and pulled the zipper down. Her breath caught in her throat when his thick penis tumbled out. He shoved his pants over his hips, and they quickly joined the shirt.

In front of her, he stroked and pulled his penis until it stood straight out in her face. He was done when her tongue swept between her pink lips and moistened them. A drop of pre-cum seeped from the slit on his erection, and he smeared it. A groan escaped him when she leaned forward and flicked her tongue over the broad head.

“Oh, God.” Before he asked, she moved his hand out of the way and grabbed his cock. Her mouth was hot as she sucked him in slowly until his balls were just inches from her chin. He buried his hands in her hair and plowed the rest of the way. She drew back and then swallowed him again.

He tugged her forward, she pulled backward. Her teeth grazed his hardness and set him on fire. When she needed air, she used her tongue to push him out. Soft lips planted hot kisses on the head of his shaft. She teased and nibbled the sensitive underside and nursed on his balls.

“Please, Cory, you’re killing me, don’t stop.” Her lips covered him again and smothered his dick. Finally, he’d had enough. If they kept this up, he’d come in her mouth. She moaned in protest when he drew out. “Don’t worry, angel. I got more for you. Lie back.”

Grasping her thighs, he lifted her until her pussy was at his mouth. He locked her legs over the top of his arms and buried his tongue in her cunt. He shoved it in and out. Licked and bit her clit. The nub grew hard, and he sucked it. His tongue went back to work on the wet crevices, scouring every bit of moisture from the swollen folds.

Her pelvis bucked into his face. She ground against him. She was going to come -- her mind screamed it. He wanted to taste more of her. She gave him more.

“Leron,” she murmured as cream poured into his mouth. His tongue swept one last time across her nether lips.

He lifted his head and gazed at her face. “What? Tell me what you want.”

“You, your cock inside me.”

“It’s all yours, baby.” He lowered her ass to the bed, brought her forward, and lifted her legs so her feet rested on the mattress. She was dripping wet, and the head of his penis was slick with his secretions. Holding her legs open, he slipped his cock right into her. He plunged deep, and she clenched around him, her vagina holding him tight.

“Hell yes,” he said as he began to fuck her. In and out, he stroked her canal. Went deep, pulled out. Over and over. He unfolded her legs and put them over his shoulders. His balls slammed against her ass each time he plunged into her pussy.

“Mmm… Leron. I’m going to come again.” Her voice was raspy, delirious. Her head thrashed, and she used her legs to lever her body into his.

“Give it to me. All of it, angel,” he croaked.

No more, he could take no more. His balls were tight and ready to burst. His thrusts became faster, shorter. He wanted to fill her with his cum. It felt like it traveled from his toes before it passed through his balls and spurted deep into her.

“Yeah!” he bellowed as he came. He slowed his pace, enjoyed feeling her pussy convulse. “Oh, angel, you’re so sweet.” He kissed her gently and stroked her cheek, before hissing at the friction of her channel when he withdrew from her.

He straightened up and lifted her to the center of the bed. After he settled in, he pulled her over between his legs. He wrapped her in his arms and cupped her full breasts, before moving his hands down to caress her stomach. He wanted her to feel safe. Loved. He had to know about her. The dark part she didn’t let him into. “Tell me everything, angel.”
Growl and roar-it's okay to let the beast out.-© J. Hali Steele

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